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Idaho Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for ID

What are the requirements to earn an Idaho Nurse license?

Nursing is controlled/regulated/managed by the State of Idaho. In other words, a state board issues nurse licenses to every qualified professional and effectively regulates the nursing profession to ensure quality care delivered to patients. If you want to practice nursing in the state of Idaho, then you must obtain licensure from IBN or the Idaho Board of Nursing. Idaho nursing professionals can be licensed by endorsement or examination. There is 3 nurse licensing levels in Idaho, and each of these levels has a variety of requirements.

Practical nursing (RN):

Applicants need to do the following-

  • Must have sound mental and physical health
  • Must complete the practical nursing program
  • Pass practical nurse examination or may possess a practical nursing license from another state or a different country

Professional nursing (LPN):

Applicants must complete the following-

  • Must be of proper mental as well as physical health
  • Complete professional nursing program
  • Pass professional nursing exam or must possess a nursing license issued from another STATE or by a different country

Advanced practice professional nursing (APPN):

Applicants must complete the following details-

  • Must have sound physical as well as mental health.
  • Should be a professional nurse and be licensed in Idaho
  • Must complete advanced practice professional nursing program
  • Must pass the professional nursing examination or possess a nursing license issued from another state or by another country

How can nurse professionals be licensed LPN or RN in Idaho?

Nursing professionals can obtain Licensure applications either by contacting IBN or by visiting the IBN website. If you want to request a licensure application, then contact the Idaho Board of nursing with the following details-

  • Name
  • Contact number.
  • Main address
  • State of licensure
  • Details about whether you’ve been licensed ever before in Idaho

Applicants applying for licensure by exam can submit Idaho Application Nurse Licensure to IBN, whereas applicants applying for licensure by endorsement can submit Idaho Application for Licensure by endorsement to the IBN.

How many fees are paid for LPN and RN in Idaho?

  • The cost of the RN licensure fee is $90.
  • $75 is the cost of the LPN licensure fee
  • $90 is the licensure fee paid by LPNs
  • $90 is the biennial renewal fee
  • The APPN license costs $90 along with $30 in fingerprint processing fee

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How can a nursing professional become Idaho licensed APPN?

When you pursue a career as a licensed APPN in Idaho, you can see endless possibilities. Advanced Practice Professional Nurse can be nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, midwives, and nurse anesthetists but the foremost thing to earn is an APPN license from IBN. Applicants must become licensed RNs first. Since there is plenty of APPN application, you need to consider the right one for yourself. You can visit the IBN website to obtain an application for licensure. It is a must for the applicants to provide all necessary requested documentation. The licensure application should be finished in ink and also be notarized.

Do applicants in Idaho need to apply for the Prescriptive authority?

Idaho APPNs are not required to practice prescriptive authority. However, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners can apply for prescriptive authority if they prescribe or dispense drugs. All applicants should complete thirty hours of education in pharmacotherapeutics and submit an Application for Prescriptive and Dispensing authorization to the Idaho board of nursing. A fee of $50 should also be paid.

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What else must be known for practicing as APPN in Idaho?

Apart from obtaining an APPN license, nursing professionals can also fork their business entity in Idaho with the Idaho secretary of state. In this way, you can earn liability protection and tax benefits. Nurses are not required to set any entity in Idaho. Nurses are allowed by Idaho to set up PLLC (professional limited liability company) and PC (professional corporation), which lets nurses practice nursing.

Renewal Period in Idaho

The renewal schedule for the LPN license is 1st June through 31st August in every even-numbered year. A renewal application can be obtained from the Idaho nurse portal on 1st June.

The license renewal schedule for APRNs and RN is 1st May through 31st August every odd-numbered year. The renewal application can be obtained from the Idaho nurse portal on 1st may.

In case a nurse’s renewal of a license is not done by the 31st of August of their renewal year. It will become inactive automatically, and an application for reinstatement involving fingerprint-based background scrutiny is also needed if you want to activate your license status. However, if a nurse still practices nursing with an expired license in Idaho, it will lead to an administrative fine against them.

LPN and RN Renewal

Both RN and LPN renewal applicants must complete continued competence requirements which can also be edited to comply with these requirements. All applicants should maintain documentation to meet this requirement within a two-year renewal period. In case an applicant is chosen for an audit, they will be contacted for submitting the necessary documentation to the Idaho Board of Nursing. It is important to submit documentation within thirty days of request. Failure to meet the requirements can result in delay, denial of the license renewal application, and disciplinary action against you. After obtaining initial licensure, all newly graduated RNs and LPNs are exempted from continued competence requirements only for the first renewal cycle.

To renew an RN or LPN license, the continued competence requirements require completing two learning activities within the sections of education, practice, and professional engagement.

APRN license Renewal

APRN applicants for license renewal should complete professional development in specific areas of continuing education and active practice. Peer Review will audit your documentation to ensure compliance with such requirements. So renewal applicants should keep documentation about meeting these requirements. Upon completing APRN renewal requirements, APRNs can be exempted from RN renewal requirements.

What are the continuing education requirements for APRN license renewal?

Continuing education requirements to renew the license of APRN require the applicant to complete 30 contact hours related to continuing education in their renewal period. It includes ten contact hours in pharmacology if the applicant possesses prescriptive authority. In the case of a new graduate nurse whose first license is only valid for one year needs to complete 15 contact hours of continuing education followed by five contact hours in courses related to pharmacology.

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