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How to become a nurse with an exercise science degree?


One out of some of the good parts about nursing is that it encourages and facilitates passage into the field (as well as career growth once you’re there). This is visible in bridge programs developed expressly for working nurses to enhance their education, as well as advanced or second-degree programs that allow people with degrees and without a nursing experience to “swift” their education.

So, today we will talk about the exercise science degree.

What is an exercise science degree?

The research of how the human body, circulation, strength and conditioning, lifespan, and comprehensive and integrated wellness are all connected, is known as exercise science. Exercise researchers can assist in a time when the majority concentrate on regular doctors when they are ill. This is because, while medical improvements can help individuals cure, they don’t always go to the source of the issue or improve people’s overall standard of living. Kinesiology and sports training are two related fields of exercise science.  While graduate students with kinesiology and athletic training degrees may perform in the same environments as those with exercise science degrees, their professions have different duties.

You may improve the knowledge and get the expertise you need to investigate and study the long-lasting changes that develop on various physiological and morphological levels, as well as how you can assist individuals you perform within treating them, with an exercise science degree.

What is the difference between an exercise science degree and a Kinesiology degree?

Exercise science and kinesiology are two subjects that are closely connected. These phrases are frequently used similarly; however, they refer to different characteristics of human motion.

Exercise science degree

The study of how the anatomical and physiological learns and reacts to exercise is known as exercise science. Physical therapists, strength training trainers, and health directors are among the professions currently offered to those who concentrate in this field of study.


The principles of motion are the subject of kinesiology research. Kinesiology is the representation of the physical function and structure of the human body, and it serves as a basis for exercise science research. Counseling therapists, physiotherapists, and fitness consultants are all examples of kinesiology careers.

What kind of work you can do with an exercise science degree?

If you like to be flexible in your job choices in the health, medical, and nutrition areas, an exercise science degree is a great alternative. Athletic trainers, fitness coaches, sports psychologists, and fitness enthusiasts are some of the most well-known careers for persons with an exercise science degree. Although, after completing your exercise science degree, you can pursue your studies.

What kind of degrees is providing by exercise science degree?

If you’re thinking about a career in athletic ability, fitness, or kinesiology, you’ll want to know what sorts of exercise science degrees are available. From an associate’s degree to a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) or a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), there are many options (DPT). There are four main sorts of exercise science degrees discussed as follows:

Associate degree in exercise science.

Many institutions, including some colleges and universities, offer an associate’s degree in exercise science. Physical conditioning, life coaching, and nourishment are among the topics included in such programs. The curriculum may help you prepare for a profession as an athletic trainer or personal trainer by including courses in business and exercise leadership.

Bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

Many students enrolled in exercise science bachelor’s degree courses to prepare for graduate school in the subject or a related profession like pharmacy or physiotherapy. Muscle toning, exercise physiology, applied morphology, kinesiology, and kinematics may all be covered in class.

Exercise Science Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in exercise science seems to be more academically oriented, needing a prior understanding of biology, biochemistry, metabolism, and sociology. Specialized studies in exercise science and fitness & wellbeing problems such as chronic conditions or therapeutic procedures could be included in the program. Some colleges have a master’s thesis option, which prepares students to continue their studies after getting their degree of masters.

Doctorate in exercise science.

The exercise science doctorate program will enable you for a career as a research scientist or university professor. You may be able to concentrate your education in anatomy, the influence of training sessions on health and wellbeing, or the scientific understanding of human muscle control, generally known as kinesiology, based on the course you enroll in.

Can you become a nurse with an exercise science degree?

You may become a nurse with any degree, but you should attend nursing school regardless of your degree.

To get into the nursing school, you’ll need to complete the requirements for the nursing school you want to attend. It’s likely that some of the qualifications for your previous degree are just like the criteria for nursing school admission, but don’t depend on it. In addition, to be certified as a Registered nurse, you must pass the same exam (the NCLEX) regardless of where you work in the United States.

If you’re thinking about how to be a Professional Nurse, you must first be a registered nurse (Registered nurse) before enrolling in a Masters’s or PhD program.

By having a degree in exercise science what kind of jobs you can do?

  • Specialist in Extracurricular activities.
  • Teacher of Aerobics.
  • Sports Manager
  • Sports Scout
  • Sports Therapist
  • Kinesiologist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Health Trainer
  • Health Director
  • Health Program Manager
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Physiologist Teacher and many more.

Final Verdict

Those who are unsure what they can accomplish with an exercise science degree can pursue a variety of careers. Fitness education and training, sports psychology, healthcare settings, health assessment administration, and fitness classes are all options for those with a bachelor’s degree. They can assist patients to heal from illnesses and promote wellness through proper nourishment in rehabilitation programs, institutions, hospitals and clinics, universities, homeless shelters, and company offices, among other places. I hope that our article will be helpful for you.

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