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Is it hard to find a job as a new grad nurse?

Nursing is a very good profession in the health sector that is concentrated on the care of the patients, lineages, and societies to maintain health and better quality of life. Nurses embody the biggest segment of the healthcare sector. Nurses are not at all the assistants of doctors. This would be conceivable in certain conditions, but nurses offer independent care for their patients or assist other nurses in their work. They treat victims, keep a record of their medical recovery, provide physical and mental support providing immense care as per need.

Is it hard to find a job as a new grad nurse?

Most of the students interested in the nursing sector may have heard about the shortage of nurses or the scope of nurses, with much priority placed on the probability of a drastic inadequacy in the future. For many freshers who are graduated nurses, the expected shortage played a vital part in choosing the nursing field as a career. But despite the prognosis, several newly graduated nurses are finding difficulties while searching for a job.

Being a newly graduated student, you should have realistic expectations, you wouldn’t be offered your ideal dream job until and unless you gain proper work experience. As you begin searching for a job, it is noticed that several positions expect certain years of experience. The more experience you gain, the more chances you have to reach your dream job. Whatever the job you get, whether it is according to your choice or not, whether it is night shift or day shift, just do it, have the responsibility, and give the best out of you to gain the promotions.

how should a new grad nurse start?

It is possible that the first job may not be the ideal job that you want, so don’t struggle to find the best job as a fresher. It will be more difficult whatever the job you get. Just learn everything from it and your seniors. Just try to be flexible with the work every day while learning new things you may not know before. Soak up all the knowledge, techniques, and skills from the co-workers, respect their knowledge and assist them in their work while building up your mind with the knowledge and skills. Once the proper work experience is gained and the confidence within you is built-up, you would get your ideal job without facing any difficulty.

The nursing graduates should build up a professional network. It is known that 70% of the jobs can be easily obtained by maintaining contacts with professionals and networking. Any professionals or career guides will tell you on priority to build up the professional network before finding a job. Networking is a lengthy process, it is crucial to building networks before searching for a job; otherwise, it would be difficult to find a good job. While in a nursing school, there are many auxiliary advantages as professional and potential connections surround you. There are numerous networking opportunities throughout the learning or training period, from classes to the hospitals, where you can grab the chance to build good connections. Simply asking them for career advice or knowledge regarding enhancing the learning will make a warmer connection with the professionals.

Where should a new grad nurse start?

The clinics may be the best chance to grab a job. Clinical rotations are included in every nursing degree teaching. Different institutes organize it in various ways, but it commonly involves understanding and performing under the guidance of an instructor in a work setting or learning from the hospital nurses how they work and take care of the patients. At this time, every second should be taken as an opportunity to network and learn from them. It will surely help me land a job.

Remember that while you are being engrossed in rotations, your work and performance are being evaluated. You are not only being graded but also being scouted. Therefore, always show your best in attitude, knowledge, and the highest degree of persistence even if you have zero interest in the work at that time. Your preceptors are the professional connections and potential references as they have great experience and strong network connections. They can certainly help you while searching for jobs. Just remember that when you are performing rotations, your foot is in the door, so take full advantage of the opportunity and do your best at that time because most of the newly graduated nurses land jobs with their clinical rotations employers.

Is it hard to find a job in nursing?

Though there is a shortage of nurses, it is not easy to find a job. Some nurses may get into the hospital settings immediately, while others have to widen their edges to other healthcare faculties. Though there is a nursing shortage in the hospitals, almost all hospitals only approve a certain number of freshers, so the hospital jobs are quite competitive. When you are a fresher, keep in mind that all kinds of jobs are open to you to gain experience. If the hospital jobs are not in your hands, grab other facilities and just go with it.

Nursing professionals have several responsibilities and duties that they are often prioritizing. This profession is most demanding, but the rewards are inexpressible. Caring for the patients gives you immense blessings, compassion, and love over the years. It’s just a priceless generous service to mankind.

Some underserved locales have specific state and nationwide hiring programs to ensure that these communities receive the needed care. If a student is considering a nursing school, various programs offer tuition assistance in a swap of the service period. Despite the sacrifices, these programs can be worth rewarding and competitive. The candidate will get exposure to the new cases and situations that couldn’t be experienced in the common nursing schools. This will give me the knowledge of handling such cases and help me a lot in my future career for the job.

What can I do instead of being a nurse?

Suppose, as a fresher, you do not get direct entry into the hospital. In that case, not being a long-term goal but working in the other healthcare facility outside the hospital in a clinic, etc., could help build up a stronger resume with good real-life experience until the vacancy for the hospital nursing job is opened.


Although it is quite difficult to find the ideal job as a new nursing graduate, it is not impossible to find one if you have the potential and skills. Overcoming a lack of experience, proper networking, skills, and knowledge can help find the ideal job.

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