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Michigan Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for MI

Job opportunities and career options in Michigan appear endless, and one career option to follow up on is nursing. The state now appears to have a shortage of nurses, which is excellent news since it makes them high in demand.

Given that the state is continuously growing, the nursing industry is expected to have a growth of 20 percent in the coming years. The Michigan Board of Nursing looks over all the nurses in Michigan with strict rules and regulations before awarding them with licenses, ensuring that the nurses are competent enough to provide the best care for their patients.

There’s always a first time, and we understand that you have questions and might be confused with the new registration process. Or you have trouble regarding the renewal of your licenses in MI. So what are the requirements for a nursing license renewal in Michigan?

In this article, we help you understand the process, the requirements for license renewal in Michigan, and everything you need to know about the Michigan Board of Nursing.

What are the requirements to get yourself a license in Michigan?

A candidate seeking to get licensed by the Michigan Board of Nursing must first check if they are fully eligible and meet the standards.

Here are the requirements to get yourself a license in Michigan:

The right education

Applicants are expected to graduate from a registered nurse education program in the United States that is approved by the Board of Michigan. Applicants can also have a certification by the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) to be eligible for the application.

Michigan laws

The candidates are expected to give a fingerprint report, and a full criminal background check is done to ensure that the nurses applying for the license are upstanding citizens. This helps the Board secure any threat that may jeopardize a patient’s safety and well-being, providing only the best care.

The fingerprints are submitted according to the instructions they give.

Licensing in Michigan

Candidates are required to pass the NCLEX-RN exam that Pearson Vue administers. The main goal of this examination is to determine if the candidates are safe and ready to begin practice as a nurse at an entry level.

Note: If you fail the exam, you will have to wait 45 days to appear for the exam again.

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What is the process to renew your license in the state of Michigan?

The renewal of a license under the Michigan Board of Nursing is done with various regulations and rules for nurses wanting to continue their careers. Furthermore, the MI board has successfully set up an official portal for nurses to renew their licenses.

The existing nurses can go to the Michigan Professional Licensing User System (MiPLUS) website and renew their licenses. All you need to do is create an account and follow the steps they have instructed with an educational video that is posted on the website.

Furthermore, the nurses in Michigan are required to renew their licenses every 2 years with 25 hours of continuing education (CE), which includes a one-time training in the identification of the victims of human trafficking and at least 2 hours of pain and pain system management for RN and LPN.

Additionally, advanced practice nurses (APRNs) should complete the same continuing education set for the RN and LPN plus the completion of another education depending on their specialty.

The strict laws of the Michigan Board of Nursing demand the nurses to have completed all these CE and requirements before they submit their renewal form. The Board offers a 60-day grace period with an additional charge of $20 if you fail to renew your license in time.

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Visit the MiPLUS portal

After you’ve successfully submitted the renewal application in the MiPLUS portal, including completion of all the CE and requirements, a confirmation that verifies that your renewal application is completed will be in the “My Records” on the home page 24 hours after submission.


How much does it cost to renew your nursing license in Michigan? 

The Michigan Board of Nursing charges a total fee of $120 for the renewal of your nursing license, and charges may differ depending on the nursing license.

How long does it usually take to become an RN in Michigan?

The traditional BSN program takes 4 years (8 semesters), and an ADN program in Michigan takes around 2 years to complete.

The end

The Michigan Board of Nursing ensures that all the nurses in the state are highly motivated, competent, and professional enough to give out only the best care possible to all their patients. We hope this article helps you understand the process regarding everything related to the nursing career in Michigan.

Visit the official MiPLUS portal for more information.

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