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Massachusetts Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for MA

A registered nurse under the Massachusetts Board of Nursing has its rewards. The Board ensures the quality, competence, and professionalism among their nurses and the state provides a 17 percent higher pay grade than the average salary for nurses throughout the United States.

Since the state does not compromise on providing quality care for its patients, a quick look over the latest report shows that Massachusetts currently has over 118,300 qualified and licensed nurses that take their jobs with utmost sincerity.

The licenses have an expiry date, which is predicted for any licenses in question, and nurses are expected to renew them to keep working as registered nurses.

So what are the requirements for a nurse’s license renewal in Massachusetts? In this article, we give you a better understanding of the procedure, the requirements of license renewal in Massachusetts, and everything you have to know about the Massachusetts Board of Nursing.

How do I get my license in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Board of Nursing is committed to registering its nurses, which means a nurse can only work legally with proper board-issued licensure. This ensures quality care for all their patients.

So how do I get my license in Massachusetts? Suppose you’re a new candidate looking to get yourself officially licensed by the Board. In that case, you’ll need to go through an examination set by them after meeting the eligibility criteria, which involves having a degree from a nursing program that the Board approves and passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

You can visit the official Massachusetts Board of Nursing website for more details on the examination and further information on the eligibility criteria.

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Do you know the minimum requirements set by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing?

For starters, there are a few requirements you need to carry out to become a fully-fledged registered nurse. The Board has set its standards, and these requirements include:

Completion of pre-license education hours

Applicants are asked to complete the pre-license education hours, which are mandatory for anyone trying to become a fully-fledged certified nurse in Massachusetts. You can opt for this or complete the Massachusetts School of Health Professions coursework to be accepted.

Either way, the applicants must go through this without fail.

Education: Post-secondary

The applicants are expected to have completed their post-secondary education with a degree in nursing from an institution that the Board approves. Even so, any Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) not willing to chase after a degree are advised to check the website and apply there directly as needed.

Massachusetts law and rules

Candidates are checked on good moral character (GMC) requirements. Massachusetts requires its candidate to demonstrate their GMC by providing records in respect of past conduct, or any criminal records, and such.

This ensures that the candidates are upstanding citizens, competent and safe, and promotes zero risk to public health and safety. Candidates are also expected to take courses on Massachusetts laws and rules and various essential topics.

What is the procedure to renew your license in the state of Massachusetts?

The renewal of a license under the Massachusetts Board of Nursing goes through numerous regulations and rules for nurses wanting to continue their careers. For example, if it is your first time renewing a nursing license in Massachusetts, they require you to take an hour session regarding education on HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, nurses in Massachusetts are expected to renew their licenses every two years. You are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education (CE) by attending workshops and lectures often hosted by their employers or professionals before you get your license renewed.

Nurses can also choose to opt for independent study through online programs, home courses, register for college courses, etc.

For registered nurses (RN) and advanced practice nurses (APRN), the licenses expire on your birthday in even-numbered years, and for licensed practical nurses (LPN), it expires on your birthday in odd-numbered years.

Therefore, all nurses in MA can renew their licenses under the Massachusetts Board of Nursing around 90 days before your birthday through mail or online.

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Are you applying for a nursing license in Massachusetts by reciprocity?

If you plan to relocate to Massachusetts and start your career as a nurse, even though you already possess a license in your home state, you must apply for a new MA nurse licensure.

There are other requirements like qualifying for the good moral character (GMC) that the state ensures and verifying any license you hold using the nurse license verification system.

Note: If you belong to a state not registered under the Nursys, you can contact the Board of the state you are licensed to and verify accordingly.

The Board of MA views your application, and once they approve, you can start working as a nurse in Massachusetts.

Wrapping it up

A career as a nurse in Massachusetts is rewarding, and becoming one is exceptionally uncomplicated. We hope this article helps.

Visit their official website for more information.

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