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Dansko DAN- 602020244-44-FBA, Black Box, 11 Review

Are you tired of always having to trade-off between style and comfort whenever you are buying a new pair of shoes? Have you bought stylish shoes that are not only uncomfortable but can only be worn on a handful of occasions? Or have you prioritized comfort instead and ended up with ugly-looking shoes? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, chances are you are frustrated and have given up on the search for comfortable yet stylish shoes, and rightly so.

Usually, searching for such a perfect pair of shoes would take hours and days on end. And we, men, do not have that sort of time to spare from our hectic routines. From long working hours to spending time with our families in the evenings, we have our schedule mentally jotted down. It is no surprise that our body aches all the time due to long-standing hours at work and walking around, that too in uncomfortable shoes!

Similarly, most of the readily available stylish shoes are inconvenient. Not only can they be worn a handful of times for certain occasions –such as weddings, parties, formal dinners, etc. – but they also discolor and tarnish quickly. On top of this, they usually cost hundreds of dollars a pair!

So what should one be wearing to ensure comfort and style? Are there stylish shoes that look aesthetic but are also comfortable? Yes, of course! A pair of shoes is available out there that checks both requirements off the list while also not breaking the bank. Dansko Dan Black Box 11 is the answer! Dansko has generally been known as a brand producing comfort footwear, so you know that no matter what, you do not have to worry about discomfort. Below is a solid, detailed review of the shoe so you can judge for yourself!

Dansko Dan Black Box 11 Facts

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Some of the general characteristics that Dansko shoes –including Dansko Dan Black Box 11– feature are contoured support for the foot arch, an elevated heel, and a rocker-bottom sole. These features absorb shock, keep you stable and decrease leg and backaches for those who are on their feet for long periods.

Below are a few of the facts about Dansko Dan Black Box 11 that you should be aware of:

  • The dimensions of the product are 25.4 x 15.24 x 38.1 cm, and it weighs approximately 625.96 grams.
  • The pair is slip-resistant and can be worn outdoors as well as in greasy or humid conditions.
  • Though manufactured for men, these are considered unisex and can be sported by both sexes.
  • These have been available since October 2017 following their registration and testing by both APMA and SATRA.
  • They feature a thermoplastic removable footbed and wide bottom.
  • Each pair is carefully stapled all over by hand and is made of solid PVC.

Why This Version of Dansko is Better

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Like all brands, Dansko has learned from mistakes and constructive criticism. Every new pair of shoes they create is an improved model that bridges the gaps the previous ones left.

For instance, there had been several complaints about previous models regarding unstable soles. Thus, this complaint was noted during the designing process of Dansko Dan Black Box 11, and adjustments were made. Now, the sole has been made removable so it can be removed, and a new sole of the preferred thickness can be added.

Similarly, the features make the pair a number one choice in comfort. Regardless of whether one lives in a snowy or humid climate, Dansko Dan Black Box 11 will not let the wearer slip. It has specifically been made slip-proof and has been tested by the relevant authorities –such as SATRA– so the claims are credible and legitimate!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dansko Dan Black Box 11

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The pair is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 625.96 grams, while the average outdoor shoe weighs an average of 1678.29. This not only means your feet will be comfortable wearing lightweight shoes but also that you can travel with these. Pack them a carry-on and take them on trips!

The thermoplastic removable footbed provides comfort for flat-footed people. They can remove the footbed and add another one according to their needed thickness and shape, so their feet, legs, and backs do not ache!

The claims about Dansko Dan Black Box 11 are legitimate because they have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Hence, the claims of comfort are backed by a medical association and have credibility.

The pair is incredibly stylish and a step up from the past box-like models that did not visually please any aesthetes. However, this specific Dansko pair can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. They can be worn under both casual jeans and a t-shirt and formal pantsuit attire.

The increased stability for wide-footed people is unmatched because the pair itself has a wide bottom. Hence, the feet’ pressure is evenly spread onto the shoe and provides all-around support during outdoor and indoor activity.


The only disadvantage that this pair has is its price point, $140 on average. However, the high quality of the product justified the high price. It is also important to keep in mind that while the pair is generally expensive, it is still on the lower average of outdoor shoes. For reference, an average outdoor shoe costs a whopping $300 approximately. In this sense, Dansko’s price point is not too much of a disadvantage.


Why compromise and settle on either style or comfort when Dansko Dan Black Box 11 offers both at a comparatively lower price? This model is arguably Dansko’s best one yet in terms of convenience due to its removable features, which can be adjusted and re-added for optimal comfort. Just because one is on their feet all day long does not mean they should neglect your health. Instead, purchasing this pair is the only solution!

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