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ECCO Nursing Shoes

According to a report, human beings will walk nearly 200,000 km in their entire lifetime. It is equivalent to approximately 7000 steps per day! Walking, running, and jogging are parts of most individuals and yet we don’t provide our feet the reward that they deserve. Our feet do the most important job for us by helping us move around. That’s why it’s our responsibility to take care of them and keep them healthy. One of the best ways to take care of your feet is by wearing comfortable and soft shoes. A good comforting shoe doesn’t let the feet feel hurt by protecting them from potential harm. From high-quality material to good stability, the comfort level of a shoe can be identified by many factors.

Now the important question that arises is, do you know how to take care of your feet? Do you prefer the comfort of a shoe while searching? Unfortunately, several customers tend to prefer style over comfort level. Instead of searching for durable and soft shoes that will last longer, they select the shoes based on how good-looking they are. While we don’t deny the importance of wearing funky and trendy footwear, style should not be the first thing you notice in a shoe. Our feet deserve more care and attention than we are providing. Comfort becomes even more crucial when our jobs require frequent standing, walking, or even running. That’s when a nursing shoe can rescue your feet from being stressed, fatigued and hurtful.

Ecco Women’s St.1 Lite Slip-on Sneaker:

Ecco Sko A/S is a Denmark-based shoe manufacturing and retailing company that was founded in 1963. Initially, the company started with shoe production. However, it was later expanded into leather production along with small leather goods and accessories. The first ECCO retail store was opened in 1982. Today, ECCO is selling its product in 99 countries, having more than 2,250 shops and over 14,000 sales points. This family-owned business has 21,300 employees all over the world.

One of the comfiest shoes of ECCO is ECCO Women’s St. 1 Litre Slip-on Sneakers. They are made with a blend of smart design and sporty material. These ECCO shoes can be a fresh addition to your footwear collection. This shoe contains an elastic front strap that enhances the overall fit and cushioned sole to provide the required level of comfort. If your job requires extra comfort for your feet, you should consider buying this amazing pair of shoes by ECCO. Let’s learn some of its specifications:



According to the sellers, these ECCO shoes are manufactured by a combination of full-grain Nappa leather and sporty textiles. Materials that are created by weaving threads or yarns come under the term of textile. These shoes also contain a polyurethane sole that is quite long-lasting. The inlay sole is created by using vegetable-tanned leather. Underneath is a layer of soft, moisture-absorbent, and unique foam. When you start walking, the pumping effect gets activated. Not to mention the use of DiP (Direct Injection Process), which is ECCO’s uniqueness. To provide ultimate breathability and softness, textile linings are used. Furthermore, the textile-covered insole is removable for extra comfort and a customizable fit.

Available Sizes:

According to the sellers, these shoes are true to size. It indicates that you can simply order the size you wear while buying the shoes. The available sizes for these ECCO shoes can be checked on the sellers’ websites. You can go and grab your shoes if your size comes under available sizes.

Available Colors:

Color combination is one of the unique features of these ECCO nursing shoes. They come in five different color combos with each being equally attractive and eye-catching. You would love to wear such shoes at work or even elsewhere. After all, what’s better than pretty-looking shoes with maximum protection and comfort?

ECCO nursing shoes are available in the following colors:

  • Limestone
  • Navajo Brown/ White/ Beige
  • Multicolor Gravel
  • White
  • Black


Even though prioritizing comfort is important while searching for new shoes, it doesn’t mean that you should dress in dull shoes. Thanks to ECCO footwear, you were given the choice to buy comfortable shoes that are smart and gorgeous in terms of design. These one-of-a-kind shoes can bring a spark of elegance to your day-to-day outfits. Their colors are different and each design is innovative and funky. Moreover, you’d more likely be getting more compliments and praises from your colleagues and friends.


Excellent Fit:

Finding shoes that fit perfectly in your feet is easier said than done. You have to be very selective when it comes to fitting. Maximum comfort is not possible unless your shoes fit your feet. These ECCO shoes are known to fit users’ feet pretty well. Numerous customers praised the brand and left positive reviews online to express how they felt. Comfort and fitness go hand in hand. Whether you want to work long-hour shifts or walk in the park with your pets, choosing these ECCO shoes and trusting them for your feet’ health could be a great decision. Other than that, wearing these shoes at the gym would also be beneficial. Being comfortable enough to let your feet feel relaxed, these shoes can make you extra productive and efficient while working out. Not only are they supportive, but they are also easy to wear as well.

Comfortable Walking:

ECCO is one of the trustworthy brands that win customers’ trust every day. Its considerate approach to manufacturing shoes according to customers’ needs wins users’ hearts all in different parts of the globe. Several users all over the world enjoy long-hour walking and let their feet feel maximum relaxation due to these shoes. That’s why considering them for your stressful and tiring work is a wise decision. You can walk comfortably without getting tired or hurting your feet. So no need to endure your old dull, and painful shoes when you can buy an attractive and comfortable pair of shoes by ECCO.

High-Quality Footwear:

As you have learned about the good characteristics of these shoes, now let’s discuss the reason behind them. ECCO manufacturers use top-notch material to create the shoes. From leather to rubber and textiles, every material has an excellent quality that blends. As a result, you’ll get a very pleasurable and delightful walking experience.


Fitting Issue

While most customers seem to be happy with these ECCO shoes, some raised issues too. One of the common concerns raised by the customers was incorrect sizing. Unlike the majority, some of them were unable to feel the joyful pleasure of walking with comfort. The shoes felt too large for some customers and too narrow for others. They couldn’t experience maximum comfort and stress-free walks at work due to incorrect sizing. Hence, while buying the ECCO nursing shoes for yourself, you must be very careful about the correct size. These shoes appeared to be way big and wide for some people with narrower feet. It was also stated that these shoes contain an unusual back strap which didn’t feel comfortable while wearing and kept hitting the foot slid inwards. Even though the seller claims that the shoes are true to size, customers with narrow feet are suggested to go through the reviews and research about the accurate size. You wouldn’t want to waste your money and time in buying the best pair of shoes just to end up having the wrong size.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can impact your health in the long term. A poorly fitting shoe can also lead to foot conditions and foot pain, as per a scientific review based on 18 studies. On one hand, shoes can be way narrow for your feet that could cause extra pressure on your toes. On the other hand, shoes that are wider and larger in your feet will end up rubbing your feet constantly and creating friction. Therefore, only proceed to buy these shoes once you feel satisfied with the size accuracy.


After going through all the necessary information, you might have some questions in your mind. That’s where the FAQs are helpful. We have included some common questions that were asked by the users. If you have some queries, reading this section might be helpful.

How is the width of these shoes?

Their width is true to the standard medium measurement of width

Are these shoes adjustable?

No, these ECCO shoes are not adjustable. However, they offer wide elastic bands so the shoes can adjust to your feet.

Do the shoes contain removable insoles?

Yes, they do contain removable insoles.

Are they easy to use?

As per the customer’s reviews, these shoes seem to be easy to put on and walk through.

What are the dimensions of these shoes?

The dimension of the shoes are 12.76 x 7.64 x 4.76 x 1.6 inches

How much do these shoes weigh?

They weigh 11 oz. Please note that the measurement of weight is only for a single shoe, not a pair.

What are the benefits of SHOCK THRU technology?

SHOCK THRU technology offers shock absorption with each step. It is one of the reasons behind the shoes’ great comfort and users’ satisfaction.

What is ECCO Fluidform and how is it helpful?

ECCO FLUIDFORM can be described as a direct injection process that forms cushioned and lightweight soles by using fluid materials.

How much heel do these shoes have?

They contain 1 ½” heels (39 sizes).

Our Verdict:

These ECCO shoes belong to a world-class brand that is committed to serving customers with high-quality footwear. It is a unique blend of innovative design and high-quality material that combine to give your feet the comfort that they deserve. Even though some reviews raised concerns about the size, the majority of customers were happy with their purchase. Hence, we’d suggest you consider giving them a try. It is a great opportunity to flaunt yourself at work while working more efficiently than before. You don’t have to wear stylish and painful shoes anymore when these ECCO shoes can provide you style and comfort in a single pair. They are made by using creative and innovative technology to provide support and ease. You can say that this brand is smart enough to understand its customers well. The designers knew the customers’ demands and produced an amazing range of comfortable shoes that are up to the trend as well. They are available in many sizes and colors. If you like to add some colors to your day-to-day professional life, the colorful option can be great. It can be contrasted and worn with many outfits easily. However, if you prefer keeping things simple and elegant, you can go for black or white shoes. They’ll also suit any outfit perfectly. Moreover, you can also give them as a present to your loved ones. If you know someone who is working in the healthcare sector, gifting a comfortable pair of shoes can mean a lot to them. All in all, we think that these shoes might be a lovely addition to your footwear collection.


Our feet sustain our entire body’s weight while we walk and run back and forth. They let us perform our day-to-day tasks at home as we do at work. If we don’t take care of our feet the way they deserve, we are more likely to pay the price in the future, costing our health. Many individuals choose to ignore when their feet start getting hurt and feeling pain due to favorable appearance. The risk of potential damage due to uncomfortable shoes intensifies when the primary part of our job requires frequent walking and running. However, the risk can be easily mitigated by purchasing shoes that offer the comfort that you need.

Living a healthy life is of great prominence and importance for all of us. We spend our time, energy, and money to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s about joining a gym or taking necessary nutrition, many of us take every possible and convenient step to keep our lifestyle healthy and happy. However, we often ignore our feet’ health without realizing they need to be healthy too. By trusting a well-known brand like ECCO, you can reduce the chances of hurting your feet in the long term. Working for long hours would be a little less stressful when your feet are comfortable and well-rested. You can find your perfect fit and order these ECCO shoes now!

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