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Best Under Armour Shoes for Nurses

Nursing jobs are one of the most challenging and strenuous occupations as the profession involves enormous physical exertion. Whether you are working at a small clinic or a large hospital, the job requires a great deal of labor and energy. You have to keep standing on your feet all day long. Rushing from one corridor to another, keeping a vigilant eye on your patients, checking on their medications, checking on the other staff members is a routine for nurses. Moreover, some nurses even have long duties in the ER or operation theaters along with the doctors. Thus, all these occupying and tiresome activities require you to be highly active and on your feet all the time. For these reasons, grabbing your hands on the best shoes for nurses is a must.

If you are wearing unstable shoes all the time and being constantly in a rush can put your lower extremities under stress. Consequently, you may develop some adverse problems like heel aches, joint pains, and archy arches. It can also set a strain on your lower back. Hence, wearing uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes may negatively affect your health and your performance as a nurse.

Now we possibly can’t risk our job performance or put our health at stake. So what’s the solution? Don’t worry, and the answer is quite simple. We would highly recommend you to grab your hands on the best Under Armour shoes for nurses.

Under Armour, shoes have a history of manufacturing excellence and high-quality sportswear and comfortable shoes. It has vast experience of decades in its field. Thus, it produces one of the best plushy shoes that may be a perfect solution for nurses and their long exhausting duty hours.

Although, Under Armour may rank below Adidas or Nikes. But in terms of functionality and quality, Under Armour nails it and proves no less. The brand has utilized its Speedform technology and brought about incredible innovations. But Under Armour has numerous shoes in its line. So how do you select the best shoe pair for nurses?

We have narrowed the list for your convenience and assistance and picked up the top 4 best Under Armour Shoes for Nurses for both men and women. We have reviewed each pair of shoes throwing light on every feature of the shoe. Furthermore, we have also discussed all the crucial factors and general considerations for first-time buyers or new users of Under Armour.

So without any more delay, let’s cast a look at the top picks for the best Under Armour shoes for Nurses.

Here is a list of the 4 best Under Armour shoes for nurses:

Best Under Armour Shoes for Nurses

Under Armour, Women’s Charged Pursuit 2

One of the excellent options Under Armour offers in the best shoes for nurses is Charged Pursuit 2. If you are searching for sleek and stylish shoes that render health benefits and exude style, then Charged Pursuit 2 is the right choice for you.

The shoe model features some distinguishing features that qualify it as one of the most versatile and flexible shoes, ideal for nurses.

The material of the shoe comprises 84 percent polyester and 16 percent elastane. These imported shoes feature a synthetic sole—the shaft of the shoe measures about low-top from the arch. Since nurses need to run to and fro for duties in different hospital departments, the shoe provides exceptional flexibility, cushioning, and versatility.

The shoes are incredibly lightweight, which is an excellent relief for the nurses. The shoe manufacturers have specially engineered a mesh at the upper side, which is breathable and flexible.

Moreover, the shoes also have foam padding. The placement of the foam is strategically done around your ankle collar and beneath the tongue to give you an accurate fit and an incredibly comfortable feel. To maximize the fitting, Charged Pursuit 2 features a comfort sock liner that takes the shape of your foot. It has additional padding in the heel area to escalate the comfort level and give optimal softening and cushioning at heel-strike.

The Charged Cushioning midsole perfectly utilizes the compression molded foam for increasing the responsiveness, energy return, and life of the shoes. The shoes come in a variety of Black and White models. We prefer dark combinations to get dirty with any spills around in the medical atmosphere. But with color schemes like link or blue, the shoes will not only make up for your extended duty but also off-duty hours.

The only drawback of the shoe is, it has short laces. But otherwise, it fits the bill for the best under armor shoes for nurses. So to conclude, the rest of the features make Under Armour Charged Pulse 2 an irresistible choice for the nurses.

Under Armour Women’s HOVR Infinite 3

Another outstanding option for all women nurses would be, Under Armour Women’s HOVR infinite 3. The shoes look aesthetically pleasing due to the variety of colors for this shoe model. Ranging from lighter feminine shades to dark mode, you can choose from a wide variety of colors. The feminine shades look even more aesthetic, especially Beta Tint/ Blaze Orange and Mauve Pink. However, we have highlighted the importance of selecting darker shades so that if some toxic substance spills on your shoes, it doesn’t show up. But you may prefer any color if you don’t want to compromise on fashion.

Now let’s cast a look at the features that set HOVR Infinite 3 apart from other shoe models and brands.

The imported HOVR Infinite 3 features a rubber sole that is sturdy enough to give you protection and prevent penetration of external objects. One of the unique features that Under Armour has included in this model is an additional layer of material over the mesh at the upper side. The engineering of the mesh is such that it proves breathable and renders an excellent locked-down feeling when you are in a rush or while you are running. It provides you the support you require, especially in a hurry. Despite the thickness around the upper part, it doesn’t contribute to any bulkiness in the model. All in all, HOVR has nailed the upper part of the shoe.

Apart from this, HOVR infinite three also features an internal heel counter. The design of the internal heel counter adds an extra layer of support that keeps the back of the foot rightly locked in place. Similarly, the midsole of the shoe does not compromise on providing brilliant cushioning and comfort.

Another feature that sets HOVR apart is its die-cut, full-length EVA sockliner. The molding of the EVA sock liner to the foot has been done in such a way that it mitigates any slippage or accidents that might occur. In this way, HOVR provides perfect underfoot comfort to the user.

Moreover, the anatomical placement of the deep flex grooves ensures perfect flexibility in the crucial areas. Carbon pods are also present to make sure that there is significant traction at high-impact strike zones.

With all its unique features, it aces in smooth functionality, versatility, and durability. It also renders high flexibility and traction. Hence, HOVR infinite three can make your experience extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit Twist Running Shoe

Under Armour Men’s brings Micro G Pursuit shoes that may serve as one of the best shoes, especially for nursing jobs. Users and reviewers have appreciated and liked the sleek and casual design of the shoes. The color scheme for men is darker ranging from grey to black. The dark tones work in favor of the working environment. With darker tones, you may prevent catching dirt and chemicals on your shoes.

Micro G Pursuit not only pleases one’s aesthetic sense but also delivers excellent performance when it comes to its usage. It also offers a powerpack of features that qualifies it as one of the best shoes for men working as nurses. If you are one of those users fetching for extra flexibility and cushioning, then Micro G Pursuit is the right choice for you since it perfectly fits your requirements.

The imported Micro G Pursuit Twist has a thick and robust sole made up of rubber. It has a shaft that measures around a low-top from the arch. The shoe’s upper part has manufactured an extremely lightweight mesh that delivers ultimate breathability while in a rush or on a sprint, or during all-day-long duties. The upper part of the shoe also includes the old lacing method to provide secure shoe coverage.

Micro Pursuit also has a highly responsive and supportive underfoot cushioning system. The inner part of the shoe has adequate room for natural toe splay. With the extra space inside your shoes, there is no stress on your feet.

Moreover, the midsole of the shoes has been designed in such a way to give a smooth and comfortable landing while on a sprint. It is a complete cushioning unit that aims to mitigate the effects of impact shocks created by the foot strike.

There is foam padding placed right around your ankles and beneath the tongue to maximize your fits and feels experience while wearing the shoe. A die-cut EVA sockliner has been built for the model to render a high rebound. The EVA sockliner comes with additional arch support.

The users and testers of the shoes have lauded that the sizing schemes of Micro G Pursuit are extremely accommodating. There are several width options available to accommodate any foot type. Besides this,

Micro G Pursuit Twist can work wonderfully for all the male nurses out there. All the features and elements in the shoes work together to ensure an incredibly comfortable experience.

Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic 4

The Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic 4 unveils some of the most commendable features that easily qualify it as one of the excellent shoes for nurses on the list. First, HOVR Sonic 4 makes one gush over the design and the attractive color combinations the brand offers. If you are not a fan of black tones but looking for a dark and stunning variety, we quite liked the red 601 shade of the shoe. So the colors and the designs are some of the first things that give out stylish vibes.

The HOVR Sonic 4 model originates from the USA. It is an utterly synthetic model that features a solid and thick rubber sole to provide the utmost protection to your feet. The high abrasion rubber underneath your heels helps you to absorb ground contact. The high abrasion rubber also makes sure there is significant traction and high durability. If we talk about the mesh upper on the shoe, it has been engineered on the upper part to render high-end breathability. The breathability is incredible since you can feel your feet dry even in blistering hot summers.

Besides this, the tongue of the shoe attaches itself to the footbed. The tongue attachment with the footbed takes place with the help of stretched support wings. Support wings ensure proper attachment between the tongue and the footbed and maintain a perfect fit throughout the foot.

Moreover, one-piece heel construction with an external TPU heel counter feature provides an additional layer of support. It also maintains the structure of the shoe. For optimal and customized comfort and cushion, the sockliner molds to your foot. The sockliner is removable so that you can adjust the fitting of the shoe. Apart from this, there is a compressive meshwork in the midsole called Energy Web. The Energy Web is placed around the HOVR foam midsole. It gives an excellent energy return.

All in all, every element in the HOVR Sonic gives you the ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Be it in terms of lightweight, extra cushioning for a relaxing fit and feels, or high-end support and stability, HOVR Sonic 4 provides it all.

What are some factors you should consider before buying the best under armor shoes for nurses?

When purchasing a shoe for regular use or wear at a hospital, clinic, or medical center, you should make a wise selection. Various factors may contribute to the best choice among a plethora of options. Whether you are a frequent buyer or a new buyer, you should have a piece of background knowledge about these factors so that you make the right choice. The best shoe choice should quality all the characteristics we are going to discuss below:

One of the factors you should pay attention to while buying the best Under Armour shoe is the quality of the shoe material. The quality of material proves first-line protection against the several heavy equipment and toxic substances around.

The material must be solid and well-stitched with comfortable elements to ensure that your foot is secure and warm.

Both artificial fabrics and natural fabrics can make up a good quality shoe. However, we recommend you opt-out for breathable materials and lightweight fabric since, after long hours of duty in the hospital or clinic, your feet may become hot and profusely sweat.

Ensure that the material you are picking up is easy to clean. It would be a fringe benefit if you can grab shoes with antimicrobial and waterproof features.

Another factor that you should consider while purchasing the best Armour shoes for nurses is customized fit. Before purchasing the shoes, make sure they have laces, straps, or compression foam so that they perfectly fit your feet. But even if your shoes have all these features, don’t forget to try them before buying. Try walking in the shoes on carpeted surfaces and hard surfaces while trying on your boots; check if ample rooms are around your toes. If your feet and toes feel comfortable, you may buy them.

The third factor is selecting a secure and robust sole. The shoe soles consist of rubber. The rubber must be thick enough so that objects cannot penetrate through it. Along with the firmness to protect your feet from injuries, there should be flexibility in the sole to allow you to walk and sprint along the long hospital corridors comfortably.

Last but not least, the best shoes Under Armour for nurses should have good traction. It should provide stability and a firm grip that prevents slipping even on a wet slippery floor.

Hopefully, we have covered every query regarding the best Under Armour shoes for nurses. We have dug into the details of each pair. Moreover, we have also added a buying guide that will help you make the best choice. We hope our article helps you out and you have a comfortable journey during working hours.

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