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Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Graphic Clog Review

We all are well aware of how tiring the duties of a nurse are. Every time they work at a hospital and care for their patients, they have to run super quickly in clinical environments. This is exactly why the issue of plantar fasciitis typically leads to nurses.

So, by picking every small and big protecting element, a nurse should prevent these difficulties by choosing the best Crocs out there!

Croc is a brand well known for providing the most comfortable and affordable shoes for healthcare professionals who need to stay on their feet for long working hours. Neria Pro Graphic Clog is another proud presentation of Crocs to make nurses and their toes and their plantar fascia comfy. The construction and materials of these shoes are extensively researched, and this can avoid problems with plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis mainly occurs because of unhealthy walking and running and especially tough surfaces, which cause flat feet, increased heel pressure, and risk for it. All such activities can damage plantar fascia and cause plantar fasciitis. This condition requires a comfy shoe with several attractive elements.

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clogs:

Crocs™ Neria Pro II Graphic Clog (Women's) - Color Out of Stock | FREE Shipping at ShoeMall.com

According to the makers of Neria Pro Clogs, Neria is trustworthy and ready to make the rounds with security and comfort every step of the way. You would love its little bright flair with appropriate designs.

This version of crocs clogs for women is designed for a casual fit. This upgraded model has detachable, washable footbed liners Perfect for employees in healthcare restaurant retail and any other demanding “on your feet” industry. You can try Neria at home in your kitchen, on your next shift in your kitchen garden, or any place you like to clog.

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Graphic Clogs – An Overview:

Crocs Women's Neria Pro Ii Graphic Clog: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags

Neria Pro Graphic Clog is a slip-resistant shoe, which is a perfect alternative for those who spend hours working on concrete floors in retail, health care, and restaurant situations. This shoe, however, is not the ideal choice for everyone on rough, rocky terrain.

Croslite construction of these clogs offers a sturdy, lightweight shoe that coats each step, while the enclosed toes and heels of the Neria Pro fulfill the working environment regulations. Comfort TM molded feet with moisture-wicking lining, Contoured Triple Crocs, providing coiled support beneath your feet that can be removed to facilitate washing.

General features of Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Graphic Clogs:

The general features and qualities of the Crocs Women’s Pro Graphic Clogs are almost similar to the other varieties of Crocs shoes. Such as:

  • Completely man-made with imported rubber soles.
  • These Crocs are slip-resistant shoes that feature a large, spacious fit with workplace standards-compliant heels.
  • These are ideal clogs for working women who have to spend long days and nights doing their walks. The protection and comfort of Crocs provide confidence to Neria and make it ready to circle every step of the road.
  • Crocs Neria Pro Graphic clogs are completely molded, easy to clean using soap and water, and allow fast dryness.
  • These Crocs work shoes include thicker areas to safeguard your feet against spills. These non-slippery women’s shoes are excellent for all other demanding “slip” industries, such as kitchen shoes, nursing footwear, and chef shoes.

What makes The Neria Pro Graphic Clog excellent?

The Neria Pro Graphic Clog meets the four criteria needed to make these clogs an extremely comfortable shoe:


These Neria Pro Graphic Clogs provide a wide toe box that is best for nursing staff. A toe box that fits tightly encourages hammertoes, cassava, caterpillars, and even caterpillar fungi. If you try to get rid of the fungus, make it clear that you’re never going to get rid of it if you’re in tightly fitting shoes with flexible soils. You need to wear shoes that have rigid soils.

The large toe box and rearfoot control of Neria Pro Graphic Clogs by Crocs successfully cure fungal nails that allow the fungus to enter the nail-and-nail-sheet and encourage infection. In addition, this shoe protects the toenails against damage with a broad and soft toe box.

Arch Support:

Support for the arch. It’s wonderful to locate a shoe with a detachable insole so that you may replace it with a personalized orthotic or an outstanding over-the-counter insert like a Powerstep in full length. Eventually, while you think you have a high arch and require no support, ponder for once that bridges have arches. To reduce mechanical strain, engineers nevertheless install stalks beneath the bridges.

Similarly, arch support is crucial for feet as it helps avoid arthritic changes in the center of the foot (Lisfranc’s joint), plantar fasciitis, and lower back discomfort, hip, and knee.

Shoe Sole:

The sole of Neria Pro Graphic Clog is heavy, stiff, and inflexible. It should have a solid, stiff sole with no flexibility to make a shoe comfy. You enable excessive movement through joints that can be arthritic, dysfunctional, or uncomfortable if you wear a shoe with a sole flexible. In addition, movement through those joints increases discomfort, damage and promotes arthritic joint changes that eventually make gait patterns compensable, which further exacerbates your knees, hips, and lower back strain.

Rare Foot:

When you wear shoes that don’t have rear-foot control (like flip-flops or mules), you’re forced to clamp your toes down, which can lead to hammertoes and bunions. Neria Pro Graphic Clogs with proper rear-foot control allow less motion and help avoid hip, knee, and lower back strain.

Pros and Cons of Crocs Women’s Nerio Pro Graphic Clogs:


  • This is a multi-work purpose shoe
  • The inner footbed is removable and washable
  • Have impressive style and great design
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable


  • For some reason, this pair of shoes can be expansive
  • The color combinations available are not so appreciated
  • Not suitable for uneven and rocky terrains


With Crocs Women’s Neira Pro Graphic Clogs, you don’t have to bother about shoe design and style. These shoes are good in style and are better designed for plantar fasciitis. This shoe also offers a list of choices.

So, this is everything about the greatest plantar fasciitis nursing shoe by Crocs: The Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Graphic Clog. You may use it to avoid heel discomfort and plantar fascia pain.

Happy Nursing!

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