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Are Crocs good for your feet?

What are Crocs?

Crocs are rubber clogs that are loved for their floating abilities and comfortable fit. They were introduced to the market in 2002 and have been in use since then. They can be used by anyone, from toddlers to men in the dusk of their lives. They can be cleaned very easily and are great options for footwear in vacation or outdoor journeys. In this way, your feet are protected, and they don’t get dirty easily. They provide comfort to your feet as well as your pocket.

Crocs cover your entire feet and hence, reduce the chances of your feet getting injured or any sharp objects falling on it. They also prevent tanning of your feet since it is a significant problem, especially visiting the beach. Due to the space present in the front, Crocs also allow better ventilation for your feet. This prevents the growth of bacteria and saves you from the embarrassment of smelly feet.

Initially, Crocs were used only by those who go out for boating because of its nonslip tread and waterproof tendencies. The strap was an addition that enhanced not only its utility but also the style factor.

The perfect footwear dream, right? However, some of the doctors and podiatrists will agree, and some won’t.

Problems with Crocs

According to the REAL doctors, Crocs are not suitable for your feet. They are absolutely the worst for the health of your feet if you wear them throughout the day. As you see, Crocs were not designed for all-day footwear. They were designed to keep the feet protected in aquatic conditions or from the mud. They can be easily cleaned and reused for the same conditions only. According to Dr. Meghan Leahy, a Chicago-based podiatrist, Crocs do allow excellent arch support, but they fail to secure the heel effectively. When the heel is not supported adequately, they become unstable, and the toes tend to grip. This abnormal gripping of toes leads to numerous cases of tendinitis, degraded toe deformities, corns, calluses, and nail problems.

On further study, it was found that the same problems are also caused by backless shoes and flip flops, which also fail to support the heel of the foot.

According to podiatrists, they encounter multiple cases of accidents like broken feet bone. Crocs have a set of different products as well. Some of the famous ones are Croc Relief, Croc Silver Cloud, and Croc Cloud.

According to Dr. Alex Kor, Crocs and shoes similar to Crocs tend to cause problems mostly in the shank area. The supportive structure between the heel and the toe is known as the shank. It can cause both of the problems mentioned above as well as a constant irritation in the shank area. If the shoes bend in the shank and cause uncomforting pains, then the shoe user tends to complain about irritation in the heel or arch. If you put off the pain in your arch, heel, and continue wearing your Crocs, then it’s very likely for you to experience pain in your hip region.

Should I stop wearing Crocs?

No, you do not need to stop wearing Crocs. You should only wear them only for a limited time, such as during a relaxing trip to the pool or beach. You must ditch the Crocs and opt for the running shoes when going for a long walk. However, if you do end up taking a long walk in your Crocs, you must ensure to take breaks in between and allow your feet to recover from all the strain that it has experienced.

If you want to wear Crocs, you should visit a podiatrist to get information about the footwear you should opt for. Nowadays, many free clinics and shoe shops provide a free foot test, which can also help you to understand the type of footwear you must opt for. If you have serious foot problems, then your podiatrist will recommend a pair of Crocs to relieve the pain to improve your status.

Who can wear Crocs for a long period?

Crocs can benefit certain patients who have a certain condition with their feet. Crocs were originally designed for patients who suffer from pain due to plantar fascia, i.e., ligament that runs from the heel to the toes. Patients with high arc can feel the relaxation in their feet after wearing Crocs. Patients with excessive edema of the legs and ankle can also benefit from Crocs. Patients with diabetes, bunions, and achy feet have been generous in their reviews about Crocs because these amazing shoes were made for them to help therapeutically. Crocs provide injured feet with incredible arch support, massaging heel nubs, emotional support, and heel cups.

Crocs have an internal lining of antibacterial gel, which prevents any form of bacterial and fungal infections. Patients with hammertoe can also experience relief by wearing these shoes since the front part of Crocs has a lot of room for movement. The same reasons also help diabetic patients as Crocs prevent any form of open sore or wound infection. People with diabetes have lower circulation in their feet and connected areas which make these areas extremely prone to infection.

However, even such patients must avoid wearing Crocs 8-10 hours per day.

An interesting fact that comes up while surfing through the official website of the Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas is that Crocs also have a unique collection known as Crocs RX. Crocs RX has been specially designed for medical professionals. These shoes can be used as replacements for your garden shoes or your outdoor slippers. The Crocs RX are also provided with a special compartment where orthotic inserts can be used along with your treasured Crocs.

Are all Doctors correct?

Although Crocs has been unable to be preferred over a large number of podiatrists, they are hailed as a boon for foot and arch pain by maximum podiatrists. According to these supporters, Crocs have too many positive points as compared to their negative points. They are perfect for people who have trouble walking. They are extremely stable, possess an excellent heel cup, a perfect arch contour. They also don’t bend or twist too much from one side to another.

What is the exact problem, then?

Crocs were introduced in the market as medical genies, which will help you to take care of your feet in every possible way. This marketing scheme affected many youngsters who decided to take care of their feet’ health without considering the consequences. The effect of Crocs on perfect healthy feet is higher when compared to the therapeutic relief they provide to injured or unhealthy feet.

This unhealthy fashion trend took on a toll on many youngster’s feet. It caused some to fall and break some parts of their body, while in others, it caused never-ending arch pain. A few of them took the risk of wearing them for a run and immediately caused either a hairline fracture or a dislocated ankle.

Whether Crocs are suitable for your feet or not, it is still being fought over with no final reply. Crocs do have their fanbase, but it is relatively smaller than the ones who are either indifferent or have developed a hatred for it after the use.


Crocs are an amazing form of footwear that helps your feet if they are already damaged. However, if your feet are perfectly healthy, then you are taking the risk of harming them by wearing your Crocs for 8-10 hours per day. You can wear them when you are visiting the pool or the beach, but not on a hike or a running stint. They are a fantastic one-time investment. When you do wear them, get ready to be flooded with an array of compliments. However, if you are experiencing pain anywhere from your back to the ankle due to excessive wearing of your Crocs, then you should visit your podiatrist at the earliest.

Crocs are sure the center of attraction when you wear them in a casual party by jeans and a patterned shirt. However, they will harm your feet in unimagined ways so that you will be forced to provide external heel and ankle support. This will not only affect your posture but also you will continuously be experiencing discomfort while talking with anyone.

Be careful while buying your footwear from now on. Avoid buying what is trendy. Just try to buy things that matter to you and your feet. Remember that your feet are an essential part of your body as they have to support the entire body. Feet are responsible for taking you from one point to another. Be sensitive while buying such an external substance, which is extremely important for your body. Remember that there are always various options in the market, and you always opt for more comfortable and stylish options for your precious feet.

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