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Do Nurses Get Turned On by Patients?

Some people often get influenced by erotic stories, pictures, and pornography, so much so that they tend to cross the line of fantasy and reality and start to think about everything sexually as if they are the main character of their fantasy. They think other people might respond in the same way. Sorry to disappoint, it is not always the case. A person working in a professional field has to control all of their desires for the sake of the service they provide. For example, nurses in the healthcare system are the backbone of a hospital. You may think that they may respond in a certain way to some patients. Like they might get turned on by the appearance of the patients as nurses are the ones who get to see their patients naked very often. But is it so? Do nurses get turned on by patients? What could be the consequences? And what do the people from the healthcare system say about this? Let’s find out.

What does the study say?

There might be a small naughty list of nurses, no matter what nurses say. According to Soton Tab’s Sex Survey, it was found that nurses tend to have more sexual partners than any other individuals belonging to different professions. A study among 13 nursing students showed that, on average, a nursing student might have up to nine sexual partners during their university life.

But this does not imply that a nurse stays the same even in their job life. Also, the partners they say they dated in their university time are generally not patients.

So, an apparent deduction cannot be made that nurses get turned on by their patients in a sexual way.

What can be the consequences if a nurse gets caught in the act?

The porno movie depiction of nurses is so misleading! The nurses are put through special training to not respond to any sexual signs and are taught to hold their professional persona throughout their duty hours. They have seen more naked men and women than anyone could ever see and are accustomed to nudity so much so that they don’t feel any urge to turn on.

However, it is not like they never get arousal. Even if they get one, they need to act professionally and overlook it. Even if there is some rare case where any nurse gets involved in a sexual act, there might be one of the three things that may happen to them. Either they are transferred to a different hospital, may be suspended, or relinquished from their job. So, they are wise enough not to get into any trouble.

What do the patients say?

Though there are numerous hot stories of nurses, a few may be true. A maximum of them are just made up. Most of the patients agreed that either they had arousal or the nurse had one. In the case of the nurse, no matter what, they never let their internal intentions come out and act completely normal. In the case of a patient getting aroused, the patients themselves are the ones who are more embarrassed than the nurse. They say that the nurses never make any comments, make fun of, or take advantage of the situation. Instead, they reassure the patients by saying that this is completely normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Patients also agree that the nurses are highly professional in their work and sexual tingling is a completely normal thing in their daily life, but they are immune to it.

What do the medical professionals say?

We have curated these responses from different social media platforms. Nurses and doctors responded to this question based on their experience in the medical field.

1. Getting used to it: Nurses look upon their patients from a clinical point of view. If a nurse is thinking otherwise and that somehow gets expressed by body language, that may make the patient very uncomfortable than thrilled. Same way, when a patient gets a boner during a check-up, an assurance from the nurse can make the patient feel less creepy about themselves.

A nurse has probably seen more nude men and women in real life than in porn movies. So, it is quite obvious that they will be immune to any sexual hints.

2. Cleanliness matters most: Often, nurses feel grossed out by the condition of the patients, especially when they are very dirty, so this puts being turned on by patients in a question mark!

There is nothing sexy in a hospital when the patients smell sweat, vomit, and feces.

They often treat penises that are swollen, bleeding, inflamed, lumped, or leaking discharge, and the same goes for vaginas. The sight and smell can never make a nurse turn on unless they are a creep.

3. A beautiful mind: A nurse named Susan Cody writes that she takes pride in attending to her patients, and she sees them as humans and not sex objects. The patient’s comfort and dignity matter most to her, and nurses like her. Nothing is arousing about caring for your patients in that way.

Chelsea Smith adds further that patients who need help in changing and bathing are severely ill, and nothing is arousing about that.

4. Emotions take the front seat: Even if nurses get turned on or feel affectionate towards a patient, it comes down to if the extra care can improve the mental health of the patient or not. This feeling is more emotional than sexual.

5. Situation matters most: Jason Hambleton shares thought that he had naughty ideas, but he always shrugged them off. According to him, seeing a naked person is very different in a private situation than in a professional field.

Another nurse shares her thoughts on patients undergoing surgery. Though the patients might appear very appealing, they become lifeless dolls under anesthesia. That makes them more creepy than sexy! And that surely does not turn on anyone.

This might be enough to change the normal people’s idea of fantasizing about nurses. We all are human beings, and getting turned on sometimes cannot be helped. What matters most is how we react to it. Nurses get turned on by their patients, but that never means they are attracted to them. At the end of the day, their responsibility and dignity matter most to them. We all should respect them and ignore the crooked thoughts as they do.

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