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Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

The short answer is – Yes, they absolutely can! But to dig deep, it’s essential to understand what’s the difference between the best men’s footwear and women’s casual footwear?

It might be aggravating to locate whatever appears to become the ideal footwear fit for you only to be informed at the shop that it was made for the female gender.

You might be wondering if the terms “for males” and “for ladies” are grounded on analysis and experiments or that they’re just marketing speak.

Unisex shoes can seem to be and feel unisex. Unless they’ve been expressly advertised as being such, it’s safe to presume that some concessions for normal men and women’s anatomical characteristics would be made.

And what if your toes aren’t normal? What about if you absolutely adore a particular pair of sneakers – and they appear to match your feet size flawlessly?

Here’s what you need to understand to learn the advantages and risks of males donning female’s informal footwear.

Why Would Men Want To Wear Females Shoes?

We’re not referring to sports shoes like running shoes or cross-trainers when we say casually. This difference makes it simpler to rationalize wearing shoes that are designed for the opposing gender.

Sports shoes are made for accuracy and also to help people reach their full athletic ability. They’re likewise made to be maintained for extended durations. As a result, whenever it comes to men’s and women’s variations, this style of shoe is much more likely to experience major variances.

Women’s running shoes, for instance, feature smaller heels, gentler midsoles, forefoot foundations, and broader toes than men’s running footwear. Some sections may be built from lightweight applications to offer greater focused cushioning and develop the product lighter.

Casual shoes which will be used for several hours at a stretch, on the other hand, should never be an issue. When you have narrow heels or a smaller footwear sizing than normal, you can profit from buying in the female’s section, especially if you generally want more colorways and lighter colors.

But, Can Women Wear Men’s Footwear?

Whenever women’s shoe sizes are converted to men’s, they would start wearing men’s running shoes and sometimes even teenager’s designs. A female with a length of 5 feet, for instance, could fit in a 3.5 in boys.

Children’s footwear isn’t quite as broad as men’s shoes, which might be beneficial. A female who wears a big size, such as a 9 or 10, would be thrown into the male’s sizes.

Men’s footwear is designed somewhat larger than women’s shoes since males have somewhat broader toes, are taller, and weigh a little more, generally. This could be beneficial for ladies with broad feet who are unable to find shoes that fit properly.

What Types of Footwear Counts as Casual for Men?

Let’s define exactly what we understand by casual shoes before we go forward. Loafers, sneakers, slides, sandals, espadrilles, and boots are all examples of versatile designs which both males and females may use.

The most casual are espadrilles, slides, and sandals, which are generally reserved for holidays and laid-back occasions. Consider that footwear for times whenever you don’t really want sands or muds on your other footwear.

Many guys consider sneakers to be their everyday driving shoes. Between midday chores to dinner dates, the great combo could accompany you there. White shoes, in general, are always stylish and also can lighten and refresh any ensemble.

Tassel, loafers, or otherwise, could go from gritty to posh depending on what you pair shoes with. Do you consider footwear to be adaptable? On a hectic afternoon, a set of loafers can work for everything from informal get-togethers to summertime celebrations.

For example, Desert boots, Chukka, and Chelsea may be unisex in functionality but not always in appearance. Boots are probably the most common form of footwear donned in casual attire situations by both males and females, second only to sneakers.

Men With Narrow Feet – Can Fit Into a Women’s Footwear?

Another factor to bear in mind concerning men’s shoe size in the past would be that guys with somewhat narrower toes might struggle to wear shoes designated M for mediums.

Men’s footwear used to be labeled C for mediums; however, this has altered as people have grown broader and taller. To achieve the greatest fit, a man with a little smaller foot may wish to slip down a 1⁄2 size. Mediums currently translate to a D dimension.

How Can You Convert Women Shoe Size Into Men Shoe Size?

The technique is straightforward: To convert men’s sizes to women’s sizes, increase by 1.5. Consider the following scenario: when you wear a size 9.5 in men’s footwear, you should wear a size 11 in female’s footwear. As long as you use normal US measures, this will work.

A few manufacturers may well not automatically follow the equation above and could have personalized proportions.

Nike, for example, claims that women’s footwear in sizes 7 to 12 is one size shorter compared to men’s shoes in the same size range. To put it another way, a Nike number 8.5 for ladies is a size 9.5 for males.

Don’t let these equations limit you. Get your feet examined with a Brannock gadget once per year, as your footwear size can vary from time to time.

If you’re a male who wants to wear female shoes, you’ll have to know your optimum shoe spacing. An ‘X’ is a female’s shoe width, whereas a ‘Y’ is a men’s medium width.

The key fact to remember when buying informal footwear would be to never rely on a linear size adjustment. If you want to attempt on a piece of women’s shoe, head over to a real store and do so.

Try these out to see if they’re comfortable and stylish for longer endurance than a few moments. Various sizes can be accommodated. That’s not something you should be done entirely on the internet.


Once you read regarding ‘Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?’ you could start a whole new galaxy of conversation. However, the reality is that males and females can wear each other’s shoes.

Additionally, as you try on footwear in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles, check to be certain you have sufficient space in the footwear, that there is no itchiness, and also that you enjoy how it behaves as you walk.

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