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Should You Become a Nurse? 5 Things to Consider

Is It Too Late To Become a Nurse at 30?


Stepping out of your teenage years, you have a number of choices for your career. Depending on your merit and interest, you take a final decision about your future. But unfortunately, you are unable to drag your academics to completion. Then, you leave the education at any point after college, either due to personal reasons or lack of interest. It was once your dream to be a nurse and serve humanity with intense care, but misfortune took you several miles away from your desired objective.

But all of a sudden, when the number of candles on your birthday cake is increased, and your age hits the figure of 30, a sudden spark of becoming a nurse lights up in your mind once again. While cleaning your attic, you find your old books of nursing covered in a huge pile of dust. Then, you start recalling the days when you were practicing. But, while completing your education, you got married, had kids afterward, and there was no time for your nursing career. And now you have escaped from the stressful life. Your children are going to school, and your husband works in the office. The only one left at home is you.

What will you do next? Are you still eligible to continue your career as a nurse? Is it too late to become a nurse at 30?

What Is Nursing?

Nursing is a noble profession where the person tends to serve the suffering humanity with intense care. It totally focuses on the welfare and wellbeing of all creatures, either human or animal. Whether injecting a dose of vaccine to a person for preventing a disease or giving him some sort of treatment through injections or drips as prescribed, nurses are playing a vital role. Nurses also provide first aid and emergency treatment to people who are in dire need of it. Otherwise, they may well lose their precious life and leave behind their friends and families.

Is It Too Late To Become a Nurse at 30?

Evaluation of Your Own Self

Evaluate yourself by going into the depths of your mind. Are you willing to start your career as a nurse at the age of 30? Are you ready for the things you have to face after taking this decision? Check out your stamina, your health, and most importantly, the time that you can give to the hospital or clinic where the patients are in your need to get a bandage around their wound or to get an injection as prescribed by the doctor.

Age Is Just a Number

Once you have taken the decision, stand like a rock. Pursue your career as a professional nurse afterward. Age is just a number when you are filled with passion. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing in a report of 2020, the average age of nurses in the United States of America was 51 years which is quite a bit more than 30.

Passion Comes Before Profession

And after all, passion comes before profession. As a nurse’s job totally requires them to look after the sick and wounded, there’s no age limit. If you have left your studies due to any issue, there is an easy way of going back. Re-enroll yourself in the same field and get your education completed and start practicing.

Knowledge and Experience

Nursing does not ask you about your age. Rather, it focuses on your knowledge and experience. The higher you are in both of these parameters, the greater are the chances of your career flourishing. It does need an education, diploma, or course from a nursing school that teaches you the knowledge. Using the provided knowledge, you will gain experience. There is no age to stop learning. The doors of knowledge are open for every single person till the day he closes his eyes forever.

Go With Your Heart

Is it better to regret the steps you did not take when lying on your death bed? Probably not. Go with your heart. When you have decided to start your career as a nurse, whether you are 30 or 40, just go for it. Your stamina is not as low as a person has who is on the death bed. As long as you are healthy and fine, no matter what your age is, go for it. As proved earlier, nursing has nothing to do with age. If you want to go for nursing at the age of 30, you should not hesitate in taking the next few steps to complete this objective.


Nursing is a noble profession that does not require any specific age limit. The only thing the job requires is dedication and devotion to humanity. Keeping all the personal issues aside, when a nurse is involved in performing their job, the things they need are skills and knowledge. Skill to wrap the bandage around the wound, knowledge about first aid treatment to save lives, skill and knowledge of injecting the medicine in the right place, etc.

The acts of nursing have nothing to do with age. If you have decided to pursue your career as a professional nurse, go with the voice of your heart. A job is not a job until the employee loves to work. The same is in this case. If you are willing to start this job of nursing with passion, it is not difficult for you in the paradigms of age. Whether you are 30 or 40, if you love to be a nurse, go for it. You will start loving the profession of serving and caring.

However, a proper education, degree, course, or diploma is a must to pursue your career as a nurse. That can happen at any point in your life when you feel that the world needs you in the process of healing and kindness.

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