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Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes


Finding the perfect pair of running shoes online can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, there’s always a risk of buying something that’s not worth the price. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to be a victim of fake advertising. Some brands can promise quality and other amazing features but unfortunately, that’s not always true. You only get to know about the reality after you receive the order.

Considering this, it’s always better to opt for a brand that’s well known for high-quality products and has a reputation among shoe enthusiasts. One such brand is Brooks. This brand has been in the shoe business for over a century and is known for its high-quality products and innovation in this industry.

In this article, we are going to review one of the best-selling running shoes by Brooks that is called Ghost 12. Let’s quickly go through some of the basic specs of these running shoes.

Overview – Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes

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These shoes come in 10 different colors and the materials used for manufacturing Ghost 12 running shoes include synthetic fabric and rubber. These shoes are designed using 3D printing technology that allows a perfect fit for all types of feet. These shoes are integrated with a segmented crash pad that prevents your feet from shock and keeps them safe and comfortable at all times. To ensure maximum comfort, Ghost 12 running shoes contain a thick layer of cushion beneath the footbed.

Brooks has made sure that these shoes deliver a modernistic touch, making them an ideal option for people who are looking for quality along with looks.

In terms of weight, these aren’t the lightest shoes in the market but still, it’s less than the average weight of running shoes. This feature would ensure satisfactory grip throughout.

Let’s move forward to the next section where we will discuss some of the pros and cons of Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoes.

Pros and Cons

Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoe, Grey/Alloy/Blue, 12 D(M) US | eBay


  • Trusted brand: Brooks is an American shoe company that started in 1914. That right, they have been in the shoe business for over 100 years. No wonder they are recognized as one of the best shoe companies in the world. Their products are loved by millions of users around the globe and they are known for their high-quality items.
  • Multiple colors: These shoes come in 10 different colors and are an ideal option for those women who like having a wide range of color options to choose from.
  • Multiple sizes: Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running shoes come in 40 different sizes. So it’s no longer an issue if you are worried about not finding the right fit. The sizes cover almost all foot types and age groups.
  • Lightweight: One of the best things about these shoes is their weight. It allows the user to have a better grip and makes the running smoother and effective.
  • An extra thick layer of cushion: Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoes come with an extra layer of thick cushion beneath the footbed. This ensures comfort while running or jumping and prevents any risks of foot strain.
  • Refund policy: If you feel that you have received an incorrect size, color, or a damaged product, you may easily ask for a refund or replacement. Just make sure that the shoes are still in unused condition as this is one of the requirements from Brooks. Moreover, you may be charged additional fees for a refund, depending upon the vendor.


  • Poor customer support: It’s a shame that Brooks being such a reputable brand has poor customer support. Some buyers complained that it takes ages to receive updates on their queries and this is extremely frustrating if you’re trying to ask for a refund or replacement.
  • Sizing issue: Some buyers complained that they received the incorrect size and when they tried asking for a refund, the customer support wasn’t very helpful. To avoid this problem, always make sure to get in touch with the seller and discuss the sizing details before placing the order.
  • Not very durable: Despite being one of the most expensive running shoes in the market, it’s disappointing to see that the shoes aren’t as durable as they are supposed to be. For some buyers, these shoes only lasted for a few months.
  • Not slip resistant: Another bad thing about these shoes is that they are not slip-resistant. Some buyers complained that they slipped off while going for a quick jog. You need to be very careful with selecting the right type of jogging or running track.
  • Very expensive: Starting with the price tag of $100 and going as high as $260, these are one of the most expensive running shoes in the market. Moreover, these shoes are missing out on some very important features that are necessary for runners.
  • Not suitable for professional runners: If you are a professional runner, you might want to check a different pair of shoes because these aren’t very durable.

Frequently asked questions

Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoes | Free Curbside Pick Up at DICK'S

Q. How much do these shoes weigh?

As mentioned on the sales page, the pair of Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoes weigh roughly 1.54 pounds.

Q. Are these shoes suitable for hiking?

No, these shoes are not suitable for hiking due to their low durability. At best, it’s only suitable for neutral runners.

Q. Where are these shoes made?

These shoes are made up of mesh fabric and rubber soles.

Verdict – Should you buy Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes?

Although these shoes have a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, we believe that they are overpriced for their features and missing out on some very important things like slip resistance and durability. If we were to rate these shoes, we would give them 3 stars. If you browse through the internet, you should be able to find shoes with the same set of features and quality for a fraction of the price offered by Brooks.

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