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California Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for CA

Are you a medical professional and want to know the licensing process in California? If so, we have it covered! Continue reading the article as we guide you on how to apply for medical licensure and its requirements.

Furthermore, we’ll provide you with information about the license renewal process in California. If you’re a medical student graduate, it’s crucial to get approval from the state medical board to practice. It’s against the law to practice without authorization from the regulating authority.

Let’s further delve into the article to know more about it!

California Board of Medicine

The California Board of Medicine was established to ensure the safety of its residents and safe practices by the medical professionals. It takes care of all the issues relating to healthcare, including granting medical licensure to doctors and other health professionals. The Board is also bestowed with the responsibility to oversee the renewal process.

The regulating body ensures that all the physicians follow the guidelines set by the authority. It also pays heed to the complaints made by the residents made against a particular doctor or other health professionals. That way, the Board will look into the issue and penalize accordingly.

The California Board of Medicine is quite diligent in issuing the medical license. And you need to fulfill requirements set by the authority to practice in the state. If you have legit documents and a clean criminal background, you will get the license to practice without any hassle.

Additionally, the renewal process is vital to continue your practice in the state. The Board sends mail to the licensee about the renewal ahead to avoid delays and renew it on time.

Different license types issued by the California Board of Medicine

The California Board of Medicine issue medical licensure to various medical professionals. The Board also can deny licensure to an individual if there is a misconduct complaint or fails to submit the said documents.

Here are the different license types awarded by the Board:

  • Licensed Midwives: The authority gives licenses to midwives to practice midwifery in the state. It allows the midwife to attend to cases of childbirth and normal pregnancy. You can check the official website of the California Board of Medicine to know more about it.
  • Physicians and Surgeons

It offers a license to physicians and surgeons to practice medicine, including prescribing, diagnosing or treating disease or injuries.

  • Fictitious Name Permit

The Board also authorized licenses for registered surgeons or physicians to practice medicine under a different name.

  • Student Research Psychoanalyst and Research Psychoanalyst

If you’re a research psychoanalyst from a reputed and approved psychoanalytic institution, you can obtain a medical permit from the Board. Here it involves training, teaching or research.

  • Post Graduate Training License

It grants post-graduate training licenses to those who have passed out from an accredited medical school. We recommend checking the official website to get detailed information.

  • Polysomnographic Trainees

California Board of Medicine also offers a license to polysomnographic trainees that are registered and work under the supervision of a surgeon or physician.

  • Outpatient Surgery Setting

It’s an outpatient setting that doesn’t come under a general care hospital. Here a doctor can perform anesthesia in compliance with the standard set by the authority. The Board regulates outpatient surgery settings to safeguard the consumers.

How long does it take to get medical licensure from the California Board of Medicine?

It won’t take much time if you have submitted all the required documents. Also, be patient, as the authority will probably take thirty days to review your records. Additionally, it takes one -three days to process the application.

Some of the process you need to follow to get a license are as follow:

  • Filling up the application form
  • Providing supporting documents mentioned in the application
  • Payment of application fees
  • Clearing criminal background check

Medical License Renewal Requirements in California

Medical license renewal is crucial if you’re a medical professional. In every state, it’s made mandatory by the Medical Board, and the same goes for the state of California. It’s to ensure safe practices and see that medical professionals are updated with the current health advancement.

The renewal period is after every two years, and licensees get mail from the Board before expiration. If you fail to renew your license, you may not be able to continue your medical practice. Hence, it’s necessary to renew to avoid these issues.

Some of the things you need to do while renewing your medical license are:

  • Fill up the renewal application form
  • Payment of fees
  • Provide your current practice address
  • Show a record of your CE (Continuing Education) hour, which is vital to get your license approved.

The CE hours may vary for different medical professionals. It’s advisable to check the California Board of medicine’s official website for more information. Furthermore, it’s vital to take a CE course approved educational provider recognized by the Board.

You can also transfer to California state to practice medicine if you’re from a different state. For this, you need to submit an application and pay fees. Additionally, you need to provide evidence of your current working address. The payment feed may vary, and we recommend checking the official website to get updated information.


Medical professionals should apply for a license from the concerned state medical board to practice medicine. If you want your name to be listed under the registered doctors or other health professionals, it’s vital to apply for medical licensure. The process is pretty simple if you have all the documents required by the authority.

Furthermore, renewing your medical license is vital to continuing your practice. And it’s against the law if you fail to do so. So, ensure that you renew it on time to avoid these issues. If you don’t want penalization or revocation of your licensure, start the renewal process when you get mail about it from the Board.

We hope that this article was helpful to you in learning some aspects of medical license and renewal.

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