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License Lookup and Renewal for Dentists in the District of Columbia

DC Health has a license lookup and renewal system that allows you to search by criteria, license type, and keywords. However, for accurate results, you will need to enter the information in three different fields: license number, social security number, and date of birth. Social security numbers should not contain dashes and should be entered in full, including all zeros. To find out if your license is valid, visit the DC Health website to learn more.

Licensing requirements

To practice as a dentist in the District of Columbia, you must meet the DC Board of Dentistry requirements set forth. The board advises the Mayor and administers the law. It evaluates applicants’ education, training, and experience, administers exams, issues licenses, receives complaints and other complaints, holds hearings, and issues an annual report. Its mission is to promote public health through the practice of dentistry.

In addition, licenses must be renewed biennially. Licensees must submit a renewal form during renewal and pay the appropriate fee. They must also provide proof of continuing education requirements and that they have never been convicted of a crime related to dentistry. In certain cases, dentists may apply for a waiver of these requirements. In DC, dental license renewal is required every two years.

Continuing education requirements

Continuing education requirements for dentists in the DC area are different from state-specific continuing medical education. In order to be certified, dentists must complete at least twenty hours of continuing education each year. The courses must be board-approved and may include subjects such as clinical applications of pain management, the psychology of pain, and stress management. CE hours may also include topics related to drug interactions and cultural competency.

Listed below are the continuing education requirements for dentists in the District of Columbia. Each profession has its own requirements. For example, dentists must attend continuing education in public health topics. Continuing education requirements for dentists in DC may vary by state. Dental schools must complete continuing education requirements for their license renewal every two years, and dentists must complete these requirements annually to stay on top of the ever-changing field of dentistry.

Voluntary limitation of practice

A voluntary limitation of practice for a dentist in the DC can be ordered by the board of dentistry if a licensee or registrant practices improperly or does not comply with the rules. This action can result in a fine of $1,000 or two years in jail. Each day of violation is a separate offense. In addition, the Secretary-Treasurer may consider a license obtained in another state.

During this process, the surviving family member may wish to acquire the practice of the deceased dentist, share in the fees, or decide which services are provided. The surviving family member must notify the board and furnish a certified copy of the dentist’s death certificate. Otherwise, the board may decide that the practice is detrimental to public health. If a surviving family member wants to buy the practice, they must notify the board of the deceased dentist’s death within two months.

Endorsement process

To become a licensed dentist in the District of Columbia, you must first pass the endorsement process. This process involves several steps, including initial licensing requirements, application fees, and administrative rules. Once you have completed the endorsement process, you can start practicing dentistry in DC. The following is a brief outline of the endorsement process for dentists in DC. Here, you will learn more about the steps required for certification and license renewals.

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