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Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoe


A few minutes of morning jog is probably one of the most effective ways of reducing weight and staying fit. Jogging is just like any other cardio exercise where you need to put in some dedication, effort, and some investment to buy the essentials. Yup, you read it right!

We’re not talking about buying a treadmill. Although it’s nice to have it all set up at your home, that’s an entirely different story. In this article, we will discuss an ideal pair of jogging shoes for women that are offered by one of the biggest footwear brands in the world.

You are probably already familiar with Skechers. If not, we must tell you that this brand is trusted by millions of customers around the world. Let’s take a look at Skechers Performance Go walk shoes that are specifically designed for joggers. We will start by going through the specs and features of these shoes.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes – Overview

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The upper layer of these shoes is made up of synthetic fabric, while the sole is made from synthetic rubber. The use of these materials allows the users to wash this pair in a machine without deteriorating the quality. The inner layer consists of a soft cushion that ensures comfort for users.

These shoes are slip-resistant, making them an ideal pair for what they’re designed for. Moreover, Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes are very lightweight, ensuring a better grip and eliminating any sort of foot stress when jogging.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s move forward and highlight some of its pros and cons.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes – Pros and Cons

Amazon.com | Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 2 Super Sock 2 Slip-On Walking Shoe | Walking


  • Lightweight: As we’ve already mentioned above, Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes are lightweight since they are specifically designed for walking and jogging. This feature is useful for maintaining the overall grip and reducing foot stress.
  • Multiple colors: It’s a big turn-off for potential buyers if the shoes don’t come in different colors. Since we all have different tastes in colors and styles, it’s best to look for something that offers a variety of color options. Well, good news for you! Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes come in 23 different colors. Now, you don’t have to worry about not finding that perfect pair of shoes that goes along with your dress.
  • Affordable: These are mid-range shoes that start from $35 and go up to $100 – depending upon your size and color preference. Although $35 is considered affordable and falls within the average budget for most buyers, $100 is a bit too much to pay for this pair.
  • Multiple sizes: Looking for an identical pair for yourself and your daughter? Look no further, because Skechers has got you covered. Performance Go Walk shoes are available in 35 different sizes. Yup! You heard it right. This is probably among the highest number of different sizes offered by any shoe brand in the world.
  • Trusted brand: If you’re a shoe enthusiast, you’re probably already aware of Skechers. This company has been in the footwear business for decades and has millions of loyal customers from all around the world. The review section also indicates that the majority of buyers are satisfied with their purchases.
  • Comfortable: Skechers is known for making some of the most comfortable shoes. The inner layer of Performance Go Walk consists of a soft cushion that keeps your feet stress-free and allows you to easily move your toes up and down.
  • Washable: Skechers Performance Go Walk shoes are made up of synthetic fabric and rubber which allows you to easily wash them in a machine without ruining the quality of the product. Just a quick wash and the shoes will become as good as new.


  • Materials: Some buyers complained that these shoes tear just after a few days of use. We don’t recommend Performance Go Walk if you’re planning to use these shoes for heavy-duty cardio exercises.
  • No refund policy: There is no indication of a refund policy for these shoes. This can be a big issue especially when you receive an incorrect or damaged product.
  • No shock absorption: Most shoes in this price range offer a shock absorption feature. This is disappointing to see that Skechers Performance Go Walk doesn’t support shock absorption.
  • Poor customer support: Many buyers complained that it’s impossible to get hold of anyone from the support staff to help them out with the queries. This can be frustrating if you receive an incorrect item and want to get in touch with someone who could replace the order.
  • Sizing issues: Despite offering tones of different size options, sizing issues are still very common for Skechers Performance Go walk shoes.
  • Cheap remake: Some buyers even complained that these shoes are not the originals. Although the sales page doesn’t indicate any such thing, we thought that it’s still important to highlight this. Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, we recommend that you directly discuss this with the seller before placing an order.

Frequently asked questions

Amazon.com | Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Rival Slip-On Walking Shoe | Walking

Q. Are these from Skechers or a remake?

Although there is no indication from the seller that these are a remake, some buyers complained that there are obvious differences between these and the ones they bought from Skechers outlet.

Q. How much do they weigh?

The combined weight of a pair is around 0.5 pounds.

Q. Can I wear these if I have swollen feet?

Yes! Not only are these shoes comfortable to wear, but they are also a bit stretchable. You can easily wear these on swollen feet.

Verdict – Should I buy Skechers Performance Go Walk shoes?

After considering all its features and the buyer feedback, we would give Skechers Performance Go Walk Shoes 3 stars out of 5. Although this is an affordable option for the buyers, these shoes still miss out on some very important features such as shock absorption. Moreover, the pair is not as durable as it is expected from Skechers.

These are good but not the best. With a bit of research, you should be able to find a better deal.

Good luck!

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