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Florida Board of Medicine License Lookup and Renewal for FL

How to perform a License Lookup and Renewal for FL is a common question. But where do you go to do this? You can learn about the license identifiers, renewal requirements, and fees. Then, use these tips to renew your license quickly. After all, you want to make sure that your license is in good standing.

License identifiers

The Florida Board of Medicine provides a number of license identifiers that physicians can use to track the status of their licenses. These identifiers are provided with the initial license. You can find this information online and follow the directions to get started. You can also subscribe to its email notifications to get updates on legal requirements and consumer issues. The license identifier is not permanent. It will expire in two years.


Applicants for a medical license in Florida must pay a fee of $50 in order to obtain a Florida license lookup and renewal.

  • The fee includes an initial Profile.
  • Additional profiles must be submitted for a fee.
  • This fee is waived for applicants who plan to provide free care to low-income Floridians.
  • In addition, applicants must provide a statement from their employer that states they will not be compensated for providing services involving the practice of medicine.

The fees for the Florida Board of Medicine license lookup and renewal are different based on license status. If you are renewing your license in Florida, you must first find out what your current status is. Listed below are the fees for each license status. For licenses that are “Clear Active,” the fee is $389. In contrast, the fee for an “Active to Active” license is $279.

To obtain a Florida license:

  • You must pass a board-approved clinical competency examination, such as the Federation of State Medical Boards’ Special Purpose Examination.
  • Licensed physicians can only practice medicine in Florida if they have passed a Special Purpose Examination.
  • In Florida, physicians must also practice medicine in Actively Practiced (FPM) or Administrative (AP).
  • If you have not practiced for two years, you must pass the State Physician Examination to become licensed again.
  • If you have retired from the practice of medicine, you can change your license status by submitting a completed paper renewal form.
  • There are no other documents needed for retiring during the renewal process.
  • To renew your license, you can contact the Florida Department of Health at PO Box 6320 in Tallahassee. You can pay your license renewal fee at this location.


Physicians practicing in Florida must maintain their certifications through continuing medical education (CME) programs. These programs must meet certain criteria and include two hours of Category 1 or 2 courses on domestic violence, prevention of medical errors, and the use of controlled substances. Every third renewal, medical doctors must also complete two hours of Category 2 courses on medical error prevention. Physicians who are registered with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) must also take two hours of Category 1 or Category 2 courses in this area.

Physicians who are not current with Florida’s CME requirements are required to complete approved Human Trafficking courses to stay current. These courses do not directly tie to license renewal but will count toward your general AMA Category I credits. Physicians must also submit a statement from their employers stating that they are not currently receiving any compensation for their services, including the practice of medicine. Additionally, physicians must complete a Neurological Injury Compensation Assessment to maintain their licenses.

Physicians renewing their licenses in Florida must meet a variety of requirements:

  • First, they must take a board-approved clinical competency exam. This exam, known as the Special Purpose Examination of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, is designed to test for competency in specific clinical areas.
  • In addition, physicians who are practicing administrative medicine must also complete CME activities.
  • However, physicians who have completed more than 20 CME courses in the past two years are eligible for license renewal in Florida.
  • Physicians must renew their medical licenses by March 31, 2021. Requirements to renew

Physicians must maintain their licenses by completing the requirements to renew Florida Board of Medicine licenses.

  • Each renewal cycle requires the completion of 40 hours of continuing medical education (CME) credits.
  • Thirty hours of those credits must be Category 1 or Category 2, and two hours of the remaining hours must be Category 3 or Category 4.
  • Physicians must also complete a course on the prevention of medical errors.
  • For physicians who are registered with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, this course is mandatory.

Limited practice license

  • Physicians can apply for a limited practice license by submitting an application and statement of intent from their employer stating that they will provide free medical care for low-income Floridians.
  • If their license status is retired, they are exempt from the CME requirements.
  • Physicians must renew their licenses biennially.
  • The official website of the Florida Board of Medicine provides additional information about renewal and other important documents.
  • Its FAQs and Resources pages contain information on completing the application and submitting the required documents.
  • The official site also includes links to other resources, including forms and applications.

Requirements to demonstrate competency to resume active practice

If you are inactive, you may be required to demonstrate your competency to resume active practice. The Florida Board of Medicine requires that you pass a special purpose examination and pass a board-approved clinical competency examination. Those who have been on inactive status may need to retake a special purpose examination or meet other reactivation requirements.

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