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Champion women’s gusto cross trainer review: All you need to know

Your first option when you want to work out, is going to the gym. You just don’t need to wear the right clothes; you also need the right shoes to ensure you have a successful workout, and Champion women’s gusto cross trainers are the perfect option.

Champion women’s gusto cross trainers

However, there is one huge mistake that most people make wearing running shoes instead of training shoes in the gym. These shoes aren’t the same. They may look the same, but they’re two very different types of shoes that are designed for their specific purposes. Training shoes are meant to be used at the gym because their sole is flatter and more flexible and helps with the multilateral movements you make as you exercise. Running shoes, on the other hand, have a high heel to provide heel and toe support while running. Running is a widespread sport with lots of benefits that include the most obvious keeping fit, improve your heart health, rejuvenate your soul, and improve your overall health. You’re able to relax and wash away the stress for the day. But, for you to get the best results, you must wear the best running shoes while you’re on the track. However, in this case, we’re going to focus on cross-training shoes.

Why do you need cross-training shoes?

Cross-training shoes are versatile because you can wear them to the gym or during a low-impact workout. It’s an athletic activity that is well known for enhancing your fitness as well as flexibility. You can also use them when you’re training for other sporty activities like jogging, indoor workouts, and exercise regimens. All gym instructors will advise you to wear shoes that are comfortable so that they can give you a supportive base for the length and height of your feet. The sole is also structured in a way that the shoes will help to provide cushioning to your ankle movements.

Most women nowadays are very keen on reducing their body weight, and cross-training is an activity that can help you enhance your fitness and, at the same time, make you more flexible. Women today are more focused on their body image, and reducing weight and cross-training is an adventurous activity that can help you have fun while reducing weight and toning your body. For you to accomplish this goal effectively, you need cross-training shoes. Apart from having an appealing design, these shoes are comfortable, durable, and very supportive.

Cross-training shoes have a great high heel cushioning that protects your feet from the high impact, which makes them ideal for intense workouts at the gym or even camping. When you’re performing your squats, these shoes will provide all your fingers and toes with the cushioning for your heel support so that you can make a strong squat even when you’re doing the lowest squats. With these shoes, you can also be more agile when making multilateral moves that require short bursts of movement.

Champion gusto women’s cross-trainer shoes

These women’s cross-training shoes have a lightweight design, which is excellent since you don’t want to wear heavy shoes while you’re running because it will make your running more difficult and make you tired quicker. They’re made using a humanmade material that shows of the beautiful design and how articulate the shoes have been made. Since these running shoes are lightweight, they’re a popular option for most people as they help you to easily up your pace any time you want without using so much effort. They have a cushiony memory foam insole that provides you with maximum comfort while you’re running in them. The padded collar and soft lining make it easier to put them on and take them off after your workouts. These shoes also have laces that provide a perfect fit and ensures your feet are well secured so that your shoes don’t come off when you’re running.

When it comes to performance, most people who wear these shoes love them because they’re extremely comfortable, easy to wear, and lightweight. These make them the perfect running shoes without having to rob a bank. After a while, these shoes might scuff and wear a little thin, but this is to be expected for all you’ve put them through. These shoes are extremely comfortable with a soft lining that can withstand long-term use, cushiony insole, and a lightweight outsole, which makes the shoes incredibly lightweight. They come in a wide range of sizes and widths that will make it easy to find your perfect fit.

Being cross trainer shoes, they’re designed for serious athletes and someone who wants to perform intense workouts. They’re meant to deal with a variety of situations effortlessly and provide adequate grip on different terrains so that you remain securely on the ground with the proper amount of support. Although these shoes aren’t made for rainy terrain or heavy weather, they certainly will perform well on dry tarmac or in the gym.

These cross trainer shoes have a smart casual look and available in a wide array of solid and attractive colors that you can choose to match with your gym outfit. The humanmade material and construction make these shoes unique, and the lightweight feel makes them the right choice for you. They come with a traditional lace-up design with a padded collar and mesh construction that ensures your feet get properly aired while training in the gym or running.


  • The shoes have a soft cushiony lining that is designed to withstand long-term use.
  • A memory foam insole that provides comfort to your heels and toes.
  • The padded collar has extra cushioning to reduce the pressure on the heels of your feet during your intense workout at the gym or running.
  • A breathable athletic upper to ensure that your feet don’t sweat during your workout while the traditional laces provide a comfortable fit.
  • This cross-training shoe has a lightweight outsole, which makes it easier to run in them and reduces the pressure on your ankles and feet as you move. The sole is also non-marking, so it doesn’t leave marks on the gym floor during your gym workouts.


  • They’re lightweight and don’t need any breaking in
  • Fit well and very comfortable
  • The training shoes aren’t expensive
  • They’re available in a variety of attractive colors to choose from


  • They’re not water-resistant
  • They’re not suitable for cross country or long walks since they’re lightweight

Difference between shoes and sneakers

Most people have trouble differentiating between shoes and sneakers. Shoes are anything that encloses your feet apart from sandals and flip flops, and they can be either casual, formal, etc. while sneakers can be categorized under casual shoes.

Sneakers can be made from different kinds of materials like leather, fabric, canvas, etc. They’re easy to maintain, rugged, and you can use them on rough terrain. They’re comfortable, durable, lightweight, and versatile with both practical and functional uses.

The rubberized bottom ensures that sneakers have good grip and traction, which makes them perfect to be used on different terrains like the gym, pavements, and hiking trails. They’re specifically designed for people with an active lifestyle that includes walking, running, jogging, intense gym workouts, etc.

Sneakers are light in weight but don’t compromise on their cushioning and stability in the construction. They have a casual look that is not only fashionable but also very comfortable.

Their flexibility makes it easy for you to push yourself using the balls of your feet without using a lot of pressure while at the same time keeping you stable and helping to control your ankle movements. The sneakers absorb shock evenly at the forefoot and heels of your feet, where the impact of the motion is mostly concentrated. They’re breathable, which means there is adequate air circulation inside to ensure that your feet remain fresh and dry.

Tips to follow when choosing Champion sneakers

  • Wearing the right shoes will not only keep your feet healthy, but it will also reduce your risk of injuries. The right shoes will provide cushioning, support, and balance for a comfortable fit. Here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for the right training shoes.
  • Go shopping for sneakers in the afternoon or late in the evening to give your feet time to expand fully.
  • Wear the same socks you will be wearing with the sneakers when you fit the shoes.
  • Have your feet measured by the shop attendant because your feet change with age and tend to grow larger and wider.
  • Try on the sneakers by standing in them and press at the toe box to ensure there is space between your longest toe and the shoe. This ensures your toes have wiggle room, which helps with traction and room for your feet to flex and press forward while walking.
  • Don’t look at the size of the shoes; trust your comfort level because sizes vary.
  • Walk around in the sneakers and check if the heels fit perfectly and the length and width of the shoes to see if there is enough space for the balls of your feet.
  • Check if the soles are sturdy and how they feel when walking on a hard surface.


Wearing the wrong shoes during your workouts can cause serious injuries to your body and damage your body posture. As a woman, you have a lot of activities you need to manage before you can head out for your favorite sport or workout. Champion women’s gusto cross trainer shoes are the perfect shoes to wear because they’re versatile, comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and durable. You can wear them to the gym or running, and their lightweight feel helps to reduce pressure on your feet, and you get to enjoy your workout.

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