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Nevada Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for NV

On hearing about ‘Nevada,’ people imagine mostly the strip where top casinos are situated. There are places like the Titanic exhibit, Mob Museum, and Hershey’s World of chocolate. Nevada is also known for top hospitals as well as nursing associations. There are 28400 licensed nurses in Nevada, and the Nevada board of nursing is fully committed to certifying that qualified and competent nurse takes care of the patient. Nevada State board of nursing approves all courses which are ANCC accredited. Nurses who regularly maintain their licensure with the Nevada board of nursing feel a great sense of pride to know that they hold ethical standards and offer quality patient care.

Licensing information

The licensing exam fees paid by the first-time nurses include the following

  • The $100 application fee is paid by registered nurses while LPN pays the application fee of $90.
  • NCLEX fee of $200
  • $40 fingerprint processing fee

Licensing endorsement fee paid by nurses who already hold RN licensure includes the following

  • $105 application fee is paid by registered nurses (RN) whereas the $200 application fee is paid by APRN.
  • $40 fingerprint processing fee

The fees for license renewal include a $100 application fee paid by RNs and LPNs, whereas APRNs pay a $300 application fee.

What are the steps to renew Nevada’s license?

You must follow the below steps to renew your license in Nevada

Verify the status

Nurses can confirm their license by visiting the verification page.

Completion of Nevada nursing continuing education criteria before the license expires 

Nursing CEUs should be completed on your schedule before your license expires.

 Request for license renewal by visiting Nevada Nurse Portal

If you want to request license renewal and other specific requirements, then go to the renewal information page.

NCLEX Requirements in Nevada

Like other states, Nevada also requires nurses to pass the National Council Licensure Examination NCLEX to become Registered nurses or licensed practical nurses in Nevada.

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Requirements for Continuing education


RNs have to complete thirty contact hours every two years. There is a one-time requirement for RNs in bioterrorism class for four contact hours.


LPNs have to complete thirty contact hours every two years. There is a one-time requirement in the bioterrorism class for four contact hours.


APRNs have to complete thirty contact hours every two years. There is a one-time requirement in the bioterrorism class for four contact hours. Besides this, they have to complete 15 additional CEUs related directly to their specialty. They have to complete a suicide prevention course of two hours every four years and an abuse and substance use course of two hours every renewal cycle.

How many CNA or CEs training hours are required for license renewal?


RNs and LPNs are required by the Nevada Nurse Practice Act to complete nursing continuing education for 30 hours every renewal cycle. A two-hour cultural competency course is needed per the nurse practice act in each renewal cycle. A four-hour course on bioterrorism is also a one-time requirement.


Although the bioterrorism course is not mandated for CNAs by the court, the board encourages them to participate in 24hour continuing training and education as a renewal requirement. Every renewing CNA is required as per the Nevada Nurse practice act to finish twenty-four hours of continuing training related to CNA within the certificate renewal period. CNAs are needed to practice for at least forty hours under the direction and supervision of licensed nursing professionals.


CRNAs are required by the Nevada nurse practice act to complete 15 hours of CEs that are related to the practice of a nurse anesthetist.


  • APRNs are required to complete 15 hours of CE
  • Maintain a portfolio that is under NAC 632.2563
  • Two-hour suicide prevention course every four years
  • Two-hour abuse use and substance use

How are CNA or CEs training hours submitted to the board?

Instead of promptly requiring applicants to submit continuing education and training certificates at renewal time, the renewal application asks the licensee to affirm that they comply with the continuing education or training requirement. The renewal application reminds the applicant to retain their certificate’s copy that can be required in case of an audit. The board then conducts audits randomly to ensure that they comply. If there’s a failure to finish the necessary continuing education within the renewal period, or if evidence of completion of training /CE is not produced at the time of the audit, this will lead your disciplinary action.

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Applying for Nevada State Nursing License

Registered nurses who want to travel and hold s nursing license in another US territory or state can apply for nursing licensure by endorsement with the help of the Nevada State board of nursing. While applying, nurses have to provide the following details-

  • A complete application through Nevada Nurse Portal along with a fee
  • A copy of proof about graduating from the nursing education program and the document must show evidence about your graduation date and nursing degree
  • Official endorsement or verification from the original state of your nurse licensure. You’ll not be issued licensure unless the board gets the fingerprint reports from the FBI and Nevada Department of public safety.

How long does it take for the renewal of your license?

If you submit your license application properly and if the application is complete and meets all the requirements for issuance, Nevada’s board of nursing will offer a temporary nursing license within one or two weeks of receipt. The period related to issuing a permanent license will depend on when all the necessary documents are received, and fingerprint reports. Applicants can know about the current status of their licensure in the Nevada nurse portal.

License Exam for Nevada board of nursing

The Nevada board of nursing has its examination requirements before the professional exam committee. This committee was created by Nevada for regulating Nevada registered nurses, vocational nurses, and licensed practical nurses. If you want to give a nursing exam for Nevada, then visit the official website where they announce the nursing exam and licensure detail.

Minimum requirements required by the Nevada Board of nursing

  • RN and LPN have to complete compulsory pre-license education hours or any equivalent coursework accepted and approved by the Nevada board of nursing
  • The licensed practical nursing candidates should have a degree in nursing from an approved nursing school
  • You’ve to do courses on important topics to maintain your license, and for renewing your nursing license, you’ve to finish continuing education

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