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Nurse Salary in Delaware

Delaware is known as the 2nd smallest state in the United States, and there were 11620 registered nurses by May 2017. As per reports of Indeed.com, the average salary of a registered nurse till August 2018 was $70803. The mean annual wage of a nurse varies between $71491-$74687. Although Dover is a low-paying city for registered nurses, the cost of living here is low. The monthly mean salary of a nursing professional varies between $5960-$6224. The highest median hourly wage is $36, whereas the lowest rate is $34.

Delaware is a home to plenty of registered nurses (RN), nurse anesthetists or CRNA, nurse practitioner or NP, licensed vocational nurses (LVN) as well as licensed practical nurses (LPN), where these nursing professionals earn a good salary along with other perks and benefits. The following guide shows a distinction between national and state average salaries and gives a detailed list of employment figures for every nursing specialty.

Salary of registered nurses working in Delaware

The mean average salary for a registered nurse working in Delaware is approximately $73180. This figure is the same and is close to the average national income for registered nurses. Presently, around 11620 registered nurses are employed in a wide range of industries in Delaware. A registered nurse’s hourly wage rate is $35.18, whereas the weekly wage is $1407. Registered nurses in Delaware earn a monthly salary of $6098, whereas the annual salary is $73180.

What is the salary of a nurse practitioner employed in Delaware?

The annual average salary of a nurse practitioner employed in Delaware is around $105380, and this figure is below the average national income range for the nurse practitioners. As per the latest source, approximately 650 professionals are currently working as nurse practitioners in the state of Delaware and are also employed in different types of industries.

What is the salary of a licensed practical nurse or LPN and a licensed vocational nurse LVN?

The annual average licensed practical nurse or LPN earns a salary of $52290, which is above the average national figure for LVNs or LPNs. As per the latest figure, only 2170 LPNs employed in Delaware State work across a wide range of industries.

What is the salary of a nurse anesthetist or CRNA working in Delaware?

The annual average salary for a nurse anesthetist in Delaware is around $174590, which is below the average national pay scale for CRNA. It is known per the latest report that only 160 professionals are working as nurse anesthetists in Delaware State. Most of them are working in a wide range of industries.

The registered nursing professional in Delaware earns six percent less than the average national salary for a registered nurse at $82750. Around 80% of the registered nurse employed in Delaware earns a salary between $59900 -$99780

What is the cost of living for registered nurses in Delaware?

The registered nurse in Delaware earns approximately $79427 every year after adjusting for their cost of living. Here in Delaware, the cost of living is two percent lower than the average national, which means that registered nurses have to pay low prices for housing, food, transportation, and other facilities compared to other states.

What is the highest nursing paying regions or cities in Delaware?

Some of the highest nursing paying cities located in the cities of Delaware are as follows-

  • Dover, DE, where the nurse salary is $71130
  • Wilmington, DE, where the nurse’s salary is $81860 every year.

The nursing salary of professionals employed in Delaware varies from one location or another within the entire state. The highest paying area for registered nurses in Delaware is Wilmington, where every RN gets a salary of around $81860. As per the latest source, there are 73510 registered nurses presently employed in Wilmington. The second highest paying city in Delaware is Diver, where the average nurse makes $71130, and there are only 1510 registered nurses employed in this region.

How much do other nursing professions, similar to registered nurses, earn in Delaware?

Many other nursing professionals are employed across the state of Delaware apart from the registered nurse. They are as follows-

  • Physical Therapist- $100490
  • Nurse Midwife- $106730
  • Pharmacy technician- $35210
  • Dental hygienist- $86280

A registered nurse employed in Delaware tends to earn an average annual salary of $77760, which is less than a nurse practitioner who earns $116230, a physical therapist, a nurse-midwife, and a dental hygienist. RNs in this state earn more than licensed practical nurses who earn $53920 and pharmacy technicians who earn $35210.

Job Outlook

There has been a 15% increase in the employment opportunities for nursing professionals in Delaware from the year 2016 to 2022. As per the bureau of labor Statistics, there will be a great demand for nurse practitioners and registered nurses in the coming years. Therefore, job outlook of the nursing profession in the state of Delaware is positive.

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