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Nurse Salary in Vermont?

In this nurse salary guide, we will take a look at the annual salaries of both registered nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Registered nurses in Vermont earn more than the national average. The median salary for a registered nurse in Vermont is $69,560 annually and $1,414 per week. The hourly wage is $35.36. This is a high wage compared to the national average. To better understand the difference between these figures, read on. Here are some of the factors that determine the pay for registered nurses in Vermont.

Registered Nurse salary in Vermont depends on education, experience, role, industry and locale

In Vermont, the average pay for a Registered Nurse is $69,560. However, the pay varies widely among nursing professions. Licensed vocational nurses, for example, earn less than the average Vermont salary of $75,250. However, the higher your education, the higher your salary will be. Despite the low pay, a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s degree can earn a much higher income than someone with an associate’s degree.

While nurse salaries are generally higher than those in other fields, the average hourly wage and annual compensation for a registered nurse in Vermont may not be as lucrative as in other states. Additionally, salaries vary by location, so consider factors such as cost of living and benefits, work-life balance, and training policies before choosing your location. Lastly, make sure you consider the quality of life in your chosen region.

Licensed Practical Nurse LPN salary in Vermont

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a Licensed Practical Nurse in Vermont is about $48,560 per year. The exact amount varies based on location, skill level, and years of experience. If you’re looking to become an LPN, consider living in Vermont and taking advantage of the state’s better pay.

The average Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Salary in Vermont exceeds the national average by approximately 18%. The salary of an LPN in Vermont depends on several factors, including the training you receive, your experience, and your location. For example, while salaries in larger cities tend to be higher, those in small towns may earn lower wages. In addition to the state’s higher-paying cities, you can also consider expanding your career by obtaining additional certifications and/or higher-paying jobs.

The pay of an LPN in Vermont is above the national average because Vermont has more LPN jobs than other states. There are hundreds of LPN positions in the state and salaries for a LPN in Vermont are higher than the national average. However, becoming an LPN is not as easy as it seems. You need to complete a training program approved by the state board of nursing in Vermont and pass the NCLEX-PN exam. However, it is possible to become an LPN in Vermont in about twelve to eighteen months.

The employment outlook for Licensed Practical Nurses in Vermont is positive, with projected growth of 9% from 2020 to 2029. Earning a practical nursing diploma puts you in a position to compete for the growing number of job opportunities. Licensed Practical Nurses work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician and provide basic nursing care to patients. LPNs may work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, home care settings, and other types of health care facilities.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Licensed Practical Nurse LPN/LVN Salary Vermont $23.34 $934 $4,047 $48,560
U.S. Licensed Practical Nurse LPN/LVN Salary $21.98 $918 $3,976 $47,710
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Registered Nurse RN salary in Vermont

The median Registered Nurse RN salary in Vermont is $69,560, with the top ten percent of RNs earning more than $86,410 a year. The lowest-paying ten percent make less than $51,710 a year. To increase your earning potential, consider pursuing a graduate degree or continuing your education. Although a master’s degree is not required to work as a registered nurse in Vermont, it can significantly increase your salary potential.

As the cost of living is typically higher in large cities, RN salaries in these areas are typically higher. This is because the population is often larger, and thus, housing prices are higher. Many employers are flexible with their hours, and most RNs enjoy paid time off. There are few cities in Vermont that offer a higher pay scale than the national average. If you’re a nurse, this is a bonus you’ll love!

Besides salary, another factor that affects the compensation of RNs in Vermont is their state of practice. RN salaries are generally higher in states that have higher populations and more advanced technologies. In other words, nurses in high-tech states earn more than those in lower-tech states. RNs in high-tech states earn higher salaries because the cost of living is higher. So, you might want to consider pursuing an education in this state before you apply.

The United States Bureau of Labor also tracks the salaries of registered nurses. RN salaries in each state vary greatly from one another, but the numbers of RNs employed in each state generally correspond with the number of people in each state. However, despite the variations in salary levels, there is one fact that remains constant: the number of registered nurses in each state is higher than the national average. So, if you want to earn more money, consider moving to a state that offers better salaries.

The average RN salary in the United States is $73,550 per year. That’s significantly higher than the average salary for all occupations. Despite the fact that registered nurses in California earn more than the national average, their salaries in Mississippi are considerably lower due to their sparse population. Experience, education, and location all play a role in the salary of RNs. Some states pay bonuses throughout the year, but this is not always possible everywhere.


Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Registered Nurse RN Salary Vermont $33.44 $1,338 $5,797 $69,560
U.S. Registered Nurse RN Salary $35.36 $1,414 $6,129 $73,550
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Vermont

The Nurse Practitioner’s salary is $103,920. This is below the national average salary of a nurse practitioner.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Nurse Practitioner Salary Vermont $49.96 $1,998 $8,660 $103,920
U.S. Nurse Practitioner Salary $51.68 $2,067 $8,957 $107,480
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620


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