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Japan nurse salary

You may be looking forward to becoming a nurse in Japan. Alternatively, you could be curious to know for your awareness and knowledge. Either way, are you wondering how much a nurse is paid as a nurse in Japan? You have come to the right page.

Here, in this article, we will cover all aspects of a Japanese nurse’s salary. That includes the variation in pay according to age, gender, experience, and so forth. We have also included an exciting section to help you understand the Japan nurse salary.

Nurses in Japan

A nurse is professionally trained to cater, attend and take care of the sick and injured. They also have the license to practice independently or under the specific supervision of a healthcare practitioner/ physician/ dentist/ surgeon etc.

Before we jump straight to the salary of nurses in Japan, it is essential to understand the different types/ranks of nurses in Japan.

Japan, as a country, recognizes four different categories of nurses – Assistant nurses, midwives, public health nurses, and registered nurses.

Each of the nurses mentioned above has a typical role of a nurse. Although, each nurse specializes or caters to specific duties. In addition, their salaries also vary according to the rank of their nurse’s profile.

Let’s take a look at the average salary of each of these nurses.

What is the average salary of a nurse in Japan?

The following list gives you an overall idea of the average salary of the different categories of nurses in Japan.

Please note that there will be slight variances according to the employed nurse’s city/hospital/healthcare.

Any person employed as a Nurse in Japan, on average, typically earns between JP¥ 310,000 – 418,000 per month.

The lowest starting point of a salary in a nurse’s career in Japan starts at about JP¥ 196,000 per month. And the experienced nurses’ highest pay per month goes up to JP¥ 66,100.

What is the structure of a Japan nurse’s salary?

Assistant nurses

Assistant nurses in Japan earn in the range of JP¥ 2.4 – 2.6 million yen per year. That sums up to roughly ($21,000 – $22000) per year.


Japanese midwives’ salary amounts up to JP¥ 3.4 million yen (approx. $30,000) per year.

As the midwife gets more experience, the salary increases too.

A midwife with experience of over 5-7 years can expect a salary in the range of JP¥ 4.8 million – 6.3 million yen per year.

Furthermore, once a midwife reaches 10+ years of experience, they start getting a handsome salary of about JP¥ 7.8 to 9.2 million yen per year.

Public health nurses

A fresher Public health nurse gets a salary of about JP¥ 3.3 million yen (approx. $29,000) per year.

Once the public health nurse attains about 5-10 years of experience, the salary also raises. They start getting a salary in the range of JP¥ 3.7 to 5.3 million yen per year.

With over 15+ years of experience, it further increases to a salary range of JP¥ 6.8 to 7.5 million yes per year.

Registered nurses

A registered nurse who has recently joined the job in Japan can expect a salary in the range of JP¥ 3 million yen ($26,000) per year.

Once they attain 5 years’ experience, registered nurses in Japan earn a salary of over JP¥ 4.2 million yen per year.

That further increases to about JP¥ 5.2 million yen per year with approximately 5-10 years experience.

Over 15 years of experience as a registered nurse, their salary goes up to JP¥ 7 – 7.9 million yen per year.

What factors come into play in deciding the Japan nurse Salary

Below are the factors that influence the salary difference or variation amongst different Japan nurse salaries –

Japan nurse salary based on education

The level of education attained by the nurse affects the salary an employed nurse gets.

A higher professional degree and training can result in a higher salary than a standard nurse graduate in the same nurse category.

Japan nurse salary based on gender

Gender plays a role in the salary distribution in Japan, like most other countries.

By roughly about 4-6% of the average salary of nurses per year, male nurses earn slightly more than female nurses.

Japan nurse salary according to experience

It is a known fact that experience garnered over the years can impact one’s earning a salary. The same goes for nurses in Japan too.

Experience nurses get salary raises at the period range of 5+/10+/15+ years of experience.

By the time any nurse attains over 15+ years of experience, they start earning roughly 22% more than when they began their career.

Japan nurse salary for foreign nurses

Foreign nurses in Japan earn a little about 3-5% less than Japanese citizen nurses.

A certain amount of tax and other amenity fees have to be deducted from foreign nurses in Japan. Hence, a relatively lesser salary in comparison to Japanese citizen nurses.

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