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Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker 2, Black 7 B Review

21st-century women have a lot on their plates. Every woman’s day is filled with a long list of errands, drowning in work, taking care of their domestic duties and so much more. This frantic routine puts these hard-working women under a lot of stress. Women try to balance their personal and busy life to relieve them of all the stress they have to go through during the week. Healthy activities should be a prime concern. Activities such as exercise and running have become more common in women, especially those of them who work in contemporary society. For this reason, women are now starting to shop more frequently and commonly for sportswear. You can buy a pair of good quality running shoes and have your daily dose of healthy exercise even if you just choose to go out for a jog or run – which is the most convenient because of how little time women have to them and to look after them.

Which Is exactly why selecting the right pair of joggers is so important. They should meet the criteria of being comfortable, practical, and look good. To cater to these requirements and make shoes look trendier some branded companies release shoes that fit this description well. One example of this is The Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker 2, Black 7 B running shoes.

They have been around for a few gears now and have yet to get any negative feedback. They are well-liked by all sneakerheads and running enthusiasts or even people who simply admire good shoe wear.

Features To Check Out In the Addiction Walker 2 Women’s Walking Shoes

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  •  It is an updated version of the preceded women’s walking shoes, has a classy appeal, and is great for slow-paced walking. The upper material is made from leather and offers great support. The shoe is also manufactured in such a way that it could be described accurately as slip-resistant where the tread pattern is interlocked and does not allow water to seep through instead it is directed away from your foot. These features are ideal for a relaxed, breezy walk down the street. They provide comfort in wearing for both flat and medium arched feet which makes them adjustable and comfortable. It Has a cushion experience.
  •  These walking shoes come in two colors, White which adds a sophisticated touch in the code 142, and a sleek, trendy black colored shoe which comes in the shade code 075
  •  Our top quality, made with love and handled with care women’s shoes aim to provide the best results of your shoewear experience. Not only is this shoe a stylish and ultra-modern In addition, but these Addiction Walker 2 running shoes designed for women also have many more appealing and practical features. It offers maximum support and keys support, also formally known as Extended Progressive Diagonal rollbar is manufactured in such a way that it provides support to your whole body. Women’s Addiction Walker 2 shoes were purposeful with the intent for them to be designed in such a way that the bottom sole that is used for support could position your arch properly and allow you to move around and stroll at a more natural and practical pace for your comfort and ease.
  •  Brooks Running uses the BioMoGo DNA Technology to provide effective and durable cushioning, especially in the case of using these shoes for running because there is enough cushioning to handle any forceful impact when your foot hits the ground. This not only reduces stress to your joints but also is very versatile and can adjust to your weight and the speed of your pace.

Benefits of Investing in the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker 2, Black 7 B

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Here is why you should choose to buy the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker 2 shoes, many benefits come with making this investment which is why it is so high in demand.

Ease for Working Women

It is difficult to move around especially in uncomfortable shoes when you have to be up on your feet for most of the day. If you are one of those people that have to spend most of their time running from one place to another for work and running errands, we would highly recommend the Addiction Walker 2’s because of how comfortable they feel on your feet and give you less stress and joint pain to help you relax more while staying productive both at the same time.

Protect Your Feet

A lot of people suffer from foot pain and it can be quite an ordeal to wear shoes that close and have not much room for breathing or movement. These shoes are designed in such a way that they prioritize your comfort abob4 all else. You can wear them and feel at ease and it would also aid in relieving some of the pain of the person wearing the shoes.

They are Versatile and Look Good on the wearer

Arch support is such a huge feature of the show. It is well approved by customers and review3a. These shoes are great for walking because of the careful way they have been built. Besides the comfort aspect, the updated version of the brooks walking shoes are much more aesthetically appealing and the beautiful shades of color can easily go with any outfit. You can formally wear them, with your uniform or to get ready for outdoorsy activities going out wearing impressive-looking shoes.


These shoes are must-haves for women who go on a routine run because the show provided such durability and comfort. They can also be styled or paired up with any outfit being its gym wear or formal because of how modern and stylish they are designed. If you’re already thinking of buying new shoes why not go for one thing that has the most benefits? Make the right decision with your money and buy shoes that are good for your joints, relieve you of pain, and provide good support to your foot’s arch.

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