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Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs review


Finding the perfect pair of work shoes online is not always fun. There’s a wide range of factors that you need to consider before placing the order. It’s not just the price, you also need to make sure that the shoes are high quality and would easily match your office dressing style. In addition to this, the shoes also need to be comfortable or else you may get exhausted in no time.

If you browse through the internet, a single search query for work shoes will generate millions of products that may seem good at first glance. However, most of the time, you only get to know the reality after receiving your delivery. Some shady brands often promise tons of features and guarantee high quality but they usually are just promises. If you don’t want to be a victim of fake advertising, it’s best to spend some time doing the required research. To make this process convenient for you, we are going to talk about one of the best-selling work shoes by Dansko. For those who don’t know, Dansko is one of the largest shoe brands in the world and the company is known for its high-quality products and innovation in the shoe industry.

The shoes we are going to talk about are called Women’s XP 2.0 clogs. Let’s talk about some of the basic specs of these clogs.

Overview – Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

These shoes come in 36 different colors and the materials used for manufacturing Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs consists of leather and rubber. These materials ensure the durability and longevity of XP 2.0 clogs. Unlike many other Clogs out there, these consist of a removable footbed. Moreover, these clogs also contain a layer of cushion beneath the footbed.

In terms of weight, these are probably one of the lightest clogs available on the market.

Lastly, these clogs are pretty wide throughout, ensuring comfort for people with wide feet.

The best thing about these clogs is their design, which is not only perfect for the office environment but is also suitable for casual use.

Now it’s time to highlight some pros and cons of Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs.

Pros and Cons


  • Slip-resistant: One of the best things about these shoes is that they’re slip-resistant. Slipping over on tiled surfaces is a very common issue in an office. The good news, now you no longer have to worry about taking your steps carefully.
  • Multiple colors: These shoes come in 29 different colors and are an ideal option for those women who like having a wide range of color options to choose from.
  • Multiple sizes: Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs come in 17 different sizes. So it’s no longer an issue if you are worried about not finding the right fit. The sizes cover almost all foot types and age groups.
  • Made of pure leather: Many buyers prefer to buy shoes made up of pure leather and if you’re one of those buyers, this can be an ideal pair of clogs for you.


  • Expensive: Price is probably the most important factor when buying shoes. Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs start with a price tag of $105 and can go as high as $261. This may break the budget for the majority of buyers.
  • Not durable: Despite the sales page claiming that Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs are made of pure leather, some buyers complained that these aren’t as durable as they’re supposed to be. Some even suspected false advertising. It’s better if you get in touch with the seller and discuss these things before placing an order.
  • Not comfortable: Some buyers claimed that these clogs aren’t the right choice if your work involves standing on your feet for hours.
  • Squeaky: These shoes are squeaky which can be pretty annoying at times. Moreover, the sound may even result in distraction during work or meetings.
  • No refund policy: If you receive the wrong size or a defective item, you won’t be able to ask for a refund or replacement. This can be a serious issue since the product itself is more on the higher-end. You might want to give it a second thought before placing an order.
  • Not washable: The materials used for manufacturing these clogs don’t allow these to be water-washed. However, you may try a standard shoe polish to clean them up and make them as good as new.
  • Not lightweight: Each shoe weighs around 1 pound, making it heavier than the majority of clogs. It may get very uncomfortable if you’re planning to wear these clogs for long periods.
  • Sizing issue: Many buyers complained that they didn’t receive the size they asked for. Some even complained that the size label on the shoe itself is incorrect. You might want to discuss the sizing details with the seller before placing your order.
  • Poor customer support: Some buyers complained that it can take weeks to receive any response to the queries. It’s a shame that Dansko, being such a reputable brand, isn’t handling the customer queries very seriously.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where are Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 clogs made?

Dansko is a US-based company but the majority of their products are manufactured in China.

Q. Are these clogs suitable for flat feet?

Although the sales page doesn’t indicate anything on this topic, some buyers complained that these clogs are very uncomfortable for people with flat feet.

Verdict – Should you buy Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs?

Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clogs have an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. If we were to rate these clogs, we would only give it 3 stars. We believe that these clogs are overpriced and missing out on some very important things such as refund policy. Without any refund policy and poor customer support, things may end up getting very messy for the buyers. We recommend you discuss these details with the seller before placing your order. Good luck!

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