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What is a pie chart in nursing? 

PIE chart in nursing refers to the acronym that stands for Problem, Intervention, and Evaluation. Pie chart in nursing is a method to eliminate the requirement of traditional care plan of nursing by adopting the ongoing patient care plan into an everyday document. Pie charting refers to the problem or treatment (P), involvement and intervention of nursing professionals to address and solve the medical issues (I), and evaluation of the results of nurse involvement (E).

In a pie chart documentation, a flow sheet of patients is entailed that includes all points of evaluation and lists if there are any deviations from the patient’s usual medical condition and addresses those deviations in-progress drafts. The best advantage of the pie chart is that it helps in making documentation smooth, error-free, easy, and flawless. The pie chart improves the progress drafts and detects certain interventions if present.

History of pie chart

The most used and hated type of chart is a pie chart that can be misleading to use in visual representation form. Over a period of 200 years pie chart has been used. In a pie chart, nurses provide the right amount of care and medical treatment provided that helps to allow effective communication between the nursing team. Keeping nursing records in the form of pie charts helps to detect potential problems and take immediate action to ensure quick rectification. Nurses developed this method of pie charting for streamlining documentation at the Craven regional medical center. The problem, intervention, and evaluation are the words that define PIE.

Who is responsible for making pie charts?

The nursing team who helps to provide patient care can help in record keeping and makes pie charts. However, if you are a senior or qualified nurse and entrusted the responsibility of supervising unqualified nurses, then you can provide guidance on documentation.

How does pie charting work?

You can use pie for documenting specific problems, evaluation as well as intervention. With the help of flow sheets or forms, nurses write down their assessment in the chart of the patient and then assign the problem of each individual patient as a number. This assigned number is used every time nurses refer to a specific problem in the chart of that individual patient.

Things to consider while charting

It is important to ensure the following things in a chart

  • Legible
  • Reflection of authorized abbreviation use
  • Must be correctly spelled with no grammatical errors
  • Factual and sequenced accurately
  • No omission of spaces or blanks

Tips That Will Make Your Pie Charting Nursing Easier

Nurses may not prefer pie charting to be a favorite job in their career. However, pie charting is important in a nursing career. An experienced nurse also coordinates with her healthcare team and protects the interest of the patient. This is the reason why you should know tips to learn pie charting.

  • Taking quick HIPAA complaint notes 

Pie charting can be done quite easily and quickly in your shift if you jot down the notes. This requires making a few essential notes for individual patients in a separate section so that when you sit for making Pie charts, you have all the necessary details and information of the patient in front of you. For taking quick HIPAA complaint notes, you don’t require to write the patient’s name. Using the room number will do in order to protect the PHI. Disposal of notes can be done securely.

  • Charting shouldn’t be saved until the shift ends. 

It is always advisable to finish pie charting on the go. This will save nurses from tedious and time-consuming work. This will be helpful if you are exhausted and want to reach home early after your shift ends. Thus make chart whenever possible in the room of the patients and complete the whole charting work in small portions whenever you get free time between patient care

  • Chart areas that are not WDL 

Charting a patient in an ICU room or surgery can be a tough task since nurses are time-restricted. But nurses can be charting areas that are not WDL (Within Defined Limits). For example, you can chart areas if the patient has lungs crackles or has been wounded and then move on. Later you can find time in your nursing shift for documenting the complicated and usual parts of your chart.

  • Use of automated nurse charting system

Nurses can increase their charting ability with the use of an automated charting system. Scanning armbands at the time of medication is needed not only to ensure the safety of patients but also to make sure the charting is done efficiently. Ensure the accessibility of automated documentation for everyday use

  • Don’t include personal opinions

Pie charting is not a place for including your opinions. Instead, it is a medical record. While charting, you should be objective.

  • Chart for future 

The context must be included in nursing PIE charting. Every detail about the patient must be included so that patient care can be improved. Keep in mind future healthcare service providers when you try to complete pie charting in every shift. Every detail that is documented can be a way to improve a patient’s future treatment.

  • Using a standardized form 

A systematic method of offering nursing care should be documented consistently by using a standardized form. Pie charting should include planning, evaluation, assessment, implementation, and evaluation of care.

Benefits of Using Professional PIE Chart Writing Help Services

When you seek professional help, you see many benefits in Pie charting. There are many professional and qualified nursing writers that assist you in delivering the best quality charting. Some key advantages of pie chart writing help services are-

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Guaranteed customer privacy and confidentiality
  • Affordable price rate
  • Zero plagiarism.
  • Unlimited and free proofreading
  • Quality, original and unique pie charting

Pros of using pie chart in nursing 

One famous data visualization format is a pie chart, although there are several data visualization experts who criticize it as according to the bar chart should be used instead of a pie chart as the human brain can compare lengths in a better way than angle.

  • It shows part to the whole relationship
  • It has a familiar shape

Cons of using pie chart in nursing

Although the complete process of pie charting is problem-oriented, its use is too simple. However, the difference between pie charting and another comprehensive process of documentation is that there isn’t any fundamental care plan specified in the case of pie charting. Different nurses use different ways to solve their issues, so this may lead to inconsistency in the care plan.

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