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Are NMDs Running Shoes?

First off, we feel compelled to clear the ongoing misunderstanding about what a running shoe is and isn’t. As a result, the phrases “runners” and “running shoes” are commonly used.

The name “runner” is a fairly broad phrase that is used in a variety of ways. However, in the bulk of the cases, a runner is regular leisure footwear that’s also influenced by a running shoe design.

A running shoe allows you to run. The aim and structure are both geared toward jogging or sprinting. Many running shoes appear to be suitable for casual attire, which would be perfectly fine.

So, Are NMDs Running Shoes?

The NMDs aren’t meant to be used as running shoes. However, they are an excellent demonstration of what a runner is.

The design is intended to be slim and runner-like, yet it isn’t intended for running. There is no cushioning, and the footing underneath isn’t suitable for severe use.

You may wear the NMDs to go sightseeing with your buddies and run about the city, but they are not designed for running.

With that stated, if you’ve had a strong interest in running in leisure footwear like the NMDs, go ahead and do so. You get absolute autonomy to run in whichever footwear you wish.

The issue is that when you wear the NMDs for real running, you will injure yourselves since they don’t offer the comfort, padding, and security that running shoes provide.

The NMDs is a one-of-a-kind model since, unlike the UltraBoost, they are purely leisure footwear.

The NMD is designed for customers who purchase shoes for leisure use rather than sprinting or efficiency.

Before we go into further details, let’s head over and figure out one main dilemma:

What Makes a Running Shoe a Running Shoe?


The footwear should provide some cushioning. In comparison to overpronation or motion control running shoes that are less elastic and much more stiff, balanced running shoes provide minimal support and are therefore more elastic.

It’s worth noting that only certain running shoes provide no cushioning at all, as they’re meant to be ultralight on racing day.


It is necessary for the footwear to be ventilated. Whether that’s knitted, designed fabric, or whichever they keep coming up with, the top needs to be breathable.

The heels counter must also provide some support.


Genuine running shoes feature outsoles that seem to be long-lasting, comfortable, protecting, and gripping on many terrains.

For roadway endurance, you’ll find carbon latex, crystal rubber, blown rubber all around, or only on the rear or the front, based on the footwear.


This would be the feature that distinguishes running shoes from everyday footwear. Depending on the function of the footwear, running shoe makers compete to produce comfortable, springy, supporting, rigid, maximum cushioning, spongy, and other materials for their midsoles.

Since everyone prefers various sensations, Adidas created the Solar Glide, Solar Boost, UltraBoost Energy Boost, Adios, and Boston Boost.

Things To Know Before Buying NMDs

What Are They For?

A fabric and Primeknit material and a Boost midsole are featured on both the UltraBoosts and the NMDs.

The NMDs are urban living footwear, but the UltraBoost is running footwear with a much more sensitive cushioning and a more performance-oriented design.

The UltraBoost’s Primeknit material is a touch extra elastic and snugger on the ankle, providing the sneaker the sock-like sensation that marketers rave about.

How Do They Fit In?

The NMDs have a sock-like fit because they’re not as compact as the UltraBoost.

The NMDs’ straps are rather thick. Therefore, take that into consideration while purchasing this sneaker.

The Primeknit upon that UltraBoost has a sock-like comfort. Whilst NMDs are comfortable and supportive; the UltraBoost isn’t quite as accurate. We’d estimate it’s approximately half a size shorter than you’d typically get.


When you’re switching from Nike to Adidas, keep in mind that the measurements maybe 1⁄2 a size too small or bigger. Just be cautious if you’re doing so.

Furthermore, since the NMD has a sock-like touch, we’re not certain if it’ll work for people with foot problems, narrow feet, or large feet.

Where Do You Actually Get Them?

As previously mentioned, such footwear is difficult to come by. You won’t be able to venture into a store and purchase shoes and put them on.

You may go to a retailer like Adidas to get your footwear. If you ever want these, or whether you skipped a distribution, or if you would like to obtain certain special colors and collaborations, you’ll have to order them on the internet.

Why the Hype?

To begin with, both footwears are attractive. Those shoes are difficult to come by, and you won’t be able to purchase them in your local shopping mall.

You’ll almost certainly need to get them on the internet and try on a couple of pairs to determine whether they fit properly.

One thing to keep in mind is that Kanye West is mostly to blame. He transferred from Nike to Adidas and began developing footwear for the company.

How Much is the Cost?

The NMDs cost around $130, while the UltraBoosts cost around $180. Nevertheless, when you purchase from one of those internet shops or just a few colors available, the price could easily exceed $200.

Are They Worth the Investment?

Is it worthwhile to spend $130 to $180 on such footwear? Ultimately, we feel it relies on what you consider to be important in a pair of shoes. We believe they’re nice to have if you want to take them to an exercise and be comfortable.

The UltraBoost is a great alternative if you like to do performances and begin running in them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know, NMDs are not running shoes. Which would you favor between the UltraBoosts and NMDs?

The UltraBoost comes highly recommended. The UltraBoost is our favorite since the Primeknit material fits most footings somewhat nicer.

The cushioning is really comfortable, and it complements my outfit perfectly. They might well be playing with my emotions with the $180 price tag, but we like how this appears to fit, performs, and appears on foot.

In regards to the NMDs, they’re a nice-looking sneaker that doesn’t have any flaws. It’s still a good-looking sneaker that’s reasonably priced and comes in a variety of fun colors. So there’s no serious criticism, but UltraBoost appears to be a superior option.

That’s all we have got for tonight. Thus, how do NMDs fare when it comes to running? Now that you know the solution, you may rest easy.

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