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Best Shoes for Dental Hygienists

Every medical or dental professional knows how hard it can be to stay on your feet the whole time you are at work. Walking around the hospital throughout the day, moving from one room to the other, and checking patients all day long is tough work, and it can take a toll on your feet, as most of the time, you are either walking or standing.

But you cannot simply ignore the pressure that our feet take. Dental professionals need to take care of themselves as they take care of others all day. To make sure that their feet remain protected, healthy, and do not hurt, such professionals need the best quality shoes that will be comfortable for them to wear all day.

The shoes that dental hygienists need to wear must be very soft, durable, and easy to wear. As such, professionals often do not have a lot of time on their hands, the shoes that they need to wear must be designed in a way so that dentists can put them on quickly if they are facing an urgent situation and need to be quick.

If pain starts to arise in the heels, then that may worsen in the long term. Such pain that is caused at the bottom of the feet can move up into your legs, hips, lower back, and result in severe damage. All of this can be avoided if you choose the right shoes to wear to work. So, you need to be very careful in choosing the right pair of shoes for you, as it can directly affect your health.

The type of shoes you wear to work reflects on your work ethic and personality. Dental hygienists need to keep this in mind because they deal with a lot of patients daily.

What Do You Need to Consider?

Quality of the Sole

The sole of the shoe must be of very high quality, as it has to ensure that the user’s feet remain as relaxed and comforted as possible. A thick sole with more foaming or springs gives a great feel in the heels of the foot and is comfortable for the user.


A lot of times, it is the case that the hospital floors are wet; in such conditions, you need a pair of shoes that will ensure that you do not slip. A sturdy sole with a strong grip ensures that the user can freely move over wet floors without having a fear of falling.


For any dental hygienist, one of the essential features needed in a shoe is waterproofing because a lot of times, water or any other liquid can be spilled on the shoes. If it stays wet, that would be very uncomfortable and hinder the professional’s working ability.

Leather Body

Leather makes sure that the shoe is of good quality and can withstand long hours of usage. It protects the shoe from getting worn out too soon. Leather shoes last a much longer time as compared to shoes made from other materials, also they are much better looking and far more comfortable.


Of course, for any customer, price is a huge factor when it comes to making a decision about which work shoes to buy. For any dental student or graduate who has just started working, buying an expensive shoe may not be an option, so the price of the shoe has to be considered. Many shoes are available in the markets, which offer excellent quality at relatively lower prices as compared to the expensive model, making them great alternatives.

There are many great options available in the market:

1) Sticky Shoes Waterproof Slip-Resistant

This is a shoe that is quite popular among female dental hygienists as it provides excellent quality and comfort. The shoe is slip-resistant and waterproof. One of the main features of these shoes is that the user can wear them opened from the back, or they can wear them as slightly back all according to their preference.

For a dental hygienist, knowing that a shoe is waterproof puts the mind at great ease because a lot of times, liquids can fall on your feet. Moreover, the floors are often wet, and the slip-resistance feature of shoes is handy for professionals working in a hospital. When considering which shoes to buy for your dental profession needs, the sticky shoes are a must to consider and check. The shoes have a strong build and are of excellent quality. Also, they have a reasonable price tag, which makes them great value for money.


  • The front end of the shoes has plenty of space for your toes.
  • Arch support
  • High-quality leather


  • Lightweight, but this can also be a positive

2) Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track by Sketchers

If you are new in the dental profession or have recently started working, then this shoe will be an excellent choice for you. It comes with a very high-quality sole, which makes the shoes quite flexible and sturdy. The fit sure does not wear out easily and can withstand prolonged usage. To make sure that you get the best footwear experience, the shoe comes with top-quality leather, and the carefully crafted build of the shoe ensures that you will get the most comfortable fit for your feet.

Sketchers is a very well reputed manufacturer in the industry and has produced many popular products over time. Their products provide you with the very best of quality and give you a great shoe. Many dental professionals recommend sketchers, and the reason behind so many positive reviews the company gets is the quality, pricing, and comfort of their shoes. And the Sure Fit is one of the best shoes to have been produced by Sketchers.

The shoe is a must to check out when deciding which shoes to buy for dental hygienists. With memory foam and a midsole that comes with dual density, this shoe makes sure that the dental hygienist feels as comfortable as possible. The shoe can be bought at a very affordable price, giving you a very worthwhile purchase. A shoe with as many features as this one without a hefty price tag is tough to come by; one of the many reasons which make the Fit Sure so special.


  • Safe with EH testing
  • 100% premium leather build
  • Memory foam sole
  • The design ensures comfort


  • Negatives about the shoe are yet to be seen

3) Work Non-Slip by New Balance

This shoe is a top-rated product by the famous brand name New Balance. The company lived up to its brand name when it first introduced the work non-slip shoes in the market. Since then, these shoes have been a sought after product in the work shoe market. These shoes are perfectly suited for dental hygienists as they offer great quality and comfort to the user.

The shoes come with extra springs completely installed in the sole, which make sure that the dentist can spend as much time of their day walking or staying in a standing position, without feeling agitated.

The work non-slip comes with a very sturdy outer sole, which is made from non-slip rubber, giving the shoes an excellent grip against wet floors. The upper side of the shoe is made with high-quality leather and does not wear down easily. The only downside to the shoe is that its price is much higher than the rest of the models, making it a hard purchase. But still, the price is very much worth the quality that New Balance offers in its shoes.


  • The outsole is strong
  • Great flexibility
  • Multi-tasking shoe
  • Slip-resistant


  • Expensive


We have discussed some of the best shoes for dental hygienists in great detail. Now you can make a completely informed decision regarding which working shoes to buy. You now know what factors you need to keep in mind when deciding on the shoe you are going to buy. All three of the shoes discussed above are great options. Like any customer, you want to make sure that your purchase is worthwhile, and the product you buy is value for money.

Your choice of shoes also depends significantly on your requirements and needs from the shoe. It depends on how long your working hours are and what level of quality you are looking for. Higher quality shoes are a bit pricey, but you can also get shoes with a very decent build, at a much lower price. If you are an advanced user and require shoes that can go through long hours of work and a lot of moving around, then you can choose any of the more expensive options. They will provide you with the comfort, support, and quality that you desire.

Excellent quality and comfort of your shoes are essential if you want to make sure that you stay active during work.

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