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Wide width nursing shoes

Many people in the world have different sized feet such as wide feet, narrow feet. Choosing shoes for wide feet and narrow feet can create confusion in mind. On the other side, if you choose the wrong pair of shoes, then it will create dangerous problems for your legs and feet. Before choosing any shoes for your feet, you need to know about your feet. In that case, you can take help from your doctor or shoe shopkeeper. This article will provide you exact information about choosing shoes for your wide feet.

This is a difficult task for the nurses to find the right shoes for their job. In that case, if you have wide feet, then this task can be more difficult because most of the nursing shoes are made for narrow feet people. Here we will offer you some tips about how you can get nursing shoes for your wide feet. Let’s start.

Why you should find wide width shoes

If you have wide feet, then this is difficult for you to find the right pair of shoes. You can see most people tend to give up on this idea and buy something that is not fit in their feet. It may seem fine for the first few days, but it will bring some serious problems to their health. If you have wide feet, then you should get something that can properly fit your toe.

If you have wide feet, then you may think that your feet are getting hurt in the new shoes – sometimes, this type of feeling may rest for a few weeks or months. But this is not normal. If you face a problem with your new shoe, then it may lead to many problems such as cramps, micro fractured, weakening of bones, bunions, and other serious issues.

You should remember it that a bad pair of shoe will not only affect your feet, but also it may affect your entire legs. Most of the physician and doctor recommends wearing perfect shoes for the right feet size. Shoes that are too narrow for your feet can bring various problems for your leg muscles, your knees, your hips, and your lower back. A bad fitting shoe creates squeezing for your toes, and this impact may go through your legs and lower back. If you are not careful about this, then it can easily become permanent.

In that case, if you have pre-existing foot conditions, then this problem becomes worse. A narrow fitting shoe will increase this problem. These problems occur when your feet are under stress. As a nurse, constant walking and running is a part of your job, so consider choosing wide width shoes of you have wide feet.

What you should think when shopping for nursing shoes

LEATHER NURSES SHOES - Wide Width - 24 Hour Comfort - 1026W ...

Generally, when you buy a shoe, you need to consider a lot of things. In that case, if you have wide feet, then add a few more things into your consideration. So what are these essential things that you should think about when choosing nursing shoes for your wide feet?

Size and shape

No doubt, this is one of the essential factors that you need to consider when choosing any nursing shoes. If you have wide feet, then your shoes need to fit that shape well; otherwise, you will have to face more significant problems in the future. Consider choosing a shoe that can fit your wide feet properly.

Most of the people who have wide feet try one of these two options – they purchase shoes that are too narrow for their feet, or they purchase shoes that are wide enough but too long for their feet. Both of these options will make them uncomfortable, and it may affect their feet in the long run.

What should you do then?

For this type of problem, you need to find shoes that are wide in size. Nowadays, most of the shoes have letter marking in their width. This letter marking may vary from one manufacturer to another, and sometimes they can also be inconsistent. These letter markings are different when it comes to men’s and women’s shoes.

For men, E and W indicate the smallest size, and a person with wide feet should get it. Some of the letterings, like AA, B, C/N, indicate narrower shoes.

For the female shoes, this letter marking is similar, and here’ sd’ is the letter that indicates regular wide shoes, and EE is for extra wide feet. B and M indicate the average size, and you should avoid this if you have wide feet.

If none of these sizes doesn’t fit you, then you can get customized shoes, but it will cost a lot of money. In some of the cases, this is worth and reliable to get shoes for your profession.


The uncomfortable shoes will make you feel like you have a cage on your foot when performing your job as a nurse. You can avoid uncomfortable shoes by getting the proper size for your feet.

A pair of comfortable shoes will have soft material inside of this, and it will offer you enough breathability and flexibility when you are in your work. In that case, you should also check for right cushioning and shock absorption and plenty of room at the heel area so that you can move your toe in the toe box.

Having more than enough space in any area can be a problem for you because too much tight and too much loose-fitting shoe is considered as uncomfortable one for your feet.

Stability and safety

No doubt, stability is one of the essential features that you should check for in your work shoes. In that case, you should have a sole that fits your property is necessary. Good insole shoes are designed in such a way so that it can give your arch a proper fit.

As a nurse, you need to choose a stable shoe so that you can stay safe. Choose slip-resistant shoes because most of the day, you will be walking on tiled floors. This is also natural to have liquids to be spilled inside the hospital or a clinic. So a right pair of slip-resistant shoes is necessary for you.


Maybe this is the last item that you should want in your nursing shoes. If your shoes lose shape and functionality after using a few months, then these are not for much use. Always choose a pair of shoes that can provide you enough durability. This is the reason why you should get durable nursing shoes. If you are working as a nurse, then you should avoid sturdy shoes, and you shouldn’t buy something that is too flimsy or cheap because it will hurt you while you are on duty. Try to buy a product that is durable and high quality.

Top 5 best nursing shoes for nurses with wide feet

In this article, we will present you top nursing shoes with wide feet along with the detailed review. I hope it will provide you more info about the best shoes for nurses in the market. If you have wide feet, then without any hesitation, you can choose your shoe from the below-mentioned list.

Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule

Most probably, this is the cheapest pair of nursing shoes that come with many good and downsides. These shoes are light and easy to wear. It doesn’t have any lace, so you can easily put them on and take them off. These shoes come with wider sizes, and you can easily find the right fit for you. These shoes are great when it comes to shock absorption because it has a good rubber sole inside it.

The worst part of these shoes is that these shoes are quite flimsy and this is the reason why these shoes are cheap. No doubt, these shoes are worth the price, but you need to think twice if you want something more quality items. Another thing to consider is the lack of proper arch support in these shoes. If you have a high arch or flat feet, then you shouldn’t buy these shoes.


  • These shoes are lightweight and comfortable, and these are easy to put.
  • These shoes come with wide sizes, and if you have wide feet, then it will fit you rightly.
  • The inside rubber sole is tough and reliable, and this is well cushioned too.


  • It doesn’t provide proper arch support
  • These are made from flimsy materials

Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion

No doubt, this is a nice pair of women’s work sneakers, and it comes with a more reasonable price. These shoes are slip-resistant, and tough upper construction of this shoe will not let anything come close to your skin if you are comfortable with softer materials then you shouldn’t buy these shoes because the thick material of this shoe will make you sweat while you are on duty.

The outside of these shoes are durable, and the inside wears out too quickly. You can get these shoes in all sorts of sizes, and if you have wide feet, then it can be great for you. These shoes will fit almost everyone.


  • These are slip-resistant, and the upper section is fairly durable.
  • Ideal for wide feet shoes
  • The insole of this shoe provides excellent cushioning.


  • It doesn’t offer breathability due to sturdy and thick materials.
  • These are quite firm

Skechers sport women’s D’Lites

The look of these shoes is nice, and it offers stability for the wide feet people. The rubber sole of this shoe is great, and this is resistant to slipping. You can face some problems with the tough materials as it doesn’t provide that much breathability. If you require a shoe for excellent arch support, then these shoes are not ideal for you.


  • It has a wide variety of sizes, and it will fit most of the people who have wide feet.
  • The rubber sole of this shoe is slip-resistant, and it can provide you enough stability.
  • These are available at a low price, and any people can afford it.


  • It doesn’t provide arch support.
  • Breathability is an issue for these shoes.
  • They are not incredibly durable

Dansko Wide Professional Clog

These clog shoes are specially designed for them who have wide feet. It provides more than enough space for your toes and heel. The great thing about this shoe is that it provides excellent support and stability. The rocker bottom design of this shoe provides great arch support. The upper of this shoe is great and tough, so it will help you to stay protected.

The significant issue of this shoe is that these shoes do not slip-resistant, so you have to be careful when wearing. If you are comfortable only in softer shoes, then these are not ideal for you.


  • These clogs are specially designed for wide feet people, and it offers enough room for toes and heel area.
  • The excellent rocker bottom design gives enough arch support.
  • Tough and shock absorption provides stability and comfort.


  • These are heavy and stiff.
  • These clogs are not slipping resistant, so you need to be extra careful.

These are most probably the best nursing shoes for the people who have wide feet. It doesn’t mean that you should buy one of these shoes mentioned above. If anything else fits you more tightly, then go for it. This article will provide you a lot of information about choosing the right shoe for your job. If you still have any problem regarding this topic, then don’t make any hesitation in asking your doctor. He will guide you thoroughly so that you can get the right pair of shoes for your purpose.

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