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Delaware Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for DE

Delaware has a population of over 967,171, with more than 5,795 licensed physicians. The Delaware Board of Medicine promotes public health safety and prevents unprofessional, unqualified, or unauthorized medical practice in any healthcare profession.

It ensures that every medical practitioner meets the minimum requirements for safe practice. The board investigates complaints on a daily basis, and disciplinary actions are taken against those who don’t adhere to the code of practice. Licenses and training licenses are issued to interns, fellows, and residents, including other professionals such as acupuncture detoxification specialists, polysomnographers, respiratory care practitioners, and physician assistants.

If you’re looking for license renewals or the requirements for DE licenses, you might find this article helpful. This article will help you understand the renewal process, reactivating licenses, and more.

Applying for Delaware Board of Medicine License

Applying for the Delaware Board of Medicine License is a quick process. Once the application is submitted, the board will notify the physician of the necessary documents required to complete the application in a couple of weeks. Those who need a license should apply to the Delaware Board of Medicine for Licensure. The application process includes providing proper documents, a complete application form, supporting documents, payment fees, a criminal background check, and more.

Requirements for License

  • Physician References
  • Internship/Residency/Fellowship Forms
  • All State Licenses (past/present)
  • All National Examination Scores (USMLE/FLEX/NBME)
  • Med School Form
  • Current Employment
  • Current Privileges
  • ECFMG Certification
  • NPDB-HIPDB Report

Once the application is submitted, getting a Delaware Board of Medicine License will take approximately 1 to 3 days to process and is reviewed within 30 days.

Delaware verifies almost every physician’s timeline. The license application process is easy, but it depends on your background. If you have a clean history, the process is smooth and easy. However, if you have any negative information, it can get complicated. Depending on the information provided, you will be required to make a Board Appearance, and severe or adverse issues can cause a denial. A physician with significant background issues such as a disciplinary action, probation, arrest, or board actions should apply with caution and at their own risk when applying for the Delaware Medical Board License.

The board accepts only a complete application with proper documents submitted through DELPROS, or it can also be through mail or third parties. The board may have to review your application for licensure, and your documentation will be reviewed during the next meeting.

Renewal of Delaware Board of Medicine License

Medical licenses have a strict renewal process and must be renewed every two years for legal medical practice. Without renewal, your license will expire, and it’s illegal to practice in Delaware with an expired license. Having failed to renew your license within 6 months will cause termination. If you wish to continue your practice after termination, you will have to reapply for a new application for DELPROS as a new applicant.

A renewal notice is sent to your email address a few months prior to the expiration date of your license. All information regarding the renewal of your application in DELPROS will be mentioned. To complete the process online, you will have to log in to your account, answer the questions, and use a card to pay a fee for your license renewal.

All information about renewal and professional licenses is delivered through mail only. Hence, you must keep your personal information updated to receive timely notice. To make necessary changes or to check your profile, you can go to DELPROS and click on “Manage Profile Link.”

Things that are required to complete your license renewal:

  • Completed renewal application
  • Current address or practice address
  • Renewal fee

Inactivating and Reactivating Licenses

If you’re an active polysomnographer, midwife, physician’s assistant, or counselor, you can send a request to put your license in an inactive status, but there is a specific time limit. Or, if you have an active license but are not practicing in Delaware, you can request to inactive your license. To request either reactivate or inactive your license, you can submit a service request through DELPROS.

  • A physician’s assistant can keep their license status inactive for up to 3 years.
  • While a genetic counselor, midwife, or polysomnographer can keep their license status inactive for up to 5 years.

Failure to reactivate your license during the period will terminate your license. To resume your practice in Delaware, ensure that your license is reactivated before it terminates. However, if you wish to continue your practice, you will have to reapply as a new application in DELPROS once your license is terminated.

Renewing an Active and Expired License

Your license must be renewed every two years before the expiration in DELPROS. You will be asked to certify that you have completed the required continuing education units (CEs) during the renewal process.

As for license expiration, it’s illegal to practice when your license is expired, and you must renew your license before the expiry if you wish to keep practicing. After expiry, you can submit your late license renewal application for up to one year but will have to pay both the renewal fee as well as a late fee. In addition, bear in mind that it’s not a grace period, and you don’t have the permission to practice though you submit an application renewal request. It has to be renewed to active status, then only you’re allowed to start practicing.

How to get a Physician’s license in Delaware?

It’s actually pretty simple! All you need to do is submit an application at DELPROS, including the required documents. The application will take 1 to 3 days on average to process. Within 30 days, you will be notified whether the board grants or rejects your license.

How much should you pay to renew a Physician’s license in Delaware?

To renew your Physician’s license in Delaware can cost you around $300 TO $500. All renewals require a fee, and the late fee includes 50% of the renewal fee.

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