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How Hard Is It To Become a Registered Nurse?


Nursing is, no doubt, one of the most challenging and difficult careers. This profession focuses on the wellbeing, maintenance, recovery, and collaborative care of individuals, families, and communities. They do not only take care of the sick or ill. Rather, they are also at the forefront of change in the health and public sectors.

Nurses have many duties, including taking care of and assisting the patient. Moreover, they must communicate with doctors, administer and control the intake of the medicine, and keep up with the patient’s vital signs. Nurses outnumber doctors in the health care field. While doctors may specialize in just one area, nurses have know-how or knowledge about every area. Hence, that is why they can coordinate the care of a patient’s overall health.

Nurses are lifesavers. They would have endless and sleepless nights just to take care of a patient. They might have hard times, too, where they will feel helpless towards an extremely ill patient. It’s all about God’s will. Not everything can be in our hands, and it is natural for health care professionals to feel that way sometimes. Where nursing is a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career, it is not easy to become a nurse. Nursing school is really difficult.

What Is a Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse is someone who has graduated from a nursing program and has attempted and passed the national licensing exam. Registered nurses must also meet the requirements outlined by a country or state. Then, they can obtain a nursing license.

In any medical facility or health care center, you first witness a registered nurse who notes down your vital signs for the doctor and listens to your concerns. Nurses can also assist you outside the health care center, like at home or work. However, you can never make an appointment with a nurse. That is because they don’t have enough knowledge to diagnose you alone. So, nurses work closely with medical professionals.

Education and Training

To become a nurse, one should have a good educational history and grades to get accepted in a nursing program and become a registered nurse. Many universities that offer nursing programs have very high demands for a student who is willing to be accepted into a prestigious nursing school. However, there are different types of options available that one can choose to become a nurse. They include nursing diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

An associate degree in a nursing program of about two years. Meanwhile, a bachelor’s degree takes about four years to complete. The difference in their years of completion is because of the fact that the bachelor’s degree provides a full-depth education, knowledge, and skills along with general education. Nowadays, to become a registered nurse, most authorities require a bachelor’s degree.

After graduating from a nursing program, graduates must register to their state or country’s nursing council or license council. That is for them to take the test. You get a license after passing the tests and few more procedures. But passing the test is really not easy. You need to prepare for the license exam with extreme dedication and attention. If you fail it, you would have to wait for months to take up the exam again.

Registered nurses are in high demand because of several reasons. Hence, you can look for a health care center to work in. But passing the tests and graduating with a good GPA is not the only thing. It also requires lots of skills and training so you can further apply to become an advanced or specialized registered nurse or apply for a master’s degree. After completing it, you can apply for nurse practitioner, certified nurse specialist, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, etc.

You also have the option to opt for a doctorate or Ph.D. in nursing. Then, you may seek positions like a scientific researcher or university professor in nursing.

Is It Hard To Become a Nurse?

In short, becoming a nurse is notoriously difficult. However, if you have the will and passion for it, you can easily take up this challenging career and become a lifesaver. The scope of nursing is also increasing day by day, and it is considered a respectable career. Nurses work side by side with a doctor. They play an important role in creating a collaborative and maintained health care environment for the patient.

A person might face difficulties in their nursing programs. That could be after graduating while opting for a licensing program when becoming a registered nurse, or during nursing duties. However, it is all worth it when a nurse can save a patient’s life or cure a patient.


Nursing is a great career and indeed very difficult. The whole education process requires lots of passion and dedication to complete the program and with good grades. Along with education, the student should also learn skills and train themselves under present authorities at their specific nursing programs.

A nurse should possess a wide spectrum of administrative and clinical skills to maintain and deal with the patients and their emergencies effectively. They should also know how to communicate and have the skill of critical thinking. That is how they can create a coordinated environment between the patient and a doctor in a health care center.

Registered nurses are in high demand due to the older nurses retiring, the development of new technology, and the current situation of the world right now. According to some research, registered nurses make 40% more than licensed practitioners or vocational nurses.

Becoming a registered nurse might be hard because of the licensing exam that a graduating nursing student has to take. So prepare for the test diligently, and we believe that if you are willing and passionate to save people’s lives, you can achieve the best results! After becoming a registered nurse, one can also go for a master’s degree and apply as a nurse practitioner. So, it all depends upon the person’s will and dedication.

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