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Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro Clog


Wearing the right footwear that goes well with the dressing matters a lot for your personality. Whether you are at work, at an event, or just hanging out at your friend’s place, your shoes are something that everyone notices. Believe it or not! Shoes reveal a lot about personality. While you can spend hours trying to find that perfect dress to wear at work, your overall dressing essentially remains incomplete until you top it up with a nice pair of shoes. You don’t need anything expensive, something that matches your dressing style would do the trick.

Now that we’ve discussed the significance of footwear, it’s time to move forward and talk about Women’s clogs offered by one of the best-selling shoe brands in the world.

That’s right! In this article, we’re going to review Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro Clog. Let’s take a quick look into its features and specs.


Crocs women’s Neria 2 pro is made up of corslite and consists of printed designs on the upper layer, while the sole is made up of bendable rubber. The inner walls are made up of soft fabric, protecting your feet from common issues like hammertoes and numbness.

This pair comes in 8 sizes and 4 different colors, making it a convenient option for women of all ages and feet sizes. This product has an average rating of 4 stars out of five and the review section indicates that the majority of buyers are pretty satisfied with their purchase.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move forward and highlight some of its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro clog is a mid-range product and just like any other product, it has its pros and cons. Here’s the list of all positive factors about this pair.


  • Affordable: Unlike many other renowned shoe brands, you don’t have to spend a bank on these. These shoes are priced considering the needs of an average buyer, making them worth every cent.
  • Multiple color options: Crocs Women’s Neria 2 comes in 4 different colors. Black combined with shades of white, gray, red, blue, and yellow.
  • Reputable brand: Crocs is one of the most reputable brands in the world. They have been in this business for decades and their loyal customer base consists of buyers from all over the world. This is mostly because the company has always maintained the quality of its products.
  • High-quality materials: This pair is made of a material known as croslite and it’s better than pure leather in a lot of ways. For instance, it’s much more stretchable, bendable, and maintains its shininess for a longer period.
  • Comfortable: As mentioned above, the inner walls of these shoes are made of up soft fabric, and the sole consists of bendable rubber. These materials are used to ensure comfort. We bet that you won’t have to worry about this subject when wearing Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro clogs.
  • Multiple sizes: These shoes come in 8 different sizes. If you want to buy an identical pair of shoes for yourself and your daughter, Crocs has got you covered.
  • Multi-purpose: The best thing about these shoes is that you can wear the same pair for work, any event, or for casually strolling outdoors. These are specifically designed to fit all scenarios.


  • No refund policy: There is no indication of the refund policy on Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro clogs sales page. This could be a problem for some buyers, especially if you receive a damaged or incorrect product.
  • Poor customer service: With no refund policy, things can only get worse if the company also has poor customer service. Many buyers complained that they had an issue with the delivered item but it’s difficult to get hold of any customer support agent who could help them out with the queries.
  • Sizing issue: The most common complaint by the buyers was that they received an incorrect size. To prevent such a scenario, we recommend that you get in touch with the seller and discuss these things before placing your order. This usually happens when the seller is suddenly out of stock for any particular size and hasn’t updated the sales page.
  • Good, but not the best: While we agree that this is probably the best value for money, you might be able to get a much better pair of shoes if you can raise the budget. If you prioritize quality and specs over price, we recommend you check out clogs with higher price ranges.
  • Rubber quality: As some reviews indicated, the inner layer consists of average quality rubber, resulting in sweaty and stinking feet.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where are Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro clogs made?

Although the company’s headquarters is located in the US, these shoes are either made locally or imported from China.

Q. Can these be used for jogging?

No! These shoes are not designed for this purpose and using this pair for jogging may result in tearing. However, Crocs does offer different shoes that are ideal for jogging and running.

Q. How much do they weigh?

The overall weight for the pair is 1.6 pounds, translating into 0.8 pounds for each shoe. This is considered to be an average weight for clogs.

Verdict – Should I buy Crocs Women’s Neria 2 Pro Clog?

Now that we’ve discussed everything about Crocs WOmen’s Neria 2 Pro Clogs, it’s time to provide our insight on this product. If we were to rate these shoes, we would give them 3.5 stars out of five. It would have been much better if the company had a refund policy to reduce the number of complaints and had used a better quality inner-rubber.

Having said that, it’s still a good option for those who are looking for a mid-range product that fulfills most of what the buyer wants.

Good Luck!

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