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Dansko XP 2.0 Review

With growing time, a lot of versatility has been noticed in the world of fashion. Like in the old-time, people still invest in pieces that could contribute to their looks and boost their looks. However, comfort was always on the sidetrack. This is where the wheel started to spin anticlockwise as nowadays women need good-looking pieces that are also comfortable in the wardrobe. Every day, we women have a very hectic routine, long hours of office work, and then have to manage housework. 

Most of the shoes worn today are mainly catered for one or two special occasions, hence not suitable for daily up-down routine. So what to wear on a casual day of long hours of work? Do we need to settle for ugly but comfortable shoes? Well, this is where Dansko XP 2.0 comes in handy. This is a design that can provide comfort no matter which floor you are walking on. This provides style, comfort, and a good amount of stability that will need you in check to go around with your hectic work.

Dansko is Specially designed for people who have more foot time than others. These are professionally made; the first version of Dansko was a huge success, so a newer version is introduced in the market. This version is a lot better than the last one as it provides more comfort and is durable. This review is to help people who want to know about these awesome pairs and want to buy those but have no idea whether these are worth the investment or not. Following is a fully detailed review of Dansko 2.0, so keep on scrolling.  

Dansko XP 2.0 Facts

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Following are some fact about Dansko XP 2.0 you need to know :

  1. The shoes consist of a heel which is 1.75 
  2. The sole of the shoe is about 0.75
  3. The shoes weigh about 1.6 per piece
  4. APMA registers the shoes.
  5. Tested by the SATRA and approved as well.
  6. It can work well in greasy and humid situations.
  7. Slip-resistant.
  8. The footbed is removable and thermoplastic.
  9. Provides ease while walking with wide bottoms.
  10. Made of solid PVC.
  11. The shoe is hand stapled all over. 

Why is this version of Dansko better?

Dansko XP 2.0 Review - Purposeful Footwear

Even though the first pair was a success, people still had their complaints on some things, such as the sole thickness. This complaint was noted in the production and designing of the Dansko XP 2.0 as the sole we have now is thick and more stable; not just that the sole has a widespread and is removable as well. People who require custom orthotic inserts love this feature as it helps them deal with their flat feet issues.

The other main reason is the increase in looks. The older version had a box-like design and was hard to incorporate in anyone’s style; however, the new version is more on the slick side and can be dressed in your fashionable attire as well.  

Lastly, the sole is the show stopper. Why you ask, as it has been made to slip-proof on any kind of surface, even if you are in a place with greasy floors, your feet will still have stability and support. This was also tested by SATRA and approved as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of Danko XP 2.0

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Following are some of the advantages of Dansko XP 2.0 one might need to know:

  1. The quality is to die for. The company itself is an old shoe manufacturer with a lot of knowledge about the prospect, so the quality has been kept as a priority. The footwear itself is an example of quality in both material as well the design and composition. The shoes are hand stapled by the company till the outsoles. There is no worry of slippage as it provides the best support with high-quality bottoms. Lastly, it is thermoplastic-based, which just adds up to the durability of the shoe.
  2. The footbed is a very well-received feature of these shoes as they provide the best comfort and support and are also removable, which helps in keeping the shoes clean easily. This is also a plus for people who have flat feet.
  3. The Outsole Provides awesome stability on whatever floor you are walking on. No matter if the floor is greasy, all had some kind of liquid spilled on it. You would still have a good amount of stability and comfort. This feature helps you to have more study posture as well, which is mainly contributing to your overall safety as it is slip-resistant.
  4. This shoe provides comfort-walking and has been loved by people all around the world. The bottoms of the shoes are made of high-quality material which is wide enough to support your feet. Especially for people with wide feet, this wide bottom provides so much comfort through even the spread of pressure.

Following are the disadvantages of Dansko XP 2.0 one should know about:

  1. The first disadvantage of this incredible product is not the product itself but is the price. Since the shoe is of high quality and a lot of effort he’s put into the production and design of it. The shoe is hence on the expensive side of the market, that is why a lot of people need it but can’t afford it.
  2. The second disadvantage is the adaptability that comes with the shoes. Even if the show is to provide ease of walking. one needs to wear it for at least a week to adapt to the shoes for it to provide massive support and stability while walking.


If you are a person who has been suffering issues with their feet and wants to have more while going around their hectic routine, then this shoe is worth their investment. For people who have already used the older version, there are a lot of new and improved features to watch out for. So what are you waiting for? Get your pair as soon as possible.

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