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the salary of nurse professionals in Puerto Rico? 

Nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, LPNs, Registered nurses, and LVNs of Puerto Rico are in huge demand, and these professionals also earn a lucrative and stable salaries. The following points will help you know more about nursing specialty employment rates and the salary rates at national and state levels.

Salary of registered nurses (RN)

A registered nursing professional earns an annual average income of $34630 in this state which is below the national average salary for every registered nurse. In the present day, 19090 registered nursing professionals are employed in the state of Puerto Rico, and so they all are employed in a wide variety of industries.

Nurse practitioner

The average salary of a nurse practitioner working in Puerto Rico is $76101, and this figure is below the national average income for the nurse practitioner.

What is the salary structure of LVN/ LPN in Puerto Rico? 

The average salary of an LPN is USD 23610, which is less than the average salary earned by LVN in the state of Puerto Rico.

What is the salary structure of a nurse anaesthetist or CRNA?

The average salary of CRNA is USD 60160, which is less than the average salary earned by CRNA in the US.

How much does a nurse earn in Puerto Rico?

A person employed as a nurse practitioner in the region of Puerto Rico earns approximately 15600 USD every year. The salary range can start from as low as 7950 USD and reach as high as 24000 USD depending on various factors. This figure is the annual average salary of a nurse practitioner, including transportation costs, housing, and other perks. The salary of nurse professionals employed in this region is based on skills, experience, location, and gender. You can get a detailed view of the salary breakdown below.

The salary distribution of nurses in Puerto Rico

The salary range, maximum-minimum, and medium salary distribution of nurses practicing in Puerto Rico are as follows-

Salary Range

The salaries of nursing staff start from 7950 USD every year, which is the minimum salary range. The maximum salary in Puerto Rico can reach up to 24000 USD.

Median Salary

Nurse professionals working here get a median salary of 15300 USD each year. This median value is the middle-income value of nurses. This implies that almost half of the people practicing as a nurse earn more than the figure of 15300 USD, and the other 50% of people are slightly earning more than the figure of 15300 USD.


From the salary distribution data, you can read that 25% of nursing professionals are earning a salary lesser than the figure of 10400 USD, and 75% of nurses earn more than the figure of 10400 USD. The two values are closely associated with the median. Among all nurses, 75% of nurses earn less than an income of 19200 USD, and 25% earn more than an income of 19200 USD.

How can experience affect the salary of a nurse practitioner?

The salary of a nurse in Puerto Rico depends greatly on experience level. Typically the more years of experience in the nursing field, the higher the salary of nurse practitioners practicing in Puerto Rico. It is seen that a nurse who has less than 2 years of nursing experience can earn around 8910 USD every year. A nurse practitioner with experience ranging between 2-5 years earns an annual salary of 11600 USD. This wage is 31% higher than a nurse who has less than 2 years of experience in nursing care in Puerto. It can be said that a nurse can double their income level or salary range by the time they have already crossed the experience mark of ten years. Finally, nurses with 20 years of experience or more get a salary of 23000 USD every year, and this figure is 8% more than nurses having 15-20 years of experience.

How much do nurses earn based on their education in Puerto Rico?

A professional nurse practicing in Puerto Rico can earn a high salary with high educational qualifications. If the nurse employed in Puerto Rico has an education qualification below a bachelor’s degree, the average salary is 11000 USD every year. A nurse with a master’s degree qualification can earn an annual salary of 19500 USD. This income is 77% higher than a nurse with a bachelor’s degree.

Percentage of salary increment in Puerto Rico

Nursing professionals get a salary increment of around 5% every 31 months. It has been known that the average national annual increment of people for all professions working in Puerto is 4% which is given to the employees every 29 months.

Salary of nurse practitioners based on their gender

Although there is not much effect of gender on salary. However, a male nurse practitioner working in Puerto Rico earns 14% less than female nurses.

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