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Grey's Anatomy by Softwalk Meredith Work Clog

Grey’s Anatomy by Softwalk Meredith Work Clog review

Having a job as a nurse is not easy, and there are many days when you just want to put your feet up on your couch or bed and just sleep after a long, hard day. While it is enjoyable to serve patients and run around attending to various requirements on different hospital floors, you need a pair of shoes that make your life and job easier on you.

Since you spend a lot of hours on your feet, the shoes you pick for your working days need to be as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want at the end of the day is having your feet, legs and back in pain, and many nurses will choose different shoes based on trial and error. However, you do not need to go to this extent, as there are plenty of options that can help you stay comfortable at work.

One such pick, as we will look at in this article, is the Grey’s Anatomy Meredith clog from the manufacturer Softwalk. Read on for our thoughts on that.

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Key features

  • Has a rubber sole, as well as athletic, flexible EVA
  • Material is soft, tumbled leather
  • Hidden gores for promoting aeration
  • Heel support and padded arch
  • Slip-resistant

What makes this pair worth it?

Great Stability levels

The design of the shoe might make you wonder if you are actually safe wearing it, but you do not need to worry, as there are no issues with slipping or the heel itself. This is all thanks to the non-slip outsole as well as the wide heel that give you quite the solid grip as you walk.

You will remain stable and not prone to accidents, thanks to the wide heel that cushions the feet as you stand for long periods, especially if you wear the clogs frequently. Its flexible structure also molds nicely to your foot, which will also prevent ankle rolling from happening in the long term (which leads to sprains and ankle injuries), and a soft heel cavity for extra comfort.

Comfort and support

Because being a nurse means you are constantly busy and constantly on the move, you will need shoes that give you plenty of support throughout the day.This shoe is likely to please you, due to the numerous benefits it gives in terms of comfort in addition to the stylish designs that you can select according to your preferences.

In fact, many buyers say that this clog shoe is among the most comfortable in the market aside from similar options, giving them the necessary relief even after long or busy shifts.

Has high protection levels throughout the day

If there is one thing you can be sure about, it is that the manufacturer has tested the shoe in a variety of environments to make sure they can protect you against slips. The bottom of the outsole prevents slipping, while the toe box has extra reinforcement to protect your toes from falling items. The shoe is also quite roomy, allowing the toes to move in a natural way as you move around.

Great for high and low arches alike

Many clogs are great for people with high arch feet, but this is great for the low archers as well. If you have a high arch foot type, these shoes are ideal, as they remove pain in the arches and feet. They are so comfortable; you even feel it especially if you wear them continuously for a long time. In addition, they have a molded foot bed, which means you do not need to think about wearing orthotics for a high-arch foot when recovering from injuries.

The major reason why this is the case is likely due to the height of the heel, which measures 1.5 inches and is a rubber sole. In addition, the sole is of a rocking type, which ensures your lower joints do not suffer when you stand for long periods during your working hours. It does this through engaging the muscles in your legs and calves, which helps them remain trimmed and toned, which is also great for people with low arches as they tend to suffer from leg and foot pain when they stand for long hours.


The upper has a nice layer of durable high quality imported leather, allowing you to use it for a long time without wearing out or showing signs of cracking. Similar to any shoe comprised of high-quality leather, it will stretch after prolonged use, which should not worry you as it is quite normal.

It will please you to know that the entire shoe is hand-built, so it has plenty of strong construction and impressive layering. The shoe itself is also quite big inside, so it works perfectly for people with bunions or wide feet, while the padded collar increases your comfort levels.


The latex midsole is anatomically contoured, positioned between the outsole and upper. It helps to maintain the stability and cushioning of your feet through its flexibility, reducing fatigue and allowing for extra comfort. It is also quite durable, as it has much better levels of aging resistance compared to foam-only midsoles.


The outsole is quite similar to other clog shoes, since polyurethane comprises it. This material is particularly used thanks to its excellent shock absorption and flexibility as you stand or walk. It also has a EVA and PU foam foot bed, which means that you do not need to worry about getting tired even after wearing it for long hours – you can even compare it to athletic shoes.

In addition, the outsole is durable and lightweight, as well as giving decent traction to allow you to use it on slippery surfaces.


  • Easy to break in, therefore comfortable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • You need to be careful about the sizing, as some customers complain that it runs a size too small


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It is quite challenging to find a good pair of shoes that allow you to stand for long hours, since not everything will work for you. As long as you are careful about the sizing issue, the Grey’s Anatomy clogs shoes should serve you well for many years as their build quality is quite impressive.

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