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Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant Review

Crocs have faced a lot of flak over the years because of their distinctive looks. However, despite the negative press, they are one of the world’s largest and most dependable shoemakers. Undoubtedly, Crocs are now well-known for their ultra-comfortable clog-type shoes, but the perforated uppers and slide-on form make them unsuitable for healthcare personnel. Therefore, as the company grew in popularity, it began to provide more work-appropriate footwear that was comfortable and affordable.

The Bistro version from Crocs is designed to allow for a lot of movement. It features a shorter ankle height, allowing for better ankle flexibility. Its contoured footbed gives all-day comfort, but its anti-skid sole is its best feature.

When it comes to these Crocs, the devil is in the details. So before we get into the Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant Review, it’s important to note that Bistro is constructed with Crocs ingenuity and technology.

Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant – An Overview:

An intelligent health professional, a busy chef, or a professional who always remains on his toes understands that wearing the incorrect work shoe can cause a lot of physical and emotional agony, as well as perhaps irreversible harm to the body.

According to Crocs claim,

“The Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant shoes are designed for culinary use, and they are all about comfort, convenience, and affordability. They are exceedingly long-lasting with almost unrivaled support. They are also among the most reasonably priced high-quality sneakers available. So, if you seek functionality and comfort at a low price, the Crocs Bistro Clog is ideal.”

This review will decide how valid Crock’s claims are about these Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant shoes.

Prominent features of Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant shoe:

Womens Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Clog Navy Tie Dye

Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant Shoes are more than just your average pair of sneakers. Although this company also has a fantastic pair of work shoes, this Crocs Bistro Graphic Clog is slip-resistant, so that it may be your ideal work companion.

This pair of clogs are made to operate in various environments, including healthcare, food services, hospitality, and, of course, kitchens. There is a protective covering on the toe area, thicker material on that region for better protection. It’s comfortable and breathable despite its heavier covering. A contoured footbed protects the base of feet.

Prominent features of Crocs Bistro Graphics Slip Resistant shoe:

Manufacturing material and practical design

These shoes are made of a unique material, Croslite, which provides 360-degree comfort for the whole foot. This material is making them among the most comfortable clogs available. It’s also quite light and sturdy, so you won’t get that heavy-footed sensation that some of the bulkier kitchen shoes may give you. Instead, you’ll be zipping about the kitchen faster than ever before with this new lightweight sensation.

These are designed specifically for workers in the healthcare, hospitality, and culinary industries. These folks spend the entire day on their feet. Crocs prioritize comfort and protection. Its Croslite foam cushion is soft and thoroughly molded, making it pleasant and durable, and supportive.

Cushioning for protection and comfort

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The comfort of the Croslite material, which makes up the whole shoe, is indisputable, and it is also the key to their popularity. Working in a healthcare facility or a kitchen for several hours while wearing some unsupportive and uncomfortable footwear can be the worst thing in the world. Still, it is no more with the Crocs Bistro Clogs. There is no need to worry about the annoying and painful blisters that certain lower-quality chef/nursing shoes may cause with their basic yet comfortable design.

The Bistro is light and soft, but it doesn’t take away from the protection they offer. This molded foam is extremely durable and stable. The iconic Croc slingback shape is combined with a closed-toe box to help protect your feet from spillage. Because the Bistro Clog protects your toes from the rare spill or the dreaded pan drop, the toe box is enclosed and composed of sturdier material. The rear strap secures your foot firmly but pleasantly, preventing your heel from sliding.

Easy to clean with low maintenance

They’re quite simple to clean, and you can simply wipe them down with a towel dampened with soap and water. If you properly care for your Crocs Bistro Clogs, they will serve you comfortably and dependably for a long time. These are odor-resistant also, and you can consider these shoes to be the least of your worries regarding working.

Size & breathability

The Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Shoes are created with a roomier fit, making them ideal for larger shoes. The fit is made to be incredibly spacious, so your feet won’t feel suffocated. This helps a little with breathability, but its breathability is compromised with the renowned Crocs air holes. What it lacks in breathability and ventilation, it more than compensates for in protection.

Grip & performance

Crocs at Work - Crocs Unisex Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Clogs - Walmart.com in 2021 | Crocs, Crocs shoes, Crocs classic

The revolutionary Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread is a specifically engineered synthetic sole technology that grips any surface and prevents slip and fall mishaps, which are all too common in a busy kitchen. In addition, crocs Lock tread technology outperforms national industry standards regarding slipping resistance on a range of slick surfaces, including greasy, damp, and soapy floors.

Cost & value

Despite its image as a mocking shoe, it’s one of the most durable shoes on the market, but it is tough to beat Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Shoes for the price. It is on the lower end of the chef shoe price scale. However, they’re easy to put on and take off, and they’re always ready to go.

Pros and Cons of Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Shoes:


  • Easy to wear with heel strap
  • Contoured footbed
  • The additional protective layer on the toe area
  • Crosslite material with maximum comfort
  • Exclusive slip-resistant tread technology


  • Sizing may vary
  • Sometimes rivet or strap seems questionable
  • Style is not so impressive


The Crocs design has been widely criticized because of its “unfashionable” looks; however, the Crocs Bistro Clog is explicitly made for folks who work in a busy kitchen. So you can define Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Shoes as all about blending usefulness and comfort in a budget-friendly package.

They’re exceptionally long-lasting, and their comfort is hard to beat. The quality-to-price ratio of these shoes is nearly unrivaled. Chefs and nurses who are always at risk of slipping on linoleum and kitchen surfaces love the Bistro. It’s also a great winter shoe since the anti-skid sole gives enough grip to walk on snow.

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