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Louisiana Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for LA

Louisiana is a budding state with lots of career options spread across a wide variety of industries. One such industry is nursing which enrolls thousands of aspirants with rewarding careers annually.

Looking over the nursing portfolio is a highly developed nursing board of Louisiana that ensures every nurse produced by the board offers quality professional care without using unsafe practices. In short, nursing is one of the most rewarding careers in Louisiana.

However, if you are a new applicant, you might be confused regarding the registration process. Likewise, existing nurses may also have trouble renewing their licenses, especially if it is their first attempt.

This article will provide information on the licensing process, renewal requirements, and other details to help you get the most out of your nursing career.

What are the steps required to get a nursing license in Louisiana?

Before registering for a nursing license, candidates must ensure that they fulfill certain criteria to become eligible.

Here are the requirements to get a nursing license in Louisiana.


A candidate must complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an approved nursing institute. Although you can apply for a nursing license after completing your associate’s degree, you will have better chances of securing the license with a Bachelor’s degree.

In short, a higher degree will increase your chances of grabbing your dream job.


Before completing your graduation, you can register for the NCLEX-RN exam. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge on topics like psychosocial integrity, health promotion, effective care environment, and physiological integrity.

However, if you fail in your first attempt, you can try again after 45 days to clear the exam.


Gaining some experience before getting your nursing certification will help you gain more exposure, translating to better job opportunities. Furthermore, this exposure will help you connect with patients and will offer invaluable experiences to understand the duties of a nurse.


Certification is the final phase towards your nursing license as you will become a certified nurse after completing your course. However, the requirements to obtain a nursing certification can vary, so visiting the official website of the Louisiana Board of Nursing is crucial.

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What is the renewal process for the Louisiana Board of Nursing license?

The Louisiana nursing board has regulated various norms and rules, which nurses have to follow to renew their licenses. Additionally, the board has set up various portals to help existing nurses to renew their licenses without visiting the board.

For instance, a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN can create an LSBPNE account and monitor her license validation period. LPNs can also renew their licenses on the portal using a renewal link during the renewal period between November and January each year.

However, only active Licensed Practical Nurses can renew their licenses using this method, while others will have to submit their renewal application to the nursing board.

Here are the steps you can follow to submit your license renewal request.

Verify your license status

Visit the Louisiana nursing board website and check the verification page. Once you enter the verification page, check your license status and confirm.

Complete the Continuing Education or CE requirements

Nurses must complete their CE requirements to renew their licenses. For instance, a registered nurse will have to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours or 900 practice hours before her license expires.

Furthermore, registered nurses will have to submit a board-approved form verified by their employers, confirming that they have completed their 900 practice hours.

Likewise, Licensed Practical Nurses will have to submit proof of at least 1600 hours of nursing practice within a calendar year or 10 contact hours of Continuing Education in accredited ANCC or BON programs.

However, nurses with over 15 BON or ANCC contact hours can submit their renewal requests without providing any proof of practice hours.

On the other hand, APRNs can submit their license renewal request after every two years.

Visit the Louisiana Nurse Portal

After completing the CE requirements, visit the official nursing portal and submit your renewal request. However, if you are a nurse operating in other states and want to transfer your license to Louisiana, you have to select it as your primary residence.

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How much is the license renewal cost in Louisiana?

The standard license renewal fee is $100, including the application fee. However, Licensed Practical Nurses will have to pay $61 to renew their license using the license renewal link.

How much is the examination fee for first-time nurses?

Fresh applicants will have to pay an application fee of $100 and $200 for NCLEX. Furthermore, they will also have to pay $39.25 for a criminal background check.

How much salary does a Louisiana nurse get?

According to the latest reports, the annual salary of a nurse in Louisiana will grow by 9% by 2030, making nursing a lucrative career option for many aspiring candidates.

Wrap Up

Renewing a nursing license in Louisiana is straightforward, provided you follow all the rules and regulations of the nursing board. We hope that our article has helped you understand the renewal process and requirements required in Louisiana.

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