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Utah Nursing CE Requirements

Utah Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for UT

For those nurses who are registered, licensed, and advanced practical, Utah’s Board of Nursing establishes the renewal standards and ensures that they satisfy them. Registered nurses who work with people who aren’t nurses and nurses who have advanced clinical registration are all on the list of things to do.

About Utah Board of Nursing

There is a board in Utah that permits nurses: the Board of Nursing of Utah, run by the Public Safety Department. The Board takes care of nursing licenses and rules.

A report from the National Nursing Database says that there are 28 thousand 8 hundred and 95 registered nurses and 3 thousand 3 hundred 94 licensed practical nurses in Utah. In the contract on nurses’ licenses, Utah is one of the countries that signed on.

A Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered nurse who already has a license from some other contained environment can work in Utah without having to get a new one.

However, if Utah has become the participant’s main home state, they will need to get a new license. The candidate can only work for just a total of 30 days at a time with the license they already have.

How to Get License From the Utah Board of Nursing?

For those interested in becoming licensed nurses in Utah, many processes need to be completed. To begin, create an account and then complete an online endorsement form, which may be found here.

After you have completed these two stages, you should seek official proof that you currently hold at least one valid license that corresponds to the type of license you desire. Information concerning schooling and examinations should be included in the verification process.

If your jurisdiction is not a participant in the project, you will have to pay for Nursys certification and designate Utah as the receiver of the accreditation; if your state is not a participant, you will need to do that as well. Calling the Board of State is the most effective approach to obtain further data.

Furthermore, the verification of the license form will be sent to the Utah Board of Nursing for processing. This form must be submitted and returned with the items mentioned above. Your registration will not be considered complete until the validation has been received.

You will be required to submit a full collection of fingerprints as well as a background check in the next stage. There are two sets of Fingerprint Records that may be sent or picked up at a DOPL facility that performs fingerprinting, if necessary.

Even if you’re a foreign-trained nurse, you should adhere to the state’s laws and regulations set out by the Board of Nursing. The answers to the initial inquiries must be backed up by evidence if they are “yes.”

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How to Renewal a Nursing License?

In the healthcare field, there are three primary roles: registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, and APRN. Each type of nurse has a unique method of completing the application procedure. Following the processes outlined here will help you renew your nursing license.

Renewal License for Registered Nurse

Utah requires that registered nurses stay up to date on their education to maintain their licenses. Every two years, you must finish 30 hours of training, or 15 hours of ongoing training, to 200 or 400 hours of licensed practice. You must also complete 15 hours of training every two years. Moreover, you must have taken a Utah-specific suicide awareness class to be able to join in.

A license to work as an RN in Utah expires every two years on January 31.

Renewal License for Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse needs to stay up to date on certifications to preserve their license validity. It must be done every two years: 30 continuing education hours, 15 continuing education, and 200 to 400 hours of licensed practice must be done every two years to stay up to date. The nation of Utah also wants you to finish a course on suicide prevention.

Sometimes years are when Utah LPN licenses run out every two years, on January 31 of those years.

Renewal License for Advanced Practical Registered Nurse

To keep their license for two years, an APRN needs to do at least 30 hours of instruction and work at least 400 hours of licensed practice if they got their license before July 1. APRNs who prescribe illicit substances seem to take 4 hours to learn about them. 3.5 hours of that time comes from the approved prohibited substance schooling, and 0.5 hours comes from the DOPL online prohibited substance guide.

When Utah’s APRN licenses run out every two years, on January 31, they’re out of date.

Steps for the Renewal of Nursing License

For renewing your nursing license, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • To begin, you’ll want to ensure that your nursing license is still valid.
  • The second step is to validate your license, which may be accomplished by visiting the Verification page.
  • Third, you must complete your Utah nurse continuing education requirements before the expiration of your license. Additionally, you may earn nursing CEUs with Incredible Health online, at your speed, and for free.

Send your renewal application to the Utah Board of Nursing following these steps. The Renewal Information page has specific rules. It doesn’t matter how big Utah is. It has a lot to offer, even though it is small. Unless you say Utah is your main home, don’t apply for a license in Utah if your main residence is in another compact state.

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Final Verdict

There are many ways to become a nurse in Utah. If you decide to become a certain type of nurse, your choice will be very much based on your educational background and training. As you go through school, you will have more options for where and how you want to work as a nurse.

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