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15 Best Shoes for CNAs - Nurse Money Talk

Best Shoes for CNA’s

CNA’s have one of the most occupying jobs in today’s busy world. They’re the ones who are running the entire show backstage even during the most difficult times, be it a worldwide pandemic or an emergency in the middle of the night. If you are a CNA, know that you have our utmost respect and appreciation, no matter what. Understanding your job requirements or that of someone you know who is a nursing assistant, we figured that the one thing you will need no matter what is: durable and good shoes.

Owing up to this reason, we compiled a list of the best shoes for CNA’s that are going to fit your daily obligations and specifications better than anything else would. However, before doing so, let’s answer the question that is knocking at the back of your head; why should you invest in buying new good quality shoes for your work routine?

First and foremost, needless to say, as a CNA your profession requires you to stay on your feet almost during the entirety of your working hours and comfort should be your priority. Good quality shoes will ensure that you feel not only good but also confident. Going home to aching and hurting feet after the entire day certainly can’t possibly be a pleasant feeling. That may also hinder your overall performance and rate of activeness.

In addition to this, shoes with a comfortable sole and a roomy inside space can prove to be beneficial to your overall posture as well. It is also an excellent addition to one’s arch support as well as plays an active part in keeping your feet, legs, and back healthy for your job requirements and general health. You may not realize it but making use of hard-wearing and homely footwear makes your life twice as much easier, especially if you are a CNA.

But is that all there is to a pair of shoes, to assist you throughout your day without making your feet ache for rest? Absolutely not! The second most element that you need to look for before you empty your savings on a pair of brand-new sneakers or sandals is, do they make you stand out from amongst the rest of the crowd? To put it simply, do these shoes match your personality and your overall style? Do they make you feel like you can take over the world? If so, congratulations! You’ve found the perfect pair.

Having put that all out there, we know how arduous the entire process of shoe shopping can be. No shoe seems to have everything that you’re looking for and when you finally come across the ideal pair waiting just for you…it’s not available in your size. Trust us when we say, we’ve been there and have felt exactly the way you do right now. Fret not, to save up some of your leisure time from a busy schedule, you may go through the list of shoes as follows from the comfort of your home and suit yourself.

P.s. we added only the shoes that would be best for a CNA, but also wouldn’t compromise on your elite fashion sense. You’re welcome.

Have a good online shopping spree!

Skechers Sport Women’s Premium Slip-On Sneakers

CNA Nurse Sneakers - Node Lux

From amongst the long-stretched category of tennis shoes, we are certain you won’t find a pair better than Skechers Sports Women Sneakers. To begin with, Sketchers is a credible and renowned brand of shoes with an excellent reputation regarding the comfort level of their manufactured shoes. Thus, you can rest assured that you won’t regret investing your hard-earned cash on shoes from Sketchers. Their outstanding ratings and reviews on Amazon will further guarantee our claim as well.

Allow us to give you a detailed insight about these pairs of shoes, they come with a rubber sole, so you don’t have to worry about the sole wearing out after a couple of wears or washes. The specially designed cushioned comfort sole is sure to last you the whole day. And if all of that wasn’t already enough, Sketcher’s sports women sneakers come designed with a padded collar and tongue. This will ensure that you have great stability around the ankle and keep you from falling over or twisting your ankles when you have to make a run from OPD to the Emergency Room.

In addition to this, one of the many reasons why these shoes are perfect is that you won’t have to spend extra time putting them on, on an already rushed morning. How is that the case, you ask? because of their smooth slip-on design along with an elastic front panel. With these shoes, there isn’t a hassle of laces getting untied multiple times a day during your duty calls. We understand how committed workers at a hospital are and therefore, as little distraction and hindrances as possible can be quite a blessing

There are several significant attributes of long-lasting shoes and Skechers premium premix shoes have most of them, if not all. Sketcher’s sneakers are designed with a distinct and supportive shock-absorbing midsole for support and a flexible rubber traction outsole so they aren’t torn or ruined by any sharp and harmful object that the shoes might come in contact with. The only drawback being that rubber outsoles tend to be more inclined to wearing out quickly over time as compared to outsoles of other materials.

To put it simply, once you get your hands on Skechers Sports Women Shoes, you won’t have to go on another shopping spree to buy shoes that are wearable in your work environment for a long period.

And lastly, the shoes will not compromise your entire outlook. On the other hand, their sleek and firm style will make you feel twice as self-confident and cheerful about your out outwear. Is there possibly any requirement that this pair of footwear fails to fulfill? Probably not! You can choose from a range of colors (although, white sneakers are known to be their signature tennis shoes) as well as sizes on Amazon.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

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As a CNA or belonging from any other profession that requires a lot of walking from one place to another, you need to have a trustworthy pair of shoes that aren’t high maintenance, and no other shoes could fit this description better than Dansko Professional Clogs. As the name suggests, these varieties of shoes are specifically designed and manufactured to fit the specifications of working women like you. Although, these clogs are quite different from sneakers but are no less in competition when it comes to comfort and toughness. They provide your toes with enough roominess and space inside the shoes that they don’t feel sweaty or squished making the shoe uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Along with this, Dansko Clogs are also equipped with a cushioned comfort insole, to give you the easiness of not feeling as though your heels are in direct contact with the hard and usually tiled floor. But this isn’t even the best part! These clogs come with a rocker bottom sole. This type of sole has an insole that is thicker than usual and has rounded heels to not only give you the power of extra shock absorption but also make it easier to step forward. Over and above that, rocker-bottom soles are also credited for being a savior to wearers from flat-footing (which can lead to being medically unfit). Being a CNA, it could be quite a task to give your feet the time and space to rest during such long working hours, for this purpose, it is best to go with shoes that will guarantee your feet’ easiness throughout. Plus, as we discussed above, clogs and the countless beneficial features they bring will also improve your overall efficiency in your work environment.

Moreover, Dansko Women Professional Clogs are quite classy in terms of their exterior as well. With leather shoe uppers, they come in several designs and shades to satisfy your inner shopaholic. Several prints that you can buy the clogs in are black oil, petrol, honey distressed and paint storm, etc. Needless to say, each of its versatile designs is better and more elegant than the last. Have a good time making a fine choice! You may choose from amongst a list of shoe sizes (according to UK sizes) to find one that would fit you precisely.

However, what may be the only downside to Dansko clogs is their price, although worth the cost, it may be a large amount of money to spend on work shoes. A pair or two of less costly sneakers or tennis shoes can be bought at the same price.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

15 Best Shoes for CNAs - Nurse Money Talk

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the nurse oxford shoes seem as though they were prepared and mapped out particularly for CNAs and nurses. This is the reason that nurses, doctors, and other staff members at hospitals have given these particular shoes ideal ratings and incredible reviews. Henceforth, it can rightfully be concluded that you possibly can’t go wrong with these pair of bad boys!

To start with, nurse mates’ shoes have an ideal and extremely professional outlook, they’ll add to your already glamorous look. And on days when you feel under confident about yourself, these shoes will help you raise your head high and walk with swiftness. Additionally, the color availability of these shoes (black and white) is sure to go perfectly well with your hospital scrubs.

Nurse Mates Dove Oxford shoes are prepared out of 100% leather which is a material known for providing extra protection and comfort. Owing up to this reason, most professionals find themselves being loyal to leather shoes, impressed by the comfort and facility they bring. And as a bonus, your leather shoes will likely be odorless, even after your 12-hour long exhausting hospital shift.

Another argument that may convince you even further to buy these shoes is that the leather is stain resistant, saving you a whole lot of cleaning, even once in a blue moon. In a hospital setting, it might be next to impossible to keep your shoes clean and tidy, a tiny spill of medicine or a single drop of blood in the emergency ward could be enough to ruin the smartness of your shoes, especially sneakers. But when you have nurse mates’ leather shoes, there can be no stain strong enough to worry you! All you need is a wet cloth and whoosh, your shoes are back to as good as new.

Moving further ahead, let’s have a look at the level of comfort and ease these pairs of shoes have to offer you. Is it worth the price and hype? Absolutely! You certainly won’t regret making this choice. They have rubber soles, making them excessively durable and comfortable, but what makes this footwear particularly special and stand out is their slip-resistant rubber inserts and sole. As a CNA, this feature is going to make these shoes the best for your job environment as they’ll increase and strengthen your overall grip on the floor and make it easy for you to rush from one ward to another on a busy day. To further talk about shock-absorbing, nurse mates’ women’s shoes also come with an outer heel shell that has a polyurethane core which also has the strength to tolerate minor everyday shocks.

Lastly, the pair of shoes has a slip-on design to keep you from going through the hassle of tying up shoelaces every time they get untied. Instead, you can easily slip them on once and at the start of your shift, and rest assured for the rest of it. Nonetheless, there is also a downside to wearing slip-on shoes, they may get off your shoe easily if they are size even minorly big to what your perfect fit is. This seemingly insignificant issue can be easily solved by making sure that you get the precisely correct shoe size or wear thicker socks, for the winter reason. This matter aside, we are sure Nurse Mates’ women’s dove oxford shoes will never disappoint you.

What Are a Few Factors to Consider When Looking for a Durable Pair of Shoes?

15 Best Shoes for CNAs - Nurse Money Talk

This is a question we should ask ourselves before we go shoe shopping, cloth shopping, or any other kind of shopping, whether leisure or requirement. As a rule of buying, to know what you are looking for; you should know what the specifications of your ideal commodity are.

Primarily, resistance should be one of the many things you look for before you lay a hand on a pair of shoes. As a CNA, it will also come in handy in your work environment and other everyday circumstances. All of us tend to trip and fall at times, especially if you’re clumsy, but in that case, your slip-resistant shoes will be your knight in shining armor. After all, shoes indeed can be love at first sight on some occasions.

Moving further ahead, before you buy a pair of footwear make sure that it has stability signifying that you have a firm grip on your walking style as well as the shoe that you have worn. Shoes lacking good stability often come equipped with the risk of making you twist your ankle or have an uncomfortable tread throughout, both of which can ultimately cause you either a foot injury or an aching foot. Knowing and understanding how demanding your job requirement as a CNA is, we realize that you cannot afford such an unpleasant occurrence from taking place. On that account, stability should be the key factor in any shoes that you intend to buy.

Lastly, your ideal pair of footwear should be both; easy to clean and easy to wear. When you walk into your favorite shoe store and try on a few pairs, make sure you pay good attention to whether the inside of the shoe provides you roominess and good breathability or not. If it does, know that it is one of the few characteristics of a long-lasting pair. Over and above that, as a busy CNA, it is probably best if you keep your eye out for stain-resistant shoes.

P.s. if you have the margin, try not to go for shoes that are excessively heavy or even maybe a little too arduous to carry around, no matter how chic and flashy they look. You will surely come across a distinct pair of CNA shoes that will make you forget all other cleats you ever laid eyes on!

We hope you found this article helpful.

Links to Amazon for Above Listed Shoes

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