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Nurse Salary In Arkansas

Nurses are a special kind of breed with their constant dedication and devotion to the health of those in need. They work tirelessly to bring others comfort and that makes this profession highly rewarding albeit rather exhausting. However, alongside understanding the wonders of nursing it is important to take a look at the financial aspect of things too. If you reside in Arkansas and are interested in this profession then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be detailing your figures and data on the salary of nurses in the state of Arkansas. We will talk about all the main nursing categories and how they fare in the state. So, let’s begin, shall we?

A Quick Look

It all heavily depends on what type of nurse you are and in which part of Arkansas you reside. Other factors that highly impact the salaries are the industry the nurses choose and how much the employees pay. If there are nurses with a certain specialization in a specific part of Arkansas then that could make them a rarity and therefore, they could get more pay than other nurses in the same category but in a different city.

So, you see, it is mostly about the location and the designation. We will talk about the nurse types like RN, LPN, and Anesthetist nurses. You will see figures from different cities and how many nurses are currently employed in each.

Licensed Practical Nurses Salary in Arkansas

Let’s begin with the standard and starting2 off with LP nurses who can finish their education and job requirements quickly and get into the workforce. These nurses can then continue their education while also working in the field and strive to become Registered Nurses (RN) too. Many LP nurses prefer this course of action. It gives them the perfect blend of career pursuing plus gaining higher education.

The average salary for an LPN in the Arkansas state is $38,180, however, note that this is considered way below the national average set for the LP nurses. But every state has its ways. Moreover, the latest data demonstrates more than 22 thousand nurses are currently employed in Arkansas in many different industries with many of them going for higher studies along with their jobs. The table below shows the hourly and annual data for LP nurses’ salaries in the state.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
East Arkansas $17.11 $35,600
Jonesboro $16.94 $35,220
Pine Bluff $17.04 $35,430
South Area $17.45 $36,300
North Area $17.04 $35,440
Fort Smith $19.16 $39,850
West Area $16.79 $34,930

Registered Nurses Salary in Arkansas

The next step for the LP nurses is the RN-registered nurses, who owing to their further education and the additional schooling have more opportunities for better career opportunities and more salaries. The added schooling means they have more knowledge and are ready to dive into the more complex and detailed medical matters and assists the doctors

Registered Nurses also have more career growth chances which mean more pay. RNs can also practice specific higher-demand specialties and therefore get more and higher-paying career options. An RN can enter a nursing specialty like working in the oncology department pediatrics or geriatrics, etc.

The RN salary for Arkansas nurses is $58,810 but that is still considered below the standard national average. The state has around 24 thousand RNs employed in various industries. Find the table below for more salary details.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
East Arkansas $26.13 $54,340
Jonesboro $27.23 $56,630
Pine Bluff $29.50 $61,350
South Area $26.67 $55,460
North Area $25.91 $53,900
Fort Smith $27.17 $56,510
West Area $25.69 $53,430

Anesthetist Nurse Salary in Arkansas

Let’s talk about one of the most sought-after nurses, the anesthetist nurses, they are always in demand because of their high expertise and education. A nurse anesthetist administers pain medication care for the patient pre, during, and post-surgery. They are a huge assistance to the surgeons in some complex and long surgeries.

They are constantly monitoring each movement and biological function of patients. This extreme attention to detail gets them higher positions, and more salaries and these nurses are very small in numbers so I’m Arkansas, they are a rare find and get more pay compared to other nurse categories.

The average salary for Anesthetist nurses in the state of Arkansas is $161,690 but you will be surprised to know it is still a tad below the national average set for Anesthetist nurses. However, the state only has some 300+ nurses currently employed and working in different industries.

The table below gives a detailed outlook on the salaries paid to these nurses in Arkansas. Take a look.

Area Hourly Wage Annual Wage
North Arkansas $89.22 $185,570
Jonesboro $69.83 $145,250
Little Rock $67.19 $139,760


Sure, the salaries in Arkansas might not be the most motivating for aspiring nurses to pursue careers, but it does not mean there aren’t growth opportunities, raises, and promotions. These figures are just the general details and do not include the salaries for the specialty nurses.

If you are into nursing, continue giving your best for it is a gratifying profession.

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