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Arkansas Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for AR

Nurses registered under the Arkansas Board of Nursing have a rewarding career. The board ensures that all its nurses are competent and certified to provide professional care and protection to their patients and prevent unsafe practices among nurses.

According to the latest reports, Arkansas has over 36,000 licensed nurses who follow ethical standards to provide quality care to their patients. However, like all other licenses, an Arkansas nursing license also has an expiry date, and nurses have to renew their permits to continue their nursing careers.

So what are the licensing renewal requirements for nursing in Arkansas?

This article will give you a brief insight into the license renewal process and requirements required to continue your services as a nurse in the Arkansas Board of Nursing.

But before learning about the licensing requirements, let us first know more about the Arkansas Board of Nursing license.

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How to apply for a nursing license in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Board of Nursing is a legal body regulating nursing norms and laws in Arkansas. In short, aspirants who want to serve as a nurse in Arkansas must apply for a nursing license with the board.

So how do you get a nursing license? Aspirants will have to visit the official website and register themselves for the Arkansas nursing exam. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, candidates must appear for the exam and qualify to become certified vocational or practical nurses under the Arkansas Board of Nursing.

Tip: Visit the Arkansas Board of Nursing’s official website frequently to get more details about the tentative schedule of the exam.

What are the minimum requirements set by the Arkansas Board of Nursing?

Before candidates can become vocational and practical nurses, they have to fulfill a few requirements to become eligible. These requirements include:

Completion of mandatory education hours

Candidates will have to complete their pre-license course to become certified nurses under the Arkansas board. Since these education hours are mandatory, aspirants must fulfill this requirement to proceed further.

Candidates who have completed the Arkansas School of Health Professions course are also eligible under the nursing board.

Post-secondary education

Candidates who want to become certified nurses under the Arkansas board must complete their post-secondary education at an approved institution. However, applicants who do not want to pursue a degree can visit the official website and register themselves.

Know Arkansas nursing rules and laws

Applicants must pursue courses on Arkansas nursing rules and laws before applying for a nursing license. Additionally, they will have to also understand medical errors and other crucial nursing topics before registering their names.

What is the renewal process for the Arkansas nursing license?

The Arkansas Board of Nursing has set various rules and regulations to allow nurses to continue their services. For instance, if you are renewing your license for the first time, you will have to complete a minimum 1-hour session of HIV/AIDS education.

Likewise, the board conducts a cyclic three-year audit on a candidate’s Continuing Education (CE) before releasing an updated license. Furthermore, nurses from other jurisdictions can also apply for license renewal, provided they have no disciplinary actions recorded against them.

However, applicants will have to submit their renewal requests through an Arkansas nursing CE broker.

Here are the renewal requirements at a glance:

  • Complete Continuing Education or CE requirements before submitting your renewal request.
  • After validating your CE requirements, submit your renewal application through a CE broker.
  • Pay the renewal fee, including additional charges to renew your license.

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How can you transfer your nursing license to Arkansas?

Besides clearing the nursing exam to become a certified nurse under the Arkansas Board of Nursing, applicants can take the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX to become a qualified nurse.

This test is the secondary way of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Arkansas.

But can you transfer your nursing license from other states? If you are planning to continue your nursing career in Arkansas, you can submit your application to the Arkansas board to transfer your license.

Once the board approves your application, you can continue your nursing career in Arkansas. However, the nursing board can cancel your request if you have any complaints registered in your name from other licensing boards.

Furthermore, you will have to provide proof that you were working as a nurse for over two years before moving to Arkansas.


What is the cost of renewing a nursing license in Arkansas?

Generally, the Arkansas Board of Nursing charges $60 for license renewal. However, you might have to pay additional charges depending on the license status.

Where is the Arkansas nursing board located?

You can find the nursing board at University Tower Building, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Final Thought

Nursing in Arkansas is a promising career and attracts thousands of nurses each year. Hopefully, our article has helped you learn more about the board’s renewal process, minimum requirements, and other details.

You can visit their official website for more information.

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