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Why Do Nurses Think They Know Everything?


It doesn’t matter where in the world you work as a nurse; nursing is self-directed and group care for everyone, no matter what their health is. Here, health promotion and disease prevention are all part of this field. People who work with the sick and the dying are also part of this field. Nurses are important, but they often go unnoticed as “unsung heroes” in hospitals and other places where people need their help. As first responders to the health emergencies of the public, they play a big role in disease prevention and primary health care, which is why they’re so important to us. This includes not only the diagnosis and treatment of disease but also the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

Role Of Nurses in Medical Care

Patients’ lives are saved and improved. Thanks to the work of the nurses who work on the front lines. These professionals look at each patient individually and figure out what they need to be healthy. They use a holistic approach to figure out what each person needs. After that, nurses take care of the patient’s needs and call the right medical people if more help is needed. Emergency department nurses, for example, sort through all the patients who come in and figure out who is the sickest and who needs to be seen by other health care workers in what order. Thus, nurses work with doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and physical therapists to coordinate care. Nurses decide how well care is done. If they don’t, they come up with a new plan of action.

As a nurse, your first responsibility is to advocate for your patients. When patients can’t protect their interests because they are sick or don’t know enough about health, a nurse can. Nurses are patient educators. They explain procedures and treatments to their patients. For example, a nurse could demonstrate proper nutrition, medication administration, and wound care to a patient, as well as demonstrate how to use medical equipment. With their guidance and assistance, when necessary, nurses help patients achieve their health goals. Nurturists encourage and instruct patients in self-care when they are capable. To help their dying patients spend as much quality time with their loved ones as possible, nurses ensure that they have enough pain medicine and the opportunity to die at home A hospital nurse is responsible for planning a patient’s discharge, coordinating with other health professionals to determine when the patient can return home, and assisting the patient in adapting to their new situation and working toward complete recovery. Certain nurses are self-sufficient scholars who conduct cutting-edge health care research. They advance their careers as researchers, teachers, health legislators, supervisors, and advanced practitioners such as Certified Nurse Specialists and Registered Nurses. As a result, they’re involved in a variety of businesses as directors.

Why Do Nurses Think That They Have More Knowledge?

One common belief among many people in some countries is that nurses make up half of all health care workers and that they play a major role in coordinating and implementing health care from the front line to the top. They may be the first or only doctors that a patient meets. For their long-term health, their initial assessment and possible treatments are crucial. Nurses, in my opinion, have a better sense of what is going on Naturists the ward, what patients are going through, and what needs to be done on the ground. In general, nurses know more about what happens on the ward, how patients feel, and what is needed on the ground than many (but not all) of the medical elites who were disgusted by the column that began. It’s a shame that the medical elites aren’t as angry about things like setting up committees to make sure patients get visitors or charging relatives for parking. I think nurses understand patients’ conditions more than doctors. The doctor tells the nurses before examining the patient. The nurse has all the patient’s history. Female Nurses Especially understand more parts than doctors especially when they are treating the Intense Care Unit patients. The seriously conditioned patients of the Intense care unit get detailed care from nurses. The doctors only visit those patients for a short period but the nurse takes care of them the whole day. Nurses do their duty full day but they get less salary than doctors. Still, they provide great care to their patients. Because of this whole day of duty, they get more information regarding their patient’s condition. Nurses examine the patient throughout the day. If patients face any difficulty during the unavailability period of a doctor, then nurses are available to help them because they are taking care of the patient for long period. During the unavailability when patients or the family of patients want to get information regarding the condition of the patient, they contact nurses and nurses guide them well about the condition of the patient.

The patient can comfortably discuss his/her condition with the nurses. And in the same way, the nurse can comfortably discuss the patient’s condition with the doctor. Doctors cannot be present again and again, because of this, nurses are kept for the convenience of patients. The patient can lie to the doctor about his condition but not to the nurse. Because the nurse is taking care of the patient all day.

Final Thought

Because of all these things, nurses have more knowledge than doctors. They also have an understanding of the patient. And she understands and knows how to fit a patient in their box. The role of nurses is more than that of doctors and their salary is less than theirs. Because of this, nurses should be declared equal to doctors. They know the patient’s nature and issue because patients feel free to Discuss Issues with Nurses and they can easily convey this to doctors. We should respect every profession whether its status is small or big. Similarly, we should give equal respect to doctors as well as to nurses as they deserve.

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