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Your footwear is one of the essential accessories. Having a cozy, warm, and good-looking pair of shoes is always a blessing. If you pay attention, you’ll realize the power of a good shoe and how it can impact your entire day. Your shoes’ responsibility is to keep your feet happy and healthy. Feet needs to be happy to keep the body happy because our feet are like the base of the temple, i.e., our body. Whenever our feet start feeling uncomfortable, the whole body would sense it. In the long term, any sort of pain or discomfort to our feet can even cause severe health problems. Being a responsible member of our family, you cannot increase the risk of potential long-term illnesses. It is especially important for people whose job requires standing or walking constantly. These professionals spend most of their time wearing shoes. One of such professions in healthcare. Nurses mostly face these situations where their efficiency is limited due to constant pain in the feet. For them, wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important to do their best at their jobs. Hence, investing in good-quality shoes with utmost comfort is not a choice; it should be your responsibility.

The problem is, finding good-quality shoes is easier said than done. Numerous sellers in the market are claiming to provide the best shoes. So, who is trustworthy? If you choose to shop online, the risk factor increases even more. Besides, many other factors need to be considered before buying shoes. From comfort level to quality and size, you have to consider everything. You can consider buying nursing shoes by CAT. It is a great choice for comfortable shoes. To learn more, keep reading because we have shared a detailed review about Cat nursing shoes.

CODE Hex, Black by CAT – Review

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CAT is a short form of the word Caterpillar. This brand is known for producing supreme-quality shoes with amazing comfort and style. You’ll be surprised to know that its roots are nearly a century old. Committed to providing exceptionally well-built footwear, this company was formed by two great men in 1925. C.L. Best and Benjamin Holt signed a deal for merging two outstanding manufacturing companies to create a single power-house. Today, this powerhouse is commonly known as Caterpillar or CAT.

Being adaptive and considerate of the customers, Caterpillar has launched numerous shoes that deal with customer’s health. One of such shoes is CODE HEX. If you are looking for nursing shoes that provide high-level comfort, these shoes might be the best for you.



These Caterpillar HEX nursing shoes are made of leather to provide ultimate comfort to your feet. The brand uses high-quality material to manufacture comfortable shoes so your feet can relax. Moreover, these shoes include street shield stain and water-repellent treatment for maximum protection from grime and dirt. No matter how much walking or running you do, these CAT nursing shoes will keep your feet safe easily. To achieve maximum interior comfort, the designers have included breathable mesh lining. If we talk about durability, CAT has undoubtedly done a great job. The shoes contain a durable rubber outsole that ensures excellent grip and stability. That’s another reason why these shoes can be great for you. They are long-lasting due to the use of fine materials.


These shoes are available in all sizes, which you can see from the available size chart. For some people, they might not be true to size. However, most customers have shown positive reviews about the shoes being true to their size. In case your size is somewhere between two sizes, CAT recommends ordering half size down. Its weight is 12 oz which is for a single shoe, not the whole pair.


Another great thing about the CAT CODE HEX nursing shoes is the variety of choices it gives. The available colors of these shoes are:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • White

By providing three different colors, CAT ensured the availability of choice for the users. From users who enjoy wearing decent-colored shoes to the ones who like a little splash of vibrant colors, everyone can buy shoes of their choice.


These shoes are known for their athlete-casual and minimalist design. They are graceful and attractive with no fancy touch. The designers of CAT have thoughtfully designed this remarkable pair of shoes for everyday use. If you are a go-getter with multitasking skills, these shoes can be your right choice to remain strong throughout the day. With CAT nursing shoes, you’ll get to wear classic and trendy footwear. The CODE collection is created specifically for youth with strong potential and a bright future. People who are working day and night to help and heal others deserve great comfort and trendy fashion too. That’s why you’ll find these shoes to be durable, comfortable, and versatile simultaneously.


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Great Fit and Feel:

These shoes contain a fine line of features to ensure your feet feel happy. As many customers have reviewed them to be true to their size, these shoes might perfectly fit you too. A perfect fit is extremely important when it comes to comfort. A nurse who needs to get things done at a very fast pace cannot afford to wear tight or loose shoes. Hence, you have got to pay attention to the overall feel and fitting of the shoes before placing an order.

Heavy-Duty Shoes:

This footwear contains plenty of qualities that make it a heavy-duty pair. Not only are they versatile, but also quite easy to wear. To ensure easy entry, the designers have brilliantly included heel loops in the shoes. Not to mention the level of comfort and ease that users would enjoy. For maximum support, plenty of features are included, such as breathable mesh lining, mesh-lined memory foam footbed, durable rubber, etc.


The CODE HEX shoes feature water and stain-repellent treatment for utmost protection. Having a job where you are required to walk frequently means your shoes might get into dirty and wet areas. Any hospital can have a wet floor with dirt particles all over it. As a result, the chances of your feet getting dirty increase. However, with CODE HEX, you don’t need to worry about foot hygiene. Its protective properties are sufficient to maintain health as well as the hygiene of your feet.


Narrow Toe Box:

While numerous consumers praised this product for being highly comfortable, some raised certain concerns too. Among the common issues, one was about the shoes not being comfortable. Some people found it difficult to wear them easily. They also stated that these shoes had not provided an easy fit. As healthcare workers need extremely comfy and supportive footwear, these shoes could not satisfy many individuals. There was a complaint that the toe box is narrow. It means wearing these shoes straight for many hours must have caused discomfort and pain. Even though the same consumers praised the style and design of CODE HEX shoes, they didn’t show much satisfaction about the level of comfort. According to another review, these shoes were comparatively stiffer than trainer sneakers. In contrast, the brand claims that the comfort level is quite high. All in all, consumers who faced this issue said they would not buy them again, nor would they recommend them, despite being pretty attractive.

Average Non-Slip Properties:

Another complaint that was raised by some users was regarding the non-slip properties. As the brand claims that these shoes contain great non-slip properties, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Users complained that the reality was quite the opposite as these shoes couldn’t show non-slip properties at work. They further complained that the quality was not up to the mark, as was expected from a world-famous brand. These were some of the main reasons why some users were not happy with their purchases.

CAT Nursing Shoes – Frequently Asked Questions:

Caterpillar Work Boots - Comfortable Work Shoes | Cat Footwear

To help you understand the shoes better, we have included some common questions that were asked by users. Going through them might be helpful and solve your queries as well.

Are these shoes good for snowy weather?

While these shoes contain water-resistance properties, they might not be a good option for snowy weather. The reason is simply that the manufacturers do not claim them to be great for snow. Hence, it’s better not to take risks.

Are they good for rainy weather?

Yes, they can be a good option to wear during rain. As stated earlier, this versatile pair of shoes include numerous properties. One of those properties is water resilience. Hence, you can wear them during the rainy weather.

Are they suitable for different clothing styles and outfits?

Due to their minimalistic design and decent colors, these shoes would go with any dress. You can buy a bright yellow color to wear on jeans and shorts. However, if you are a fan of black clothes, the black-colored shoes can match your entire wardrobe. Lastly, trying out white shoes with several outfits is also an exciting opportunity.

Are these shoes light or heavy?

According to the customers’ feedback, these shoes are light in weight. That’s the reason why they are good for nurses and other similar professions with frequent footwork.

What is the weight of these shoes?

These shoes weigh 12 oz. Note that this weight is not for the pair; it represents the weight of a single shoe.

Our Verdict:

By analyzing the product in detail and customer reviews, we can say that this product can be a good choice for nursing shoes. The features included are quite amazing for nurses and other healthcare workers. The manufacturers claim that these shoes provide maximum comfort of premium quality. Not to mention all positive reviews, especially from healthcare workers who experienced ultimate relaxation and peace by wearing these shoes. They were able to feel better, which increased the chances of more efficiency in their work. While designing these shoes, CAT designers considered the needs of young workers who wanted comfortable yet stylish footwear. They provide you an opportunity to flaunt every look and rock every dress, even during long-hour meetings and working under tremendous pressure.

There are many praises about the design of these shoes. We loved how simple these shoes looked, and yet they have a certain charm. If you plan to buy them, you are more likely to get several compliments too. However, the features are not only about comfort and design. Another great characteristic feature of these shoes is their excellent durability. You don’t need to worry about buying another pair of shoes due to the small life of the CAT shoes. They are made of high-quality, durable material, which means they are quite durable. Hence, the long-lasting feature wins the heart after versatility and comfort. However, these shoes may not be super comfortable from day one. It may take some time to get used to them. Hence, being patient and waiting for the shoes to break in would be helpful.


Human beings have a natural desire to attract beauty. Whether it’s about the food they eat, the car they drive, or the clothes they wear, everything has to be pretty and attractive. That’s why it’s no surprise that most of us buy beautiful things at the cost of our comfort. It is very easy to prioritize appearance over comfort, but it’s not wise. When it comes to shoes, there are endless brands online that are selling aesthetically gorgeous shoes. But how many of them would provide the same level of comfort? Not many. It is better to trust a reliable brand even if it seems expensive for the sake of your feet. They may be expensive, but world-famous brands are more likely to provide good value for money.

We know that you love wearing trendy footwear and giving classy vibes. But fashion should not be the priority while working for long hours. Your feet need to breathe and relax, just like you. The whole body will remain relaxed when you treat your feet with mercy and kindness. Even though it’s difficult to find footwear that offers a combo of comfort and beauty, it is not impossible. There are plenty of brands that understand the struggles of healthcare workers or other workers with similar job requirements. That being the case, many manufacturers are introducing fashionable nursing shoes. One of such examples is the CODE HEX shoes by CAT. This brand is a great representation of authenticity and creativity. Their craftsmanship is shown by their products, like CODE HEX shoes. These shoes can be your go-to footwear for a long-hour exhausting duty. Let your feet feel comfortable and keep them happy because happy feet mean a healthy body.

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