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What do doctors think of nurses?


The nurse is a well-known term, and we are all aware of it. In hospitals and care homes, we’ve witnessed nurses. She dresses up in a white uniform that has its own grace. Throughout the day and at night, she works extremely hard. When she is called, she pays a visit to the patient under her supervision. She checks their heartbeat, takes their temperature changes, and administers medications or injections as directed by the physician. A nurse also tends to the injuries of the injured. She is sweet and loving, and it is her duty to always attend to patients in a good way. She addresses the patients with respect. A nurse is gentle and pleasant to everyone. Nursing is a noble profession that benefits humanity to a great extent. She is a hospital’s foundation; without her, no hospital can function efficiently. Her job is quite demanding; she performs her duty more than 8 hours per day.

Today we will learn about that who is a nurse why nurses are important and what do doctors think of nurses.

Who is Nurse?

A licensed individual who works in a hospital or physician’s clinic who is educated to do is provide medical treatment to the chronically sick is known as a nurse. Nurses promote a healthy lifestyle through teaching patients and the general population how and where to reduce sickness and harm, giving healthcare and aiding in the cure, engaging in care, and supporting others. No other health professional has such a wide and varied responsibility.

Why Nurses are so important?

In hospitals, nurses perform an important role. They engage with sick people, fully understand their needs, and provide superior care in addition to prescribing medicine. The position of a nurse is changing as patient demands and expectations rise. Nurses have a really difficult job. They must be caring, empathic, and acknowledge their patients. It should come as no surprise that someone who is a nurse is not just doing a job; rather it is a career choice that has the power to impact people’s lives.

What kind of work do nurses do?

Nurses try to provide their patients with the highest amount of care feasible, irrespective of conditions or disabilities. A nurse’s day-to-day schedule is typically organized. While treating a patient and communicating with physicians and other senior staff in a hospital, one can follow a specific routine. The practice of nursing, supporting physicians and surgeons during the operations, and treating ill patients prepare for operations and therapies are just a few of the daily activities. Health care is another vital aspect of nursing. Patients’ life can be significantly improved by sharing knowledge on diet and health benefits. Numerous nurses feel that studying does not end when they graduate and that they continue to learn during their careers. Nursing is a unique professional path that is ideal for someone who appreciates problem-solving. Most nurses have such a lot of liberty, while others are constantly monitored. This is an essential factor to consider while researching nursing professions.

Are nurses important as doctors?

Yeah of course! In a medical environment, the nurse’s duty is critical in ensuring that the patient gets the best patient services.

Because doctors only spend a little time every day with every patient, it is the nurse’s duty to monitor the patient’s status and notify the doctor of any changes that are required treatment. It is also the nurse’s duty to do a double-check any prescribed medication and identify any mistakes, yes, doctors are still only human and can make mistakes from time to time. This is particularly true in the case of medicine recommendations, especially among children. Doctors and nurses, believe it or not, can and often do gain knowledge from each other, as you will see in your upcoming nursing profession.

They often deal with patients and have a better understanding of their issues. Most of them are better informed than physicians. Nurses depend on physicians to fulfill their responsibilities, so they know what else to do. Persons are interconnected in a variety of roles, all of which are equally significant. The finest physicians pay attention to and follow the advice of their nurses. The roles are mutually beneficial.

Doctors couldn’t do their jobs without the help of nurses.

To get to know the importance of nurse here is some things mentioned below:

Functions of the Human Body.

Nurses help their patients with more than just their problems. Nurses also help them with their physiological problems. Those who have had serious surgery should appreciate the nurses’ enthusiasm because they assist you with everyday chores in a calm and caring manner.

Learning a little bit about a lot of things.

When nurses can (and do) specialize, they are normally expected to gain some knowledge of anything and everything. They can tell you anything from the treatment of cancer to gynecology because they frequently have to help patients deal with a variety of concerns. Nurses must study as much as they can in order to be competent in sorting and assisting every patient that walks through the door. The effort and passion are necessary. It helps to demonstrate that how much heart they have.

Long working hours.

Some other thing you might not understand about the cheerful nurses is that they have almost likely been around for much longer than you believe. Nurses work extremely long shifts to assist and soothe their patients. They never allow themselves to relax in providing the best possible care to their patients, no matter how tired they are.


Some patients that go through the door necessitate a great deal of emotional strain on the part of the nurses. That mental work covers the physical tiredness required to confront death. Day after day, nurses provide excellent and respectful end-of-life care to dying patients. Moreover, their job does not stop there; they also help the patient’s family find a way to deal with their loss and handle it in a positive way.

What do doctors think of nurses?

The connection between doctors and nurses is loaded with complexities. Each person has a distinct function to play. Doctors are undoubtedly in control of the care of their patients. Especially in a surgical setting. When things start to go wrong, someone has to take charge. This is not the time for discussion.

But sometimes, their “influence” gets the best of them, and they mistreat the nurses with whom they work. And they can be cruel to them at times! For a long period of time, this has been permitted. This is not as bad as it previously was, although it is more common than it seems. Why is this the scenario? I believe that many physicians, especially surgeons, are cruel to everyone they interact with in order to make themselves feel more powerful by criticizing everyone else around them. Probably due to anxiety. Whenever medical doctors (MDs) neglect nurses’ ideas, they feel insulted. The perception that nurses have a lower degree of education is blamed for medical physicians ignoring their advice. Nurses will frequently follow MDs’ recommendations, but they will also follow their own.


So, in the end, I just want to say that you see that how much nurses are important and how tough work they are doing and they are also great support for physicians.

So, it is advised to physicians that they are also humans and they are doing their work perfectly with hardworking. So, try to be humble with them, since it will boost their level of energy too, and they will work harder.

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