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Delaware Nursing CE Requirements

Delaware Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for DE

The primary goal of the Delaware Board of Nursing is to enhance the welfare, protection, and well-being of the overall population. The organization also has several other objectives. With the promulgation of legislation and requirements, examining accusations about experts, as well as the imposition of punitive measures, the Board seeks to keep people safe.

The Board must provide licenses to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and advanced registered nurses (APRNs). Every two years, Delaware’s nursing licenses must be renewed. A renewal reminder email is sent to Delaware nursing license holders several weeks before the expiration date, allowing them to plan. You may complete the procedure of renewing your nursing license online to make it as convenient as feasible. Nurses frequently ask, “How do I renew my Delaware nursing license?” This is a typical question. Before you can find the answer to this problem, you must finish reading this article.

About Delaware Nursing Board

Nurses who are licensed and practical nurses are permitted to work in Delaware, and the State Board of Delaware Nursing is responsible for granting licenses to both kinds of nurses. The state of Delaware does not need them to obtain a permit unless they intend to make Delaware their primary residence.

Renewal License for Nursing from Delaware Nursing Board.

There are three kinds of licensed nurses;

  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses Licenses
  • Advance Practice Registered Nurse Licenses

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Renewal Licensed Practical Nurses

The process of renewing your practical nursing license is as follows: LPN licenses are no longer valid on February 28 of an even-numbered year, and vice versa. Maintaining a license as a nurse requires a minimum of 1,000 hours of work over the last five years or 400 hours over the preceding two years.

Registered Nurses Renewal License

To maintain their status, nurses must renew their licenses every three years. For example, on the 28th of February 28, 31st of May or 30th of September. The license of a registered nurse always expires on the final day of an odd-numbered year. It’s impossible to predict exactly when your license will expire because it was awarded on a specific date. The licenses of registered nurses are granted in odd-numbered years and usually expire on the 30th of that year.

The following activities must be completed excluding the 30 hours of which three should be spent addressing a drug addiction problem. 30 hours, 3 of which must be spent addressing a drug addiction issue, plus your choice of the following:

  • In the past five years, a thousand hours of practice should be done.
  • In the past two years, four hundred hours of practice should be done.
  • Within the past two years, the course of refresher should be done.

A select number of RNs will be audited following their renewals to ensure compliance with ongoing requirements of education also with the requirements of practice.

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Renewal Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licenses

Every two years, you must get a new license. APRNs in Delaware must renew their licenses on the same day as their Delaware Registered Nurse (RN) licenses do. If you don’t have an RN license in Delaware, your Advance Practice Registered Nurse License will expire on September 30 of the odd year if you don’t have a license from Delaware. Before you apply for an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse license in Delaware, you must revive your Registered nurse license in the state first. If you don’t already have a Delaware nursing license, your current compact Registered nurse license must say when it expires, even if you don’t have a Delaware license.

To keep your license, you must show that you have personally met one of the following:

  • The following practice standards must be satisfied in the job and demographic focus region for which you have been licensed to renew your license.
  • Specialty should be done in the practice of 1,500 hours, also in the past 2 years, the practice of the specialty of six hundred hours should be done. The specialty program of graduation also needs to be done in the past 2 years.

What Is the Process for Obtaining a Delaware Nursing Board of Examiners?

The Board of Nursing of Delaware is in charge of writing and imposing legislation and rules that keep nursing safe in Delaware. If you’re going to be a nurse in Delaware, you need to get a new license from the Delaware Board of Nursing.

The Delaware Board of Nursing License Can Be Obtained by Following These Steps:

People in Delaware who want to be a nurse have to take tests from the Delaware Board of Nursing. The examination committee of Delaware’s Professional looks at the state’s investigation metrics, which can change at any time. In Delaware, all nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, and occupational nurses work under the rules of this group. The state set it up. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any special registration timeframes for the Delaware registered nurse exam, keep an eye on the state’s website.

What Is the Cost for Renewing a Delaware Nursing License and What Are the Conditions for Renewal Nursing License?

Nursing license renewal requires proof of 520 hours of labor and 24 hours of useful techniques. Maintaining the most up-to-date certification is crucial as well. You must first complete a board-approved six-semester refresher course and an educational program if you wish to return to school.

Getting a Nursing License in Delaware: What Steps Do I Need to Take?

Delaware’s Board of Nursing can assist nurses quickly and simply obtain a license to practice in the state. It is sufficient if they can demonstrate that they’ve been practicing as nurses for at least 2 years without encountering any issues with licensing boards. This agreement is advantageous to both parties since it is straightforward.

Final Thought

Regardless of how hazardous or unprofessional a nurse maybe, the Delaware Board of Nursing will always be there to ensure the safety of the public. It may be difficult for nurses in Delaware to perform at their best. Since they realize they’re following high moral standards, while still providing excellent patient care, Delaware Board of Nursing-licensed nurses may feel confident in their job. It is my goal that you have most of your questions concerning renewing your license answered by this time.

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