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Hawkwell Nursing Shoes

Imagine you have got the opportunity to finally buy the shoes that you’ve been dreaming about. These shoes have got everything that you ever wanted. They are pretty stylish, just like what’s trendy. Now, you have placed an order to purchase these shoes, and it is only a matter of time when you’ll finally put your feet in them. You spend your entire time daydreaming about those shoes. Finally, the time comes, and the package gets delivered. Without waiting any longer, you start trying it out. As soon as you wear those pretty shoes that came in your favorite color, you realize that they are not comfortable. As you try to walk in those shoes, your feet start to hurt, and eventually, you decide to take them off. You researched every color and design while shopping for the shoes, but you didn’t pay attention to the comfort level. As a result, your package had everything but comfort. Fortunately, this is just a story.

However, it’s not always a story. People regret their choices when they blindly purchase shoes out of instinct just because they look good. Always remember that the best shoes are the ones that provide an extremely comfortable experience to your feet. It is especially vital for nurses or other professions that require lots of running and walking. To make your life easier, choose the right brand for comfortable shoes, like Hawkwell, and hold on tight to it.

Hawkwell Nursing Shoes Review:

Amazon.com: Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Nursing Shoes Comfortable Work Shoes: Shoes

Hawkwell belongs to the Watching intl groups. It is known for producing a complete range of footwear items for athletes, high-school students, soccer players, and nurses, etc. This brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality shoes with no compromise on style. The pricing of their products is also reasonable against the features they’re offering. This brand is committed to facilitating its customers with the best services with ever-lasting innovation. If you are looking for high-quality nursing shoes, then look no further. With a great range of comfortable nursing shoes, Hawkwell has got what you desire. We have given a detailed review based on customers’ feedback and reviews online. It will help you decide if these Hawkwell nursing shoes are suitable for you.

Hawkwell Women’s Knit Breathable Non-Slip Nursing Food Services Work Shoes:



Hawkwell is committed to providing nurses and other individuals of similar jobs with super comfy shoes. They aim to deliver high-quality footwear so that anyone can enjoy working with full focus and maximum efficiency without worrying about fatigue or foot pain. To ensure maximum comfort and support, Hawkwell has used high-quality material to produce nursing shoes. These shoes consist of a lightweight EVA sole and woven upper with perforation to improve breathability. Inside the shoes is a soft footbed of foam that provides a precise fit. Furthermore, a padded collar leads your feet to the ultimately pleasant and relaxed adventure. Lastly, premium level fitting is ensured by an adjustable lace-up system.


These Hawkwell nursing shoes are available in many sizes to choose from for adults. You can check out the size chart to learn about the sizes. The seller’s claim that the fitting is true to customers’ sizes. However, doing additional research only for size accuracy would be better. Further measurements of these shoes are mentioned below:

  • Size width: Medium
  • Platform measures: 0.75″ (approximately)
  • Heel height: 1.5″


Being a nurse means you have to look for comfort and good-quality shoes. Unfortunately, it means that you can only have a few choices, as compared to other individuals. The limited choice often disappoints the users when they are unable to find the shoes of their choice.

Sometimes, comfortable shoes are also quite boring with dull colors. They don’t have a variety in designs, like normal shoes. However, this may not be the case with Hawkaell nursing shoes. They are designed to be extremely cute and sweet in appearance. The total available colors are as follows:

  • Black
  • Black white
  • Fuchsia
  • Purple


Thanks to the remarkable build and various colors, the overall design of these shoes is brilliant. The lightweight EVA bottoms are included to enable users to experience energized and airy steps without any weight. Furthermore, the shoes feature a padded collar that supplies extra support and irresistible comfort to your feet.


Hawkwell - Zapatos médicos ligeros, cómodos y antideslizantes para mujer.: Shoes - Amazon.com


The main objective of manufacturing these shoes is to keep your feet healthy and protected. Hawkwell has created these shoes to be lightweight and breathable. A breathable shoe never let their master’s feet feel fatigued. Your feet deserve the best care, and one of the ways to ensure excellent foot care is by buying these shoes. So, with Hawkwell shoes, your feet will get sufficient oxygen to breathe so you don’t feel trapped inside a shoe.

All-day Comfort:

Comfort is one of the main reasons for buying these nursing shoes. That being the case, the manufacturers have ensured that users feel secure and comfy in their shoes. It doesn’t matter how long tour duty hours are or how frequently you need to walk around. With Hawkwell nursing shoes, you can be efficient. Due to their extra support, you won’t have to deal with the long-term health issue either.


If you’ve ever encountered a wet floor with sandals/shoes that don’t have non-slip properties, you’d know the importance of non-slip shoes. That’s the reason why you should consider buying these Hawkwell shoes. They include non-slip resistance that helps you walk around even on the wet floor. Hence, apart from being lightweight, these shoes will help you walk around smoothly and effortlessly. So don’t let the mess around you challenge your productivity and efficiency. With these Hawkwell shoes, you can rock the floor.

True to Size:

When it comes to size, you have to be extremely careful. No matter how great the quality is, if your shoes are not your size, you can’t enjoy maximum comfort. As for these Hawkwell nursing shoes, the manufacturers claim that they are true to size. Some reviews also agree with this claim. The shoes seem to fit very well and easily.


Gets Dirty:

As far as the reviews and feedback are concerned, these shoes are mostly getting praises and compliments. The users seem to be happy and satisfied with their purchases. However, one concern raised was about the shoes getting dirty. So, let’s discuss that concern.

No matter how perfect a product is, there are few cons that it comes with. For these Hawkwell nursing shoes, getting dirty is the concern. They are prone to get dirty very easily, which can be a hassle to deal with. The issue becomes more considerable when the user belongs to a healthcare sector or other profession with long-hour duties. A professional worker who does their best in every aspect of their work may not have much time to clean the shoes. Hence, this one drawback can even be a dealbreaker for some users. But if you think you can manage to keep up with the maintenance and hygiene required for these shoes, we’d say go ahead and grab them. The shoes require a little care, and they can be one of your best purchases.

If you love these shoes but don’t want to waste your time frequently cleaning them, you can opt for the black color. As for the light-colored colors, the dirt can be more visible than the dark-colored ones. This hack can be helpful if you want to buy these nursing shoes. Picking up black color would also be convenient as you would be able to wear them with all sorts of clothes. No matter what the color of scrubs is or what jeans you choose to wear, these black-colored nursing shoes will bring a sparkle to every outfit.

Hawkwell Nursing Shoes – Frequently Asked Questions:

Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes, 1923/White, 5: Buy Online at Best Price in UAE - Amazon.ae

Here are some of the common questions that might come to your mind as well. To clarify your queries, we have included these questions and their answers. You are suggested to go through them thoroughly before placing an order.

Are these shoes durable?

Yes, they are durable. The brand Hawkwell uses premium-quality material to manufacture its footwear. Hence, they are meant to last a long time. Be assured that these shoes are not likely to disappoint you in terms of durability.

Are they easy to wear?

Yes, you won’t face any difficulty wearing the shoes. The manufacturers understand their customers who are working individuals with numerous tasks on their plate. These shoes are made after considering the users’ problems and perspectives. You would wear them effortlessly in no time.

What are the dimensions of the package?

The dimensions of the package are 11.81 x 7.48 x 4.13 inches and 12.7 ounces.

Is this footwear good for wide feet?

Yes, they are good for wide feet. Users with wide feet can easily order them as they can be easy to wear even if your feet are wide. That’s the beauty of these Hawkswell shoes.

Can these shoes withstand vomiting and blood?

Yes, they can. As they are manufactured after considering the struggles and working requirements of healthcare workers, these shoes are made to withstand such things. However, the key is to wash them immediately. Otherwise, the stain might remain for a long time.

Our Verdict:

Hawkswell did an impressive job by introducing these shoes to working people. They are easy to wear, durable, and stylish. They provide a versatile package that includes numerous essential characteristics. As the youth is always looking forward to following the latest trends and up-to+date styles, these shoes can perfectly fit their criteria. We simply lived how customers have given five-star ratings to the shoes after explaining in detail how satisfied they were. You can also opt for these shoes after thoroughly researching and clarifying your confusion.

What we loved the most about these shoes is their super cute design with complete assurance of comfort. Not only do they keep your feet safe and healthy, but these shoes also give your personality an eye-catching look. Get ready to receive several compliments and praises after buying these nursing shoes by Hawkswell.

If you are worried about authenticity, this brand is trustworthy. Every step of yours can be energetic without the weight. The adjustable lace-up system is included, so you wear the shoes effortlessly. After considering all these amazing features, we can say that these shoes are an amazing option for healthcare professionals. They provide a perfect opportunity to experience proper positioning while flourishing an elegant design. As for our verdict, we suggest giving them a try. As per the reviews, they appear to be pretty great.


We all agree that shoes play a vital role in our daily life. A good-looking pair of shoes can be an instant confidence booster. But we need to find a balance between good looks and comfort. If your shoe is all about showing off with a pretty design but pathetic support, they are near to useless. While a comfortable pair of shoes is beneficial for everyone, it is a basic necessity for healthcare professionals. That’s why prioritizing comfort and health over appearance is a wise decision. Not to mention the trouble you could face after continuously wearing uncomfortable shoes at work. Think about the number of health issues you might get just by opting for style over comfort. From round body posture to curved toes, the diseases can be numerous. Hence, to remain efficient and perform well under pressure, you need a supportive pair of shoes. The good news is, you can find supportive shoes without compromising on the aesthetics. However, finding such shoes is extremely hard, especially in online shopping. While placing orders for shoes online, neither can you touch them nor try them. You have to rely primarily on the product’s reliability and customers’ reviews. We have reviewed one of the supreme nursing shoes available for you. If you think they match your criteria and wants, you should order right away and enjoy a joyful, wonderful experience of extra soft and comfy footwear.

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