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Maine Board of Medicine – License Lookup and Renewal for ME

To renew your Maine license, you must first check with the Board of Medicine. This state offers license renewals for several different categories, including veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine, and occupational therapy. If you do not know the renewal date for your ME license, read this article to learn how to renew it. Also, remember to check your credentials by visiting FCVS. The process of submitting these documents is easy and free.

Maine Board of Medicine

You can search for and renew your medical license with the Maine Board of Medicine or apply for a temporary license if you don’t meet all the licensing requirements. You must meet the medical license requirements and provide reasonable proof to receive the temporary license. Temporary licenses are granted for up to 100 days for emergency situations, local emergencies, and other appropriate reasons. To apply for a temporary license in Maine, you must submit all the required documents and pay a fee of $400. Moreover, you must pay a fee of seven hundred dollars to apply for a permanent license.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some important steps you need to take.

  • First, you must be sure whether your license is active or expired. It will expire after two years unless you renew it before the expiration date.
  • Second, you must be sure to have at least 40 hours of Category 1 CME credits per licensure cycle. If you are licensed for the first time, you’ll have to complete a prorated number of CME credits.
  • Lastly, you need to pay a fee for your medical license renewal. You should have at least $1,130 on hand. This fee doesn’t include the American Medical Association CME fees or Maine’s bi-annual license renewal.
  • Make sure to take disability insurance before you practice in Maine. This insurance is crucial to protect your income in case of a disability.
  • Further, you should pay for malpractice insurance.
  • Lastly, you need to know the name of your licensee. You should use your first or last name when searching for the licensee’s information. This can lead you to more accurate results.
  • In addition, you can also check if your license has been withdrawn or lapsed. If your license has expired, you can renew it by providing evidence of active practice for the past 12 months.
  • You must complete the required CME credits and pass a written examination on renewing your license.


The board requires veterinary licenses in Maine of Medicine. They regulate the practice of veterinary medicine, ensuring that the public is protected. The board evaluates the qualifications of applicants, administers examinations, and grants licenses to those who meet the requirements. The board also investigates complaints. In order to maintain high standards of practice, veterinarians are required to renew their licenses every two years.

Licensed veterinary technicians are indispensable members of the medical team. They assist in various procedures, including physical therapy, pharmaceutical sales, and client education.


There are two ways to find out if you can practice in Maine. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, you can apply online and pay a fee of $435 to renew your license. The second option costs $435 more but opens the door to other state boards. If you have a spotty background or want to take the exam in person, this method will be easier for you. The first option requires completing an application that typically takes twelve to sixteen weeks.

The first option requires a license application fee. If you haven’t paid the fee by the deadline, you can request a license renewal online. Once you have your license, you’ll be able to view any expiring restrictions and renew it. There are also some new requirements for renewal, like completing continuing education hours. These requirements make it difficult to practice in the state, so applying online is the alternative. The third option requires you to visit the Maine Board of Medicine’s website.

A physician can only practice medicine in Maine if he or she has a medical license. You can find the Maine Board of Medicine’s license renewal website using the Regulatory Licensing and Permitting portal. If you’re renewing your license, you’ll need to submit your application online or send it in by mail, and you’ll be contacted for additional documentation.

Occupational therapy

If you want to practice as an occupational therapist in Maine, you need to renew your license every two years. You can renew your license online by entering your name, license number, and email address. You must also pay a renewal fee of $110 and 20 hours of continuing education. To renew your license, you must also pass the NBCOT exam and prove your continuing education. You must also provide your state-issued passport photo and proof of your continuing education.

If you’re looking to work as an OT in Maine, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the state’s beautiful landscapes and idyllic beauty. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Maine employed 1,000 occupational therapists in 2010 and is expected to grow 33% faster than the national average. Maine’s occupational therapists can earn a median salary of $66,370 annually. Whether you’re just beginning your career or you want to expand your practice, obtaining a license is an essential step.

To renew your license in Maine, you must complete the online application process and submit all necessary documentation. Your application must include a background check, proof of completion of OT coursework, and NBCOT scores. In addition, you must pay a $30 fee to obtain a hard copy of your license. In addition, you must complete a three-hour child abuse CE course before your renewal period is up.

Occupational therapy assistant

The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) has received reports of a scam where a caller poses as someone from the State Board of Occupational Therapy Education and Licensure and asks for credit card information. Don’t fall for this trick, as you’ll lose money and be a victim of identity theft. Be wary of calls asking for credit card information and hang up immediately.

The application process is quite straightforward. The board will need to verify your identification, conduct a background check, and submit proof of NBCOT certification. If you have more than one OT license, you must submit a certificate of completion. The application fee is $30. OTs and OTAs must complete a mandatory three-hour Child Abuse CE course every two years. Renewing your license requires continuing education of at least 20 hours.

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