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Nurse Salary in Connecticut

How Much Is a Nurse Salary in Connecticut?

You may be wondering how much a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) earns in Connecticut. There are several factors to consider when determining what your salary should be. We will go over the average salaries of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses/LVNs in Connecticut. To determine your salary, you should know the type of position you want to pursue.

Nurse Salary in Connecticut

The average Registered Nurse Salary in Connecticut is $80,200 per year, or about $38.56 an hour. Depending on your level of education and skill, the pay can range anywhere from $65,737 to $114,782. Salary information is based on surveys of registered nurses conducted by ERI. Cost of living is determined by examining actual housing sales data from commercially available sources and effective income tax rates. The highest-paying cities in Connecticut for RNs are listed below.

The average nurse salary in Connecticut is $90,351, which is approximately $11,446 above the U.S. average. Bonuses are included in the average labor and delivery nurse salary. This is based on survey data from employers in Connecticut. The average salary range for a labor-and-delivery nurse in Connecticut is $64,341 for an entry-level position, and it goes up from there to an upper-level nurse’s $111,770 salary. In Connecticut, salaries for this profession are expected to rise by 18% over the next five years.

Registered Nurse Salary in Connecticut

The average Connecticut Registered Nurse salary is $80,200 per year. This salary range is similar to that of other related careers in the state. However, the average nurse’s compensation is lower than that of counseling psychologists and magnetic resonance imaging technologists. In order to provide more accurate information, we compiled actual data from 3,700 TurboTax tax returns and 767 anonymous salary reports. The table below includes sample salaries for different types of nurses and towns in Connecticut.

The BLS also collects salary information for APRNs. However, this data does not reflect salaries for certified nurse-midwives or anesthetists. The information provided here is based on the state of Connecticut’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which is the state agency that collects salary data.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Registered Nurse RN Salary Connecticut $38.56 $1,542 $6,683 $80,200
U.S. Registered Nurse RN Salary $35.36 $1,414 $6,129 $73,550
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is one of the richest in the United States. Its Fundamental Orders were adopted in 1639 and later became the model for the United States Constitution. Currently, Connecticut has the highest average per capita income in the country. Nurse practitioners in Connecticut earn approximately $118,500 annually. Other states with high nurse practitioner salaries include Texas, Massachusetts, and California. In Connecticut, NP salaries range from $86,480 to $157,000 a year.

It varies by experience, location, and skill level. The state of Connecticut has fewer Nurse Practitioner job openings than other states, but once a nurse practitioner has been practicing for five years, they can expect to earn as much as $118,740 a year. In Connecticut, you can expect to earn up to $136,000 if you complete a postgraduate degree in the field. To become a nurse practitioner, you can choose to enroll in an accredited MSN or Post-BSN to DNP program.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Nurse Practitioner Salary Connecticut $56.97 $2,279 $9,875 $118,500
U.S. Nurse Practitioner Salary $51.68 $2,067 $8,957 $107,480
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Licensed Practical Nurse/LVN Salary in Connecticut

In Connecticut, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) earn an average salary of $57,210 per year or $27.51 per hour. Entry-level positions generally start at $54,600 per year, while more experienced workers can make $89,541 per year. To find out which cities pay the highest salaries for licensed practical nurses, read on.

Licensed Practical Nurses/LVNs provide basic healthcare to patients in various settings. These professionals administer medication under the supervision of a physician. They also maintain patient records and coordinate care between medical teams and patients. Licensed practical nurses typically work in doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals; offering targeted care to patients. Their salary ranges from $45,000 to $82,000. In Connecticut, salaries for Licensed Practical Nurses/LVNs are projected to increase by nine percent by 2023.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Licensed Practical Nurse LPN/LVN Salary Connecticut $27.51 $1,100 $4,768 $57,210
U.S. Licensed Practical Nurse LPN/LVN Salary $21.98 $918 $3,976 $47,710
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Salary in Connecticut

The average nurse anesthetist’s salary in Connecticut is $167,920. However, the salary can be much higher or lower depending on where you live. The state of Connecticut ranks eighth in the nation when it comes to nursing anesthetist salaries, with New Britain and Norwich ranking first and second, respectively. Moreover, Connecticut has an attractive cost of living, which is one of the factors that determine the salary of nurse anesthetists.

Nurse anesthetist salaries in Connecticut are high in hospitals. These professionals can practice in various settings, including physicians’ offices, clinics, surgery centers, and outpatient care facilities. The highest paying places to become a nurse anesthetist are hospitals and outpatient care facilities, where CRNAs make an average of $181,800 a year. Compared to other specialized nurse professions, the salaries for nurse anesthetists are higher in major cities. In addition to that, areas with high demand pay much higher than smaller towns with lower salaries.

Hourly Wage Weekly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Salary Connecticut $80.73 $3,229 $13,993 $167,920
U.S. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Salary $81.47 $3,258 $14,120 169,450
U.S. National Average Salary $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620


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