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Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer Review

Are you out on a search to find the best quality CrossFit training shoes?

At the time of selection, a good choice would be to consider buying the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8. Get the shoes that some of your favorite athletes around the world wear for their training and competitions.

Reebok has recently launched the newest version of the CrossFit nano line, the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 for women, and many CrossFit stars share their views on the latest shoes.

The athlete Katrin and Brent describe the soles of the shoe as so soft and comfortable to the touch that it almost felt like wearing a sock. Brent, who does squatting and weight lifting, needed highly durable shoes, and the heel and toe was open and noticeable different [from other training shoes]

Why Choose Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Cross Trainer?

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Soft interior but firm underfoot

The latest CrossFit shoes in the Nano lines, the 8s, are much softer than those that came before it. It is recognized as fluid in feeling and highly flexible in design until now. A part of the reason why is because the boot has a plush texture that surrounds the shoe’s collar. Even the heel is much more flexible than the rigid predecessor, the Nano 7, yet holds the same level of unmatched stability.

The new design has made some technical updates.

The nano 8 has adapted the latest flex weave technology that constructs a woven material. This material provides a better flow of air, is far more flexible, and highly durable. Although it has a tough exterior that feels hard to the touch, the inside has so much more room and is relaxed compared to other tried and tested trainers.

It keeps the fit you want

One of the most known things about the CrossFit nano 8s is that they have plenty of area around the toes for space. Some people who have wider feet will love this feature. Most shoewear centers around narrow fit fashion, which many people find uncomfortable and uneasy to walk in. The outsole feels as if it has more cushion in the forefront in comparison to the older editions. It has a solid and hard heel that makes it slip-resistant and provides stability for more strenuous and heavier workouts.

The max cushioning allows for more challenging workouts

The most cushioned and flexible area of the shoe is in the midsole, which is beneficial when you are doing explosive jumps or squatting. Your feet and joints do not hurt. Instead, your shoes take care of you and are very versatile to cater to your movements and needs.

Low cut design

This Crossfit footwear for Women by Reebok holds up both sides with RopePro to prevent the sides of the shoes from getting ruined during climbs. The low cut makes room for a lot of movement around the ankles in several exercises, such as squatting and box jumping.

Prominent Features

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Reebok has, time after time, proven to be one of the best shoe brands in the market. With the introduction of the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8, its brand has only gotten more praise. This latest design of shoes has changed the look of the Nano franchise.

  • The outsole is made from a highly abrasive rubber material that is great for traction.
  • It uses CMEVA in its midsole to add comfortable cushioning
  • The flex weave technology has made these shoes so much more flexible, increased their breathability, and made them more durable Due to this you can notice your performance in physical activities will always improve because of the special features incorporated in its design such as:
  • High Stability: It has a very secure footing because of the minimal drop of the outsole
  • It is durable: flex weave is responsible for breathability in the upper as well as the ability to stand on any surface and is durable firmly
  • Good Foundation: the area surrounding the toes is breezy and fits perfectly, which is excellent for movements that require more flexibility or are intense.
  • Superior Wearability; it has a brand new collar designed to provide you comfort for the entire day you have your shoes on

More on The Flexweave Technology:

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You must be wondering what makes this latest technology so unique and why it is being used for making these shoes. It has a figure-8-woven built that makes use of endless strands of fibers so it can create one single surface construction. The result of this is a lightweight shoe that fits well and lets you become faster and work harder during your workouts.


  •  The shoe is both flexible and comfortable.
  • The flex weave material makes the shoes resilient towards any heavy workout activity.
  • The shoe fit is overall wider, which means you won’t feel stiff wearing these shoes.
  • It has a strong base as the sole is very hard and has an excellent grip on the surface.


  • The overall colors and appearance of the shoes aren’t nearly as appealing as some of their other shoes, which may let down some customers.
  • For more heavy activity, the shoes may feel a little stiff.
  • They have a bit of a heel slip due to the new ankle collar they have introduced, which can be a little inconvenient for some people.


The new features and updates in the 8th edition of the Nano model have been truly redeeming for their CrossFit line. The best part of these shoes is the latest design that caters to a wider toe box and truly enhances your physical performance. These are no ordinary shoes. They are perfect for excruciating and intense physical activities.

If you enjoy the comfort and want flexible shoes for training, you should go to your local Reebok outlet and get yourself a pair of these fantastic shoes!

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