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nurse salary in iowa

Nurses are the core of the medical universe; they dedicate their lives and time to assisting doctors in helping people and saving their precious lives. However, when it comes to paying, the nurses do get stable incomes but it is nothing luxurious or glamorous. But it never hurts to know all the details about the profession and how it pays.

If you are a nurse considering moving to Iowa then you might benefit from seeing all your options. Today, we will tell you all about the nurse profession and Iowa and how much they make. We will go into detail about all types of nurses and show you the figures, too.

Nurses and their Salaries-A Quick Glance

Before we dive in, it is important to know that the nursing profession has various categories and therefore their salaries can vary accordingly, too. Some nurses are paid very well while some are paid just close to or even below average.

The paying system also varies from state to state and we will be discussing Iowa in this article. Furthermore, how much a nurse is paid also depends upon the employer, the position, the competition, location, experience, etc. These details all factor in to make up the pay a nurse gets.

Nurses’ Categories and their Salary

Let’s talk about all the different nursing types and how they pay in Iowa.

LPN Licensed Practical Nurses in iowa

Let’s start with the basic LPN nurses who are often those that are just starting. Because of the fewer educational requirements, these nurses can get done with their education quickly and enter their workforce soon. All aspiring nurses and professionals can always have a good and positive outlook on their profession because no matter what, it will benefit them.

The world always needs medical professionals so nurses always have much scope for employment, promotion, and growth opportunities despite their area of expertise. As time goes by, there is constant growth and scope in the medical field for nurses, be they starting out or in a higher more seasoned position.

If you are wondering about the average LP nurse in Iowa then it is $42,440 and that is also considered below the national average for such nurses. The state has close to six thousand nurses working in it and all are spread across various industries striving to help people and making a difference in the lives of patients with their hard work and dedication.

The table below gives all the data so give it a look to get a better understanding.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
Ames $20.72 $43,090
Southeast Iowa $19.75 $41,080,080
Waterloo $19.46 $40,470
Dubuque $20.51 $42,650
Cedar Rapids $20.41 $42,440
Des Moines $20.93 $43,530
Northwest Iowa $19.34 $40,220

Registered Nurse in iowa

Talking about the RN position, this one requires more schooling and therefore gets the nurses the bigger paychecks and higher chances of promotion and growth. Moreover, RN can further go into the specialty option and become pro at their jobs. Iowa is lucky as it has RN in spades despite this category compelling higher education and more experience.

There are more than around 33,000 registered nurses working in the state of Iowa and they are all spread in the different sectors of industries. But there are never enough nurses in the medical sector and the world always needs more so if this profession interests you, don’t give it a second’s hesitation.

Their average salary is $57,930. But note that this is considered much below even the national average figures that are designated for registered nurses. You can see all the figures below in the table.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
Ames $27.60 $57,410
Southeast Iowa $28.24 $58,740
Waterloo $26.51 $55,140
Dubuque $26.00 $54,090
Cedar Rapids $27.38 $56,950
Des Moines $28.97 $60,260
Northwest Iowa $26.16 $54,420

Nurse Anesthetist in iowa

Next, we will talk about the Anesthesia nurses who are considered more experienced and professional in the field therefore naturally they get more bucks. Owing to their higher education and much time in the field helping the doctors, they warrant senior positions and more pay.

Therefore, the average number of CRNA nurses is $198,140 and it is also much above the national average. It is noteworthy that there are only a few hundred such nurses in Iowa therefore it also makes them much of a rarity and a need.

In the table below we detail the salary system of these nurses in the state of Iowa.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
Northwest Iowa $87.59 $182,190
Northeast Iowa $138.84 $288,780
Des Moines $68.78 $143,060


Nursing is one of the most rewarding professions because of the impact the nurses have on lives and how integral they are and helping patients recover and heal. If you or someone you know is interested in this profession then go for it.

With time, there are always raises and promotions for the nurses too so you know this career will be doubly rewarding for you. We hope this article helps give you all the data you need for your decision.

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